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Chinese car drivers   [Copy link] 中文

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How many more poeple have to die before the chinese government brings in some decent driver training skills and teaching drivers to follow basic road rules. Everyday there are videos of accidents caused by plain stupidity and ignorance

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Although Chinese drivers and adherence to road rules are both bad, there are probably equally bad drivers the world over.

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In China the number of moped/e-bike riders who seeem to believe that they are immune to motor vehicles is astounding.

I often see them routinely going through red lights at major instersections, not looking, drifting across lanes of traffic, etc. I have seen far too many end up under the front of trucks& cars as well.

It was explained to me that the e-bike has the right-of-way over veicles larger than them, and people seem to naively believe that a loaded cement truck can (or will) stop in a few meters to avoid hitting them.......

If people hold such naive beliefs, then I guess they may not live too long:-(

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Oh great, another "let's bash China without any due and efficient analysis of the situation"-post. I guess and hope we can do better here in this forum...

Of course, safety is an important issue on the roads and safety of individual traffic in China is considerably lower than in many other emerging markets and far below western standards. But I don't think that's because of Chinese drivers only - trafic is a highly complicated topic which requires a non-linear cybernetic analysis, rather than just some random guesses. Most often, drivers would actually know how to drive - they just don't adhere to traffic rules, because the stress level on China's road is generally very high. So there should be ways to make driving more relaxed in order to make people drive in a more relaxed way. One good approach I found so far were the ring roads with the fly-overs - less cross-roads means not only less traffic jam, but also less turbulences in the traffic flow. There should be more measures like this.

I'd suggest: each city government should grab some math graduates and traffic experts, set up a traffic think tank and develop solutions to keep their traffic save and efficient. Most importantly, traffic in different provinces and cities should be statistically compared, so that China's regions get the chance to learn from each other. (This approach should be internationalized, too - while we got great international statistics to compare economic data, we hardly got any about traffic safety and efficiency).

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That's true. The UK have very strict driving laws, and a 'highway code' that we must adhere to.

These are enforced that is why this works for us.

( until this can be done there aint no point in creating China road laws and a 'Highway code'

But for an start banning mobile phone use by drivers would save lives.

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This is not CHINA BASHING --------- its commentling on basic driving skill and respect for the road rules.

How many times do you see kids sitting on the parents laps or standing up on the front seat, or sticking their heads out of the sunroof.
How many times do you see a car going very slow -- or at a standstill in the middle of the road -- because the person inside is on their phone (unable to do 2 things at once).

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Everynowhere Post time: 2012-6-3 14:44
Oh great, another "let's bash China without any due and efficient analysis of the situation"-post. I ...

As you point out,
they just don't adhere to traffic rules


This may or may not be attributable to high stress levels, but from what I have seen in years of lviing in China, the non-observance of road laws CREATES a high stress situation.

It is often quoted that China is a country of "the rule of law". I am yet to see this enacted on the roads in a lot of places (although it is slowly being demonstrated by some, and happily, in Hangzhou by bus drivers).
The laws (be they for the road or other application) are for the benefit of all, and no person is above the law. When people start to respect the law, and respect the rights that the law(s) confer on all around them, then the stress levels may well reduce, and driving becomes much safer for all.

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