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Air-conditioning only for honors students?   [Copy link] 中文

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Notfear Post time: 2012-5-18 17:22
if you have children with the same intellect of yours

you won't say that

Me and my children definitely belong to the air-conditioned group

You can lose the air-condition
Please don’t lose the decency at the same time

No more personal attack. Or you will be ignored  

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seneca Post time: 2012-5-20 11:21
"If these teachers were ANY good in the FIRST PLACE, THEY THEN WOULD NOT BE WORKING IN A DEVELOPIN ...

It has not gone unnoticed that you have avoided mentioning that your unfounded allegation: namely that I called you, ‘a poorly paid teacher’, was a fantasy and incorrect. I feel that having shown that your main point was erroneous and without any substance, then I am in a position to address the minor secondary issue you raise where you seem to wish to stand for all the teachers of China, which is a very noble cause for sure.

I feel that at this point I should be somewhat magnanimous in that when I realize you read things into a text that are not there, then it may also be the same for you where something is not cut into wood in order to ensure you can gain a correct rendering.  Therefore, as regards the expression, “ If these teachers were any good in the first place, they then would not be working in a developing country”.  I think it is then a reasonable assumption that Chinese teachers work in China on poor pay in what is known as a developing country. With that in mind the quoted idea above makes no sense in referring to Chinese teachers and was intended to refer to foreign teachers. I fully admit that the phrase would have been better if I had added the word ‘foreign’ and even though you have not proffered an apology for insisting I called you a ‘poorly paid teacher’, which has shown to be false, then I will show that I am able to take responsibility for my own mistake in not making the former phrase unambiguous for you. I will endeavor given the circumstances try to ensure that I spell everything out clearly in replies to you (should the necessity arise) so that it can save you from the stress of a measure of paranoia on your part. Of course it would also help if you read the posts before making false accusations.

With that said I am sure you would wish to call it a day on this little diversion as it has I believe run its course.

As a parting I would ask if the name calling is really relevant and necessary?

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seneca Post time: 2012-5-20 21:52
Your latest riposte, Adolf, does you no proud what with your half-hearted admission of having been r ...

Still no apology from you for being proved a falsifier of ideas in posts from you. It is hardly surprising that you are called and recognized as 'the snake' here. Not my idea or words, although I can see why you merit such ideas. It is clear that you do not wish to discuss topics and that you are only interested in confrontation. On that basis I would ask you to ignore my posts and I will ignore yours. I hope that you will in that least small part understand that we obviously are unable to converse and should leave it at that. Thank you.

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freetofly Post time: 2012-5-20 11:30
Me and my children definitely belong to the air-conditioned group

You can lose the air-condition

Who ever reply you its a personal attack?

ok selfish freetofly

what about if your children are dumbs as you and your comments?

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tsk tsk tsk. that's not really good. You should report that to the head of all the schools. Every student is paying miscellaneous fees the same with the honor students and that they should be treated to have an air-conditioned classroom.
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