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你有这些坏习惯?当心被炒鱿鱼! [Copy link] 中文

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You might figure that if you do good work, you don’t need to worry about being fired. Think again—there are some habits that can jeopardize even the best employee’s job. Here are 10 of the riskiest:


1. Playing online during the workday. If you’re logged into Gmail chat all day, doing your holiday shopping online, or playing on Facebook when you should be working, it could cost you your job. Your employer has the right to monitor anything you do on your work computer, including checking your personal email. Never use your work computer for anything you don’t want your boss to know about—whether it’s job-searching, online shopping, complaining about your job, hanging out on social networking sites, or anything else.

1. 工作时间上网。工作时间登录Gmail聊天,网购假日促销品,或在Facebook上交友,这样,你的饭碗可能就危险了。监控你的工作电脑是老板的权利,查看你的个人邮 件也不为过。如果不想让老板知道,你在网上搜索新职位,在线购物,发牢骚,逛社交网站等等,就别在工作电脑上做这些。

2. Complaining about your boss. You never know who might be listening, and if you get a reputation as a complainer, your boss will eventually hear about it.

2. 抱怨老板。说者无心,听者有意,如果你经常抱怨,终有一天会传到老板的耳朵里。

3. Not owning up to mistakes. Everyone makes mistakes from time to time; what matters is how you handle it when you do. If you don’t accept responsibility or—worse— try to cover up that a mistake was made at all, your boss will likely be far more angry at this than at the mistake itself.

3. 掩盖错误。人无完人,犯点错误在所难免,可关键在于你处理它的方式。逃避责任,或者做得更恶劣,想方设法掩盖错误,这样做是错上加错,可能比错误本身更让老板光火。

4. Being preoccupied with whether something is your job or not. Protesting that something isn’t in your job description is a good way to lose the support of your boss. Job descriptions aren’t comprehensive, and most people end up doing work that doesn’t fall squarely within that job description. (That’s what “and other duties as assigned” means.) People who balk at this often end up at the top of a lay-off list. You want to make yourself more valuable to your employer, not less.


5. Getting angry at work. It’s normal to occasionally get frustrated at work, but it crosses a line if you’re yelling, slamming doors, or snapping at people. It only takes one incident like this to get a reputation as the angry guy who no one wants to work with, and that’s a label that’s very hard to shake.

5. 工作中耍脾气。工作中偶尔受挫实属正常,但是,如果你大喊大叫、摔门、或指责同事,事情就升级了。结果呢?被同事冠以过于情绪化的名声,没人愿意跟这样的人共事,而且这样的标记很难抹去。

6. Letting work fall through the cracks. If you don’t do what you say you’re going to do—whether it’s as small as responding to an email or forwarding a document or as big as meeting a project deadline—your boss will conclude that she can’t count on you to keep your word.

6. 工作拖沓,不信守承诺。不论是回复邮件、转发文件这样的小事,还是项目如期完工这样的大事,承诺要做,却不去做。在老板的心目中,你将被认为是不靠谱的人。

7. Doing only the basics and not anything more. Doing a merely adequate job isn’t enough these days. With so many qualified job seekers available for hire, you need to go above and beyond in order to be seen as valuable to your boss. If you’re simply meeting minimum expectations, your boss can quickly find someone who will do more.

7. 安于现状,不思进取。如今仅做力所能及的可不行。许多优秀人才觊觎着你的职位。你需要好好表现,以期得到老板的赏识。如果你只能达到最低期望值,老板会很快就能找到人来取代你。

8. Caring more about having friends at work than about doing a good job. It’s great to get along with the people you work with, but if you’re chit-chatting when you should be working or gossiping about the boss, your bonding sessions may quickly leave you without a job.

8. 重关系,轻实干。与同事友好相处至关重要,但是,该工作时,你却顾着闲聊或散布老板的八卦,你的那些关系也可能很快就让你失业。

9. Taking feedback badly. If you get upset, offended, or angry when your boss gives you feedback on your work, you’re making it hard (and painful) for your boss to do her job. Worse yet, she might start avoiding giving you important feedback that you need to hear.

9. 不虚心听取反馈意见。老板对你的工作提出意见时,如果你表现得很恼火、很受伤或很生气,老板的工作就难以顺利进行。更糟的是,你可能不会再从老板那里得到你所需要的重要反馈意见了。

10. Hiding things. Hiding things—work that isn’t getting done, an angry client, a missed deadline, the fact that you don’t really know how to use that software—is one of the worst things you can do on the job. If your boss isn’t confident that you’ll give her bad news directly or be forthright about a problem, you’ll destroy her trust in you.



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Well, useful tips.

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