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History of American False Flag Operations (full report):

History of
American False Flag Operations
The leaders of smaller and less industrialised nations are not madmen(whatever the media claims).They also are generally better informed than their citizens.In a war an attacker does not need equal forces compared to the enemy.The attacker needs a 5-fold local superiority, or better.No one begins wars without very definite objectives and a quick victory in sight.If a war with more even military balance erupts,someone has been mislead and walked into a trap(usually arranged by third party).

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Friendly Fire False Flags

During the illegal war of aggression against Vietnam, the grunts were shooting their own officers; a process known as "fracking".

The goons & thugs have taken this tactic on-board and now use it against the grunts to wind them up so that they become murderous.

WPC Yvonne Fletcher was murdered by her own officers who placed her in the centre of a line-up despite her being the only woman who should have, therefore, been placed at the end. This implies the protest at the libyan embassy were also staged as her murder was pre-planned.

The Waco assault on the Branch Davidians included four of their own who were killed under "friendly fire". The whole incident was probably nothing more than trying to justify their budget. But they murdered 80, 20 of whom were just kids.

The London Riots in the UK followed after budget cuts were announced. A victim was selected and followed to his home. They then shot at their own plods using a jacketed round so that the gun could not be identified; the jacket shreds in the barrel, leaving no evidence. The return of fire was at their unarmed victim, Mark Duggan. The plods let the riots rage for days without intervening, claiming they were under-staffed. The propaganda rags are at odds with witnesses who say he was unarmed.

As well as the lies and staged video about the "rescue" of Jessica Lynch, Pat Tillman was murdered by friendly fire. A prominent football star, the murder was supposed to provoke anger and support for the illegal war in Afghanistan.
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All For Propaganda's Sake

This is curious. I find it amazing that anyone is actually fooled by their propaganda. Yet they seem to find it so important that they have an iron-grip on all media and peddle the daftest lies ever, even murdering for it.

They murdered Jean Charles de Menezes for no reason other than that no one was taking their scaremongering about terrorism seriously. They murdered WPC Yvonne Fletcher because they wanted you to believe that a libyan diplomat was crazy enough to shoot at protestors outside the libyan embassy. In other words, like fake protests such as UK Uncut, truck drivers protesting fuel prices and Hacked Off, the protests were pre-arranged by the UK goons & thugs. UK Uncut demands MORE taxation, the turck drivers blockade fuel refineries which RAISES petrol prices, whilst the scandal that led to the Levenson Enquiry was conspicuous by its absence. Only DURING the enquiry was the scandal revealed with the dumbing down including actor Huge Grant. If you hadn't guessed already, you know from Ed Snowden that they hack into your private data all the time.

Here's what these morons did during WW2 (that they started): At the beginning of World War II, a government pamphlet led to a massive cull of British pets. As many as 750,000 British pets were killed in just one week.
. . .
It was the lack of food, not bombs, that posed the biggest threat to wartime pets. There was no food ration for cats and dogs.

- The little-told story of the massive WWII pet cull

This was B.S. They were killed because it would be glaringly obvious there was not a food shortage if the pets were still being fed. The U.S. imposed rations immediately upon entering the war in 1941. Yet the U.S. farming industry was never affected by the war whatsoever. David Camoron clearly has the mind of a child, similar to his buddy on Yob Gear. He staged a photo-shoot showing him laying a wreath at a war memorial. Like Ed Begley Jnr.s rendition of the Invisible Man, only Camoron is fooled. He's the worst disaster possible for the UK and would get my vote every time.

Battersea Dogs and Cats Home opened its doors in 1860 and survived both wars.
. . .
But many owners were able to make do. Pauline Cotton was just five years old at the time and lived in Dagenham. She remembers "queuing up with the family at Blacks Market in Barking to buy horsemeat to feed the family cat".
. . .
The Duchess of Hamilton, 1878-1951
Nina Mary Benita Douglas-Hamilton, notable animal rights campaigner
Established animal sanctuary in a heated aerodrome in Ferne during war
. . .

And even though there was just four staff at Battersea, the home managed to feed and care for 145,000 dogs during the course of the war.

From the recent horse-meat scam to push up beef prices, we know that it's actually better than cow meat. They just don't want the same collapse in beef sales they got with the BSE revelation or the salmonella eggs debacle.

So why have rationing if there was obviously no food shortage?

The answer is to avoid a hyperinflationary run on the currency. It was after the confiscation of gold in 1933 that the U.S. monetary base exploded from about $7bn to $34bn; a 560% increase. It was during the Great Depression that they trampled crops and culled cattle, just as they've done in recent years. Both World wars were started by banksters and their government cronies whom Colin Powell called the "fucking crazies".
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Nobody eats horses except the French

They also eat snails and frogs.

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Billy-bob Post time: 2013-10-19 18:04
Nobody eats horses except the French

They also eat snails and frogs.

French people have a queer taste for some food, but they don't eat rats !

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Wouldn't Fool a 5 year old Skoolgirl

This event is referred to by Gore Vidal in his Decline and Fall of the American Empire. Sen. Arthur Vandenburg is quoted as having told Truman that if he expected to raise taxes in order to pay for "covert activities" then he must "...scare the hell out of the American people."
- Cold War Origins of the CIA Holocaust

False flags are a common theme throughout history, both to scare the sheeple into accepting onerous violations of their rights or as excuses to mount an attack.

The attack on the USS Liberty was a failed false flag attack. Lyndon B. Johnson obviously knew about it given his comments and the fact that he sent nukilar bombers in response to the false-flag attack before it happened. The target was Russian ally, Egypt. But we now know that the illegitimate state of New Izrael knew all along that Egypt was not planning to attack from documents which have now been leaked.

Of course, the dumbest thing about attacking a ship is that it's a relatively large structure with a relatively large crew on board and damage to the vessel would, at worst, result in the surviving crew having to swim for their lives, unlike a plane where an attack would lead to a crash killing all on board as happened to flight MH17 over Ukraine. So to murder all the witnesses, you'd need some sort of catastrophic explosion that would obliterate it.

Instead, the IDF attempted to, somehow, drown the sailors by shooting at their life-rafts. You couldn't get any dumberer than this and they appear to have realised it was a bad idea and given up.

Interestingly, the author of the report whitewashing the failed false-flag was admiral John S. McCain father of the current izraeli ambassador to the US, rabid Senator John McCain who considers the amerikan sheeple to be "low-life scum" . . . . for a fee.

Next month marks the 10th anniversary of the 7 July  bombings on the London transport network – and he pointed out that since the 2005 attacks there had only been one victim of Islamist terrorism, Lee Rigby.
- Snoopers' Charter: Watchdog deals blow to plans and calls for Theresa May to lose wide-ranging powers

Just as Johnson revealed he knew beforehand, convicted war criminal, Tony Blair, with a similar delusional idiocy to that of McCain, visibly gibbered when responding to the 7/7 false flag attack, suggesting he was nervous because he'd just bombed Cesspit London (crime, cockroach, bed-bug and money laundering capital of the World).

Just as any genuine freedom fighter would never organise a spectacular such as 9/11, the goons & thugs only organise a single false-flag freedom fighter event, because as the French say one egg is un oeuf. A second false-flag event wouldn't have a significant impact and risks being found out as the USS Liberty false flag was. Though, his successor did organise one on coming to power which sort of fizzled with disinterest. The IRA, for example had a campaign of freedom fighter events and, unlike the 9/11 false-flag events phoned before hand to limit the casualties. Because no one takes these events seriously, they murdered Jean Charles de Menezes. As no one was disciplined for this alleged mistake, you have to believe that either this was yet another stupid false-flag, or Poodleville plods being completely incompetent clowns is normal.

Like the BS Freedom legislation in the thieved state of Amerika. This makes no difference as they've already ruled that the activities of GCHQ have been unlawful, yet there's been no prosecutions. Both the NSA and GCHQ will continue to spy. In fact, the plods have just been caught using fake mobile phone masts in Poodleville, which was already known of in the thieved state of Amerika. Not only do these collect so-called metadata but they snoop on ALL the details of your mobile phone's communications; conversations and all.

Despite murdering more of their own sheeple than any freedom fighters have ever done (and that doesn't even include the current spate of black murders by prison warders in the prison-state of Amerika) and assassinating de Menezes these gangsters have the chutzpah to claim: She added: “We support David Anderson’s finding that there should be ‘no no-go areas’ for those charged with law enforcement, because without access to communications data we are less able to keep people safe.”
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macanese Post time: 2013-10-20 10:53
French people have a queer taste for some food, but they don't eat rats !

People misunderstand rats. It isn't really any individual's fault. There's just a lot of commonly held beliefs about them, much considered common knowledge. Many of these things are either completely or partially not true.

Pet rats do everything they can to keep themselves and their environment clean. (This includes the habit of pushing soiled litter into a corner or through the bars of their cage. Your house may be dirty, but they're cleaning theirs.) Rats make it a point to wash themselves thoroughly and incessantly, more than a cat.

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