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‘West uses Syria to hit China, Russia and Iran’ [Copy link] 中文

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‘West uses Syria to hit China, Russia and Iran’

Published: 11 April, 2012, 03:12

Video: West Uses Syria To Hit China, Russia And Iran
Syria is nothing but a pawn in a global geopolitical game, set to be sacrificed in order to curb the expansion of China, Russia and Iran, political analyst Jamal Wakim tells RT.
As the international community warily waits to see whether Kofi Annan’s ceasefire plan is going to work in Syria, Lebanese International University professor Jamal Wakim believes the West has still not given up its intention to topple President Bashar Al-Assad.
Reports on clashes between Syrian government troops and rebels on the Turkish border may signal that the Syrian opposition wants to discredit Annan’s initiative. This would allow Washington more freedom from the compromise on Syria it has struck with Moscow,  Wakim points out.
Furthermore, a conflict with Turkey would help bypass the UN Security Council, where Russia can block any attempt to intervene into Syria, he notes. NATO principles say that attacking one NATO member means attacking the whole bloc, and retaliation would be proportional to this rule.
But, according to Wakim, the Syrian conflict has more to it than just toppling another “dictator,” who has been running the country for twelve years.

“This is an attempt to take over all of the Middle East and block Russia, China and Iran inside the continent, denying them access to the warm waters of the Mediterranean Sea and Indian Ocean,” Wakim told RT.
“There is an alliance between so-called maritime powers: the US, the Western Europe and Turkey. They are trying to hold back Russia, China and Iran off international trade routes and thus get better bargaining positions. This would also hamper the economic growth of the three countries and affect their role in global politics,” adds the professor.
With the Arab Spring advance, Moscow, Beijing and Tehran have lost their access to Mediterranean waters through Libya and Yemen and other places, says Wakim. “Syria is all that is left for them. That is how the ferocity of the US attack on the country can be explained.”

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RE: ‘West uses Syria to hit China, Russia and Iran’

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China, Russia, India look to positive roles abroad at meeting

Xinhua | April 14, 2012 13:40
By Agencies

Chinese Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and India's Foreign Minister S. M. Krishna (From L to R) attend a joint press conference after their meeting in Moscow, Russia, April 13, 2012. Photo: Xinhua

The foreign ministers of China, Russia and India agreed to play constructive roles in international and regional affairs, during their 11th trilateral talks here Friday. Chinese Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi said the cooperative mechanism of China, Russia and India had strong vitality.The mechanism served as an important platform for the emerging countries to seek peace, cooperation and development and demonstrated their will to promote mutually beneficial cooperation that did not target any third party, Yang said. China advocated pragmatic cooperation and political dialogue in an equal, mutually beneficial way, in a bid to promote the trilateral and multilateral cooperation among the emerging countries, he said. During the meeting, the three countries agreed the world was undergoing complicated and profound changes and becoming irreversibly multi-polar, with emerging and developing countries playing bigger roles than ever before.
China, Russia and India, all emerging countries and members of the UN Security Council, were responsible for safeguarding peace, development and stability in the world, the three said.

Meanwhile, they also agreed to enhance their cooperation in the UN, the G20 group, BRICS and other multilateral mechanisms, in order to facilitate regional prosperity and stability and global economic recovery and development.

The countries would also promote multilateralism, democratization of international relations and peaceful and common prosperity in the world, they said.

They also discussed several international issues and expressed their support to the international community's positive role in solving them.

The countries believed settlement of the issues should be based on the principles of the U.N. Charter and commonly acknowledged international norms, and respect should be given to sovereignty, independence, unity and territorial integrity of each country.The UN should play a more active role in the process and support political and diplomatic efforts to peacefully solve the issues, the countries said.The three sides also highly valued their pragmatic cooperation and the achievements they have made since their last meeting in the central Chinaese city of Wuhan in 2010, saying there was still room for further cooperation.They agreed to expand their cooperation in disaster reduction and relief, medical care, agriculture, business and new energy. After the meeting, the foreign ministers signed a joint communique.

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I thought, they have hit themselves.

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seneca Post time: 2012-4-14 17:04
It's the other way around:

Syria is manipulating the Ivans and the Chinamen to bash their heads on ...

others are barking from the wings and waiting and praying for a miracle.

So China is barking from the wings and waiting you saying?

I don't think China is upset about any of it , China is too big to fall , too big to get upset about small things , too busy building it's navy and too busy building largest industrial and economic powerhouse in a world.

Once they get there , after all hard work and sacrifice they will talk to west.

At a moment they just smiling and waiting but not barking and waiting.

There is big difference.

Barking is for loosers , you would most likely know lot more about it

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its basic geo-politics.

There are 2 major oil exporting countries, saudi arabia & iran.

The US & Europe back the saudis, while China & Russia back iran.

Its really a battle between who has more influence...saudi arabia or iran?

Syria is within iran's sphere of influence.  A sunni revolution could tip the scales to the sauds.

if iran loses their sphere of influence, so does China & Russia.

I posted a few months back some stuff on china strengthening ties with the sauds.

I think china's strategy is if iran loses more influence, they'll make up for it by getting cozy with the sauds.

But until then, they are still betting on iran as their stakehorse in the game.
Behold the turtle. He makes progress only when he sticks his neck out.

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