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Professional Photographers Trip in Zhangjiajie [Copy link] 中文

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Professional Photographers Trip in Zhangjiajie   travel information to zhangjiajie
fantastic zhangjiajie

Day 1. Zhangjiajie
Arrive in Zhangjiajie by flight, a warm welcome from your guide, and transfer to your hotel in Wulingyuan.
Zhangjiajie is famous for its exquisite forests, which are home to huge, leaf-covered stone pinnacles that rise right from the level ground. Get ready for some jaw-dropping panoramic views.

Day 2. Zhangjiajie-Yuanjiajie, Wulongzhai, Sky farmland
start off early to catch the first park bus to the scenic spot to have best photos taken in the early morning in Yuanjiajie.Ascend virgin Yuanjiajie scenic area overlook wonder view by super elevator, on summit platform you will see heaven and earth pillar unpredictable prototype mountain of the movie AVATAR directed by Jame cameron, Bailong elevator-world engineering wonder locates here, which outstands as the world tallest one with the height of 326 meters, it take 1.58 seconds to transport tourists from the bottom to the Yuanjiajie top exhibiting unbelievable and fantastic views-
after Yuanjiajie we go to Yangjiajie(Wulongzhai), landscape here characterised as China’s ancient skyline, Since the end of Ming Dynasty, this place has been occupied by the Bandit of Western Xiang(Hu Nan), until 1952, suppressed by. The route to this place is somewhat dangerouse, but the view at the Western Xiang is unforgettable. (BTW, the famous TV series: the Suppression of WuLongShan Bandit was shot, and got its name from here-WuLongZhai)
check in a hostel in the top of the mountain, convenient for photo shooting, at dawn it is good time to shoot mountain pics, attraction near the hostel like the Sky Farmland, sitting on a cliff rising thousands of feet from the ground, is considered one of the most beautiful places in Zhangjiajie National Forest Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site .When viewed from afar in a foggy day, the field seems to be foating half way in the air.

Day 3. Zhangjiajie--- Mount Tianzi /Shilihualang
Today’s attractions: Mount Tianzi and Shilihualang
Tianzi Mountain Nature Reserve is a mesa in the northwest of Wulingyuan, It is known as the Monarch of the Peak Forest, the huge forests of pillars stand foursquare against the distant blue hills, announcing themselves to be the very treasures that Unesco declares them to be.- It is a perfect location to have a panoramic view of the nature reserve. Tianzi Mountain has four wonders: the Sea of Clouds, the Radiance of the Moonlight, Rays of Sunshine and the Snow in winter. The rock formation is more ancient than that in Yuanjiajie and Huangshizhai.
today we get up early for Sunrise marvel in grand summit platform that is the best place to see Sunrise in Tianzi Mountain,
followed by chains of fantasitc scenic points like Shengtangwan, Western sea stone forests, Imperial writing brush, Fairy maid disperse flowers, along the way you will have a lot of astonishments to have so many fantastic photos taken.
Trekking down the mountain for 2 hours along lying dragon ridge by sunset to Shilihualang (miles of picutureque gallery valley), you will have many beautiful photos taken against this sunset backdrop.

Day 4. Zhangjiajie---Huangshizhai/Golden whip stream
Today’s attractions: Huangshizhai (Yellow stone village or Yellow stone fort), Golden Whip Stream.
Located at an elevation of 1200 meters, Huangshizhai, in English yellow stone fort, the largest view stand in Zhangjiajie, there are numerous lookout points for stunning views, from which you can see nearly half the peaks of Zhangjiajie, there is a popular saying goes like that if you don’t visit Huangshizhai, you can’t claim you have come to Zhangjiajie. There are a couple of distinctive spots along the sightseeing route, five-finger peak, bridge piers remainings of heavenly bridge, Front Garden, Jin Gui Tan Hai (Golden Tortoise Exploring the Sea), etc.  Golden Whip Stream with a lenth of 7.5km,is famous for its pristine water, its verdant mountains, its steep cliffs and its serene valley. As a veritable paradise for plants, its pathways are adorned by an abundance of flowers, trees, and grasses. Then too, this place is a kingdom fit for various fauna-birds, fish and land animals,This is good chance to shoot photos in the great valley from different angles.  
Day 5. Zhangjiajie--- Mountain Tianmen
Today’s Attractions:Mount Tianmen
MountainTianmen (Tianmenshan),a gateway to heaven, the second national forest park in Zhangjiajie,the holy mountain in Western Hunan, The park hosts the worlds longest cableway, with a length of 7455 meters and elevation of 1518 meters. a super holiday resort with miraculous geomorphologic landscapes, religious culture, unique relics of humanity, wild animals, and primitive forests make it as a must-go destination for foreign tourists, 99 bands winding road leading to gateway of Heaven, and glass walkway make it so distinctive, Tianmen Mountain Cableway, Tongtian Avenue (a way to Heaven), Tianmen Cave (Heaven Gateway), Tianmen Temple, Tianmen glass walkway, Ghost-valley plank road, and Yunmeng Fairy Summit are the main wonders.Along the half an hour ride of cable way we can overlook beautiful valley, river, winding road wonder and Tianmen gateway in the sky, that will keep you busy taking unusual photos, along the 2km long plank road over the cliff, we have many outlooks for stunning views, your photo shooting tour come to a finale in Tianmen gateway,very impressive photos will be taken there,complete fantastic and fruitful Zhangjiajie photo shooting trip, transfer to Zhangjiajie airport.
fantastic zhangjiajie

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