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百事可乐促销行动让迈克尔•杰克逊“复生” [Copy link] 中文

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    PepsiCo Inc. is resurrecting Michael Jackson to try to pump life into its flagship cola, three years after the singer's death and more than a quarter-century after the pop icon's landmark sponsorship deal to become the voice of the brand.

    Following an agreement with Mr. Jackson's estate, the beverage and snack giant said Thursday it will roll out a billion Pepsi cans with a silhouette of Mr. Jackson -- who died in 2009 -- as part of its newly launched 'Live For Now'' global marketing campaign.

    PepsiCo and Mr. Jackson's estate declined to disclose the financial terms of the latest deal. Mr. Jackson signed onto a Pepsi sponsorship deal in 1984 for a then-record $5 million.

    The new campaign is part of PepsiCo's pledge to ramp up spending on its flagship cola, which has been losing ground behind archrival Coca-Cola Co.

    PepsiCo is boosting its overall marketing budget this year by as much as $600 million, or by about 20%. The extra money is going to a dozen large global brands, which also include Lay's potato chips, Gatorade sports drinks and Quaker oatmeal. The company has been pouring more funds into Pepsi, its biggest brand by revenue, since last year.

    A spokeswoman for Mr. Jackson's estate said the PepsiCo campaign represents the first branding deal since Mr. Jackson's death, but that more such marketing agreements are planned.

    Mr. Jackson starred in several Pepsi advertising spots in the 1980s and 1990s, including an infamous commercial shoot in 1984 that inadvertently set the King of Pop's hair on fire, burning his scalp. Pepsi's new campaign around Mr. Jackson is timed to coincide with the 25th anniversary of 'Bad,'' the multi-platinum album.

    PepsiCo said it would begin distributing the special-edition cans in China this weekend. The cans will arrive on U.S. store shelves later this month, part of a broader rollout to about 20 other countries in Asia, South America and Europe.

    Bringing a deceased celebrity back from the dead for marketing purposes is a risky business.

    It's like the dead is dancing to sell your product,' said Scott Lerman, chief executive officer of Lucid Brands, a branding firm.

    In 2007, ConAgra Foods Inc. reincarnated its company spokesman, Orville Redenbacher, who had died in 1995. It ran a commercial that featured a computer-generated version of Mr. Redenbacher, who had gotten a modern makeover. Pundits dubbed the character 'Orville Deadenbacher.' An ad critic for Ad Age, an industry trade magazine, called the posthumous pitchman: 'Madison Avenue's first pitchzombie.'

    Dead icons also can create enormous buzz. Earlier this year, a digital version of the late musician Tupac Shakur appeared on stage during a music festival with Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre. An Internet video of the show became an instant phenomenon.

    Frank Cooper, a senior PepsiCo marketing executive, said the Pepsi campaign is respectful toward Mr. Jackson and more 'forward looking'' than nostalgic by celebrating the pop legend's continuing influence on music.

    Mr. Jackson remains highly popular across the globe, Mr. Cooper added.

    That appeal is especially important in China, where Coke's namesake cola had a 26.9% share of the soda market last year, ahead of Pepsi's 19.0% share, according to Euromonitor International.

    In its efforts to narrow that gap, PepsiCo in March secured Chinese government approval for a joint venture with Tingyi Holding Corp., a leading beverage player in China.

    Coke said last year it would invest $4 billion over the next three years in the country.

    PepsiCo is launching a TV ad in China featuring music from Mr. Jackson's 'Bad'' album later this month, but hasn't decided yet if it will run similar ads in the U.S. It's launching a TV commercial in the U.S. next week featuring singer Nicki Minaj.

    By marrying its cola with famous musicians, Pepsi is returning to its marketing roots. Aside from Mr. Jackson, previous Pepsi pitchmen have included Ray Charles, Madonna and Britney Spears.

    It recently invested an estimated $60 million to sponsor 'The X Factor,'' a TV music-talent show launched in the U.S. last autumn, to compete with 'American Idol,'' which Coke sponsors. A Pepsi TV ad that premiered last year on 'The X Factor'' featured a clip of Mr. Jackson after a long hiatus.

    This year Pepsi quietly pulled the plug on its 'Refresh'' campaign, an online social-media campaign, where consumers competed for money to fund favorite charities. Critics said it didn't help sell more Pepsi.

    In addition to the cans with Mr. Jackson's silhouette, PepsiCo is teaming up with musicians and producers to reinterpret some of the singer's songs, part of a broader digital campaign. It also promises 'epic, live events'' tied to Mr. Jackson in the coming months.

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    百事公司(PepsiCo Inc., PEP)正在让迈克尔杰克逊(Michael Jackson)“复活,希望借此为公司旗舰产品百事可乐的营销注入活力。这位堪称美国流行文化偶像的歌星辞世已有三年,而他与百事公司达成里程碑式的代言交易也已是四分之一个世纪以前的事了。

    Associated Press百事和杰克逊曾有过长期的赞助合作关系。图片摄于1992年。饮料和休闲食品巨头百事公司周四说,该公司将根据与杰克逊的遗产管理公司达成的协议,推出10亿罐印有杰克逊剪影图案的百事可乐,这将成为公司新发起的活在当下”(Live For Now)全球营销计划的一部分。杰克逊于2009年去世。


    百事公司曾承诺加强对旗舰产品百事可乐的投入,这次的营销计划正是上述承诺的一部分。百事可乐市场表现落后于主要竞争对手可口可乐( Coca-Cola Co.),而且一直在丧失市场份额。






    品牌设计公司Lucid Brands的首席执行长勒曼(Scott Lerman)说,这就好像已故的杰克逊正在为推销商品而跳舞。

    2007年,封装食品公司ConAgra Foods Inc.推出了一则以公司已故发言人瑞登巴克(Orville Redenbacher)为主角的广告,广告中的人物是用电脑制作的。在这则广告中,1995年去世的瑞登巴克被换上了现代的发型和装束。权威人士将广告中的角色戏称为Deadenbacher(死了的瑞登巴克)。行业杂志《广告时代》(Ad Age)的一名广告评论家将这个死后仍在推销商品的人称作麦迪逊大道第一僵尸推销员

    已故的偶像明星也能引发广泛关注。今年早些时候,已故说唱歌手图派克(Tupac Shakur)在一次音乐节上以全息投影技术呈现的影像与Snoop DoggDr. Dre同台献唱。这次表演的视频随即在网上蹿红。

    百事公司资深营销高管库珀(Frank Cooper)说,百事举办的这次活动是向杰克逊致敬,为这位流行音乐传奇人物对音乐界持续的影响而庆祝与其说是为了怀旧,倒不如说是要向前看。


    杰克逊在中国的吸引力对百事而言尤其重要。据市场研究公司欧睿信息咨询有限公司(Euromonitor International)的数据,可口可乐去年在中国碳酸饮料市场占有的份额为26.9%,而相比之下,百事可乐的市场占有率为19.0%

    为了缩小两者之间的差距,百事今年3月份获得中国政府批准,将与在中国饮料市场占据重要地位的康师傅控股(Tingyi Holding Corp.)共同成立一家合资企业。


    百事公司将于本月晚些时候在中国推出一则电视广告,广告的配乐就来自杰克逊的“Bad”专辑。不过,百事还没有决定是否会在美国市场推出类似的广告。百事下周将在美国推出一则由嘻哈女歌手米纳伊(Nicki Minaj)代言的广告。

    通过请知名歌手来代言可乐饮料,百事开始向其基本营销策略回归。除了杰克逊之外,此前曾为百事代言的歌手还包括灵魂乐之父查尔斯(Ray Charles)、麦当娜(Madonna)小甜甜布兰妮(Britney Spears)

    百事近期曾斥资约6,000万美元赞助《X音素》(The X Factor),这是美国在去年秋季推出的一档与《美国偶像》(American Idol)相竞争的电视歌唱选秀节目。可口可乐是《美国偶像》的赞助方。百事去年首次在《X音素》推出的一个广告片就采用了杰克逊的一段录像。在此之前,杰克逊已经有很长时间没有在百事的广告片中出现过了。

    今年,百事悄无声息地停止了百事焕新”(Refresh) 公益营销项目,该项目鼓励用户在线提交对社会有帮助的策划案,以获得百事提供的用于慈善项目的基金。批评人士说,这一活动对百事可乐的销售并无助益。


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