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China food safer than U.S. food   [Copy link] 中文

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The people of the U.S. have been dying of food poisoning since this nation was founded over 200 years ago.
When will the government start protecting its citizens against tainted food?

Why can't the U.S. government protect its people from food poisoning as well as the Chinese government does for
its people? The CDC (Centers for Disease Control) in the U.S. has some grim statistics.
The CDC estimates that 50 million Americans each year get sick from foodborne illnesses, including about 3,000 who die.
8,324 Chinese suffered food poisoning in 2011, and 137 of them died


CDC: Food poisoning from salmonella up in US
June 7, 2011 By MIKE STOBBE , AP Medical Writer

(AP) -- More Americans got food poisoning last year, with salmonella cases driving the increase, the government
reported Tuesday.

Illness rates for the most common serious type of E. coli fell last year. There was a rise in cases caused by other
strains of the bacteria, although that bump may just reflect more testing was done for them, the Centers for Disease
Control and Prevention said.

An unusually aggressive strain of E. coli is behind the current large outbreak of food poisoning in Europe, mostly
in Germany. That strain has never caused an outbreak in the U.S.

The CDC estimates that 50 million Americans each year get sick from foodborne illnesses,
including about 3,000 who die.


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137 Chinese die from food poisoning in 2011

Xinhua, February 3, 2012

More than 8,324 Chinese suffered food poisoning in 2011, and 137 of them died, according to the
Ministry of Health.

The counts were based on four quarterly reports, with the latest one posted on the ministry's website Thursday.

Compared with the ministry's 2010 annual report on food poisoning, the number of sickened people increased
13 percent year-on-year while the number of deaths dropped 26 percent.

In addition, a total of 189 food poisoning cases were recorded last year, registering a 14 percent drop from that
of 2010.

The Q3 period (from July to September), when 39 percent of the food poisoning cases and 45 percent of related
deaths occurred, was the most dangerous quarter last year.


USDA to Let Industry Self-Inspect Chicken
ABC NewsBy Jim Avila | ABC News - April 18, 2012

Chicken is the top-selling meat in the United States.  The average American eats 84 pounds a year, more chicken than
beef or pork.  Sorry red meat, chicken is what's for dinner.  And now the USDA is proposing a fundamental change in
the way that poultry makes it to the American dinner table.

As early as next week, the government will end debate on a cost-cutting, modernization proposal it hopes to fully
implement by the end of the year. A plan that is setting off alarm bells among food science watchdogs because it
turns over most of the chicken inspection duties to the companies that produce the birds for sale.

The USDA hopes to save $85 million over three years by laying off 1,000 government inspectors and
turning over their duties to company monitors who will staff the poultry processing lines in plants across the country.

The poultry companies expect to save more than $250 million a year because they, in turn will  be allowed to speed
up the processing lines to a dizzying 175 birds per minute with one USDA inspector at the end of the line. Currently,
traditional poultry lines move at a maximum of 90 birds per minute, with up to three USDA inspectors on line.

Whistleblower inspectors opposed to the new USDA rule say the companies cannot be trusted to watch over themselves.
They contend that companies routinely pressure their employees not to stop the line or slow it down, making thorough
inspection for contaminants, tumors and evidence of disease nearly impossible.  "At that speed, it's all a blur," one
current inspector tells ABC News.

According to OMB Watch, a government accountability newsletter,  cutbacks at the USDA have coincided with a
significant rise in salmonella outbreaks.  The group says 2010 was a record year for salmonella infection and 2011
saw 103 poultry, egg and meat recalls because of disease-causing bacteria, the most in nearly 10 years.

The USDA, which has been running a pilot program of the changes in 20 US poultry plants, says the new system is not
about cost-cutting, but about bringing food safety up to date.  In background briefings, the agency will not answer
on the record questions posed by ABC News, USDA says it plans on increasing the number of scientific tests to look
for microbiotic disease invisible to human eye inspectors.  But the agency has not been able to furnish data that
shows an increase in lab testing during the 12 year pilot program.

Watchdog groups insist a combination of increased testing and government inspection is needed to lower salmonella
and other disease outbreaks from chicken.  The National Chicken Council says on its website that while
"plant employees would have an expanded role in inspecting carcasses," USDA inspectors will still be in the plant.
And "we are confident that modernizing the poultry inspection system will enable us to build on our success in
providing delicious, safe and wholesome food to our customers."
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If capitalism promotes innovation and creativity then why aren't scientists and artists the richest people in a capitalist nation?

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"The CDC estimates that 50 million Americans each year get sick from foodborne illnesses, including about 3,000 who die.
8,324 Chinese suffered food poisoning in 2011, and 137 of them died"

Isn't it obvious that these figures have very little in common? What kind of illnesses are included? what's the actual reliability of the numbers, i.e how well are these kind of things recorded?
the 2008 milk scandal poisoned some 300 000 babies alone.

When I go to China I just need to buy some street food now and then. Soon enough I will be spraying the toilet for days.

I have never been to america so maybe i will have same problem over there. But at least it is possible to tell that these figures do not measure the same things.

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I feel so bad for the chickens: I don't think they are being grown and killed in a painless way.

Humans are darn lucky they are on the top of the evolutionary ladder.  Imagine if superior aliens existed and decided to treat us the way we treat animals.

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Why does this forum not have a "Science and Technology News" section?  No wonder the west is beating China in innovation: they worship science and technology.

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seneca Post time: 2012-4-19 21:23
When there is a hepatitis outbreak due to consumption of unhygienic seafood, it affects usually tens ...

Seneca, please emigrate to Oz.

Our food will definite poison you.
There is one spectacle grander than the sea, that is the sky; there is one spectacle grander than the sky, that is the interior of the soul.-Victor Hugo

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Robert, the statistics that you provided ... do they have any credibility at all..??

And also, .... how come 'someone' in China (Health Dept. or Tourism Dept.) does not address the issue of hygiene on public toilets (restaurants, and so on...) specially on those places where tourists are bound to get a disease ... or in the best case, a bad impression of hygiene in China..

... you don't want the image that the average tourist in the world has of the big cities in India .... to 'stick' to the image about China ...



If we all think alike .... then, nobody is thinking

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But a slow ,silent killer works in China called hepatitis B and C.

This is bcs of highly unhygenic kitchen condition.

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