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想要出国游,请先上上课 [Copy link] 中文

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这是CNN网站的 Shanghai/Life (上海/生活)栏内的一篇文章,网页标签上的短标题是 Amusing travel tips for outbound Chinese tourists.

Don't talk to strangers! And other vital travel tips for Chinese touristsChinese media advise citizens how to be "civilized" tourists, but the list contains a few surprises
By CNNGo staff 1 June, 2012

As nearly 80 million Chinese pack their bags for an overseas trip in 2012, the country’s media are itching to make sure everyone knows how to properly behave while traveling abroad.

Yangcheng Wan Bao (羊城晚报), a Guangzhou evening paper, recently published an article (in simplified Chinese only) with a list of dos and don’ts for travelers who plan to tour Europe and the United States.

Don't walk under ladders, and don't talk to strangers

Instead of conventional cultural briefings, the article lays out some slightly obscure instructions.

Here are the highlights:

  • In France, follow the “ladies-first” rule strictly. Do not cut through crowds; if you have to, apologize beforehand.
  • In Britain, do not 1) cross legs while sitting; 2) walk under ladders (of all things) 3) open umbrellas indoors (as if it’s high on any travelers’ agenda) 4) joke about royal matters.
  • In Germany, do not 1) use the same knife or fork for fish and meat 2) mix beer and wine 3) overload buffet plates.
  • In Switzerland, do not blow on hot food to cool it down.
  • In Italy, do not 1) jump into the fountains half-naked 2) sit by the sidewalk and munch on sandwiches.

These tips are drawn, according to the article, from local customs.

The paper also brought on Huo Lixia (霍丽霞), a U.S. travel expert from a local tour company, to advise on what to expect in the United States.

Huo’s advice focused on safety issues, including how to react when confronted by police officers or criminals.

Tourists who are not traveling in a group need to have an in-depth understanding of the destination, and must not behave rashly, said Huo.

She also suggested travelers should “not talk to strangers while going solo," but did not explain why.

“The expert opinions in [Yangcheng Wan Bao’s] article are very accurate,” said Jiang Wenli (蒋文利) of Qunar, China’s major travel website.

“More and more [Chinese visitors] choose to travel by themselves. While this gives travelers more freedom and costs less, they need to make their own arrangements and keep themselves safe."

Education and publicity

Mao Peiqi (毛佩琦), professor of Renmin University of China, stressed the importance for Chinese to be “civilized tourists” during a conference on this year's Chinese Tourism Day (May 18), reported (in simplified Chinese only).

According to Mao, overseas Chinese tourists are changing, but they often do not realize that some of their behavior is not polite, for example playing cards on the streets and making noises while eating. The key to tourism civilization is education and publicity.

Yangcheng Wan Bao’s article followed several Chinese tourists’ recent travel woes in the United States.

Chinese media have reported that six independent Guangzhou travelers entered the North Island Navy Air Base by accident while traveling in Coronado, California. The U.S. military authorities confiscated their passports and interrogated them for two hours.

These travelers were eventually given back their passports and released after clarifying their intention.

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  羊城晚报讯 记者颜英报道:日前,美国《世界日报》一则新闻被媒体广泛转载,报道称,6名来自广州的“自由行”游客,因误闯美国圣地亚哥的“北岛海军基地”,被安全人员收去护照,逐个录取口供,留置达两小时,尽管结局是澄清了误会,当事6名游客回想起来仍旧害怕,可谓“步步惊心”。针对“广州游客在美国误闯军事禁区”一事,南湖国旅出境游达人、美国游专家霍丽霞在接受记者采访时,对赴美自由行游客提出了几点建议:






法国  女士优先的礼仪起源于法国,旅行中要注意为女性让道、开门、让座,上下车让女性先行。尽量不要从人群中间穿过,当路窄人多需要穿过时,要先说“对不起”,再穿过。

英国  不要问人家“您去哪儿?”或“吃了吗?”这类问题。英国人非常讨厌别人过问他们的个人生活。在英国旅游,切记打喷嚏时用手、纸巾或手拍掩鼻,注意坐姿不翘“二郎腿”;不要从梯子下面走过,或在屋子里撑伞。在谈话时,不要以王室的家事作为笑料。

德国 用餐不要用吃鱼的刀叉来吃肉。如果同时要饮用啤酒和葡萄酒,宜先饮啤酒,后饮葡萄酒。自助餐尤其注意不要在食盘中堆积过多的食物。

瑞士  与瑞士人共餐,通常在开始时互相敬酒一次,之后则不需频频敬酒,各自随意饮用即可。用餐过程中,不宜直接用嘴去吹凉过热、过烫的菜肴或汤,更不能在咀嚼食物、使用餐具时发出声。

意大利  不允许喂鸽子,威尼斯人不希望他们心爱的建筑被鸽子粪点缀其间。当地政府也不欢迎在圣马可广场上凑热闹、喂鸽子、把广场弄得一团糟的游客。他们不喜欢游客赤裸上身、爬进喷泉池里,或者坐在人行道边大嚼三明治。



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Chinese tourists in the British Museum. As all savvy travelers know: do not open umbrellas indoors while in Britain.

CNN:Amusing tips for Chinese tourists


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