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Rules for girls meeting their online boyfriend in real life. [Copy link] 中文

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Hello wonderful36,

Thank you for your kind words.
In answer to your question, I am able to write good English because I was born in and live in an English speaking country. So you see, it's pretty easy for me.

Sorry, I do not have any special recipe to share for improving your own English level.
What I will tell you though, is that your own message was quite well written (except for being a bit too tired to use any Caps ). You already have a reasonable grasp of the language and I admire that. So just keep practicing and reading.

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i agree with you

Thanks for your thoughtful rules.
   For yourself security,whether you feel  it's a necessarity,you shoule consider it first,after all, the surface and the heart of the same man is often different.

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thank you very much .brad

Dear brad ,you may not imagine how thrill i am when i recive your reply !
you are so kind ,and thanks for your encouragement !
i am a english major in heilongjiang universicy ,heilongjiang province . i am crazy at english . languadges are always appeal to me . i know i will surely continue studing english for i love studing english . everybody should have his ideal , and my ideal is just take up english as my career !
all in all , i am very happy meeting you and very excited having your advice ! hope we will meet sometime in this forum !

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Brad has a small penis and does not have a set of balls....

Brad i've been reading your rubbish for a while now and man...its cracks me up - does your mom let you out much?

What gives you the tell girls what they should do, 9 months? - I would of ave a bun in oven by then and she'd b loose, it sounds like he's jelous...

Sound advice? Ladys, i'll give you some sound advice, make sure hes a man and not a complete fanny....aka Brad looks like a guy i assume but acts like a dry prune...its ok brad your understand in 50yrs when you lose your virginity to a middle aged women after shes been paid a few 100 dollors.

So, you think you have found a shag on the net.
You think hes lush, he makes you wet your panties, he makes you feel like your not like a slapper.
There may be the promise of a phone call after he goes inside you the day after. He could be your shag for the next month, you may get a pussy pounding out of it.

Now you feel ready to make that next big move to finally meet him face to face in real life.

But is this safe? ?I mean does the person have crabs or vaginal leakage or the guy have a small one?
Is he really what he seems? DOES HE REALLY HAVE 4 INCHES OF PURE LOVE (yes we know brad)
Are his intentions truly honorable? ?Will he really not mind you having spots on your bum?
There are many horror stories of disastrous meetings. Only a few are successful. For example meeting a heshe or the time Brad met a Monkey.

I present to you some essential safety rules for meeting Brad...I mean you cant smell rotten Segma over the net.

1 You must and bring TISSUES as Brad may cry
2 Bring him a spare diaper as he may piss his pants with fear
3 Bring him ID i.e offical bra size documentation else he might think you were not the chick with the set of big hooters
4 Bring him a diagram of where he has to stick it (yes brad there are other holes a girl have other then an ass hole)
5 Your online cyber stuff must b at least 10mins old and try to get his name "oh eerrr mom how do I spell my name...B yeah...after B..."
6 YOU MUST and I can抰 stress this enough MUST have a phone convo with Brad else your piss yourself laughing when you find out his balls has not dropped.
7 Your 1st meeting must be in a place where there is no chance Brad has to try and locate his Penis. (GPS $99 @ all gud outlets)
8 Take someone with you who can make up an excuse to Brad as to why you抮e laughing at him so much.

These rules are designed for your safety
Think with your Dick/muff and not your wallet when taking this big step in your relationship

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Mad Dogs and Englishman...

Your rules make a lot of sense, Brad, but I've decided to risk a meeting, in Beijing, with someone I only know from the Internet.

I know to disregard your rules may result in all manner of lethal calumnies being brought down upon my head, but I've decided to grasp the nettle.

If I do not post a message on this thread, on Saturday 1st May, please accept my apology for ignoring your wisdom. I know its reckless, and dangerous. Indeed, if I should die, think only this of me, that there is a
corner of some foreign field that is forever England.

Yours in forlorn hope.


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Thank you for your support mikeghet. Invoking thinking is what it is all about. Unfortunately not all people are able.

Good luck with your endeavours Johnners. Treat her nicely. Should you die I will be honoured to provide the eulogium for your funeral :)

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