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Dear forum colleagues ……….

It is with regret that I have decided to retire from this forum. I have found that the events of the last month or so have soured the experience to such an extent that it is no longer a fun activity, but rather it has made me feel very negative.

Before I continue, I must point out that I have been in contact with the Mods in the last couple of days and we have discussed the good health of the forum. They have been very supportive of me and we agreed that the forum was important as an overall entity, rather than just the interests of a single individual and they asked me to stay and work with the forum. This I found to be more than a reasonable and polite request and discussion.

However, the core of this is indeed as someone was good enough to remind me ‘free-speech’, in which we should be able to express our opinions and enjoy discussion. This for me ended in the ‘Hitler was a Godsend’ thread where three individuals decided that it would not be allowed as a thread. One member used foul language and innuendo throughout, a second used foul language and topic changing methods, whilst the third member turned to outright lies and character defamation. I can no longer be in the same place where these three are and in particular, I cannot be in a place where someone who is  a commensurate liar operates.

During the ‘Hitler’ thread I made sure not to use foul language or to resort to ‘name-calling’, it was however to no avail. The way these three went about destroying the thread and the discussion was to my mind unbelievable, and to that end I listed all the relevant posts for each of the posters and challenged them about their discourse. Of course it was a waste of my time and they continued with their tirade. These shortened versions can be found at (if you are interested): Hitler was a Godsend to Israel > #1421 JFenix, #1457Laowaipengyou, and #1439 seneca. This last poster became the most problematic and I showed him a list of his 14 unanswered lies, to which I was called aliar.

List of unanswered LIEs from Seneca and post numbers  …………..
LIE 1 #256, LIE 2 #471, LIE 3 #471, LIE 4 #525, LIE 5 #681, LIE 6 #796, LIE7 #803, LIE 8 #815, LIE 9 #1168, LIE 10 #1181, LIE 11 #1186,LIE 12 #1197, LIE 13 #1259, LIE 14 #1299 ……………….

Then with post #1481, he continued with posts calling me ‘Nazi sympathizer and Jew hater’, and avoided answering his posts which contained his lies. This defamation has continued into other places and posts.

Initially, my response was to try and use the same tactics, but it was not where I really wanted to be, and it just made me feel worse about the forum. I know that if I stay here that I may not be a good influence in the future, but rather it might actually be bad for same.

I have always in real life given ‘short-shrift’ to liars asI cannot abide them, but here in this forum, any liar can make any accusation with impunity.  In addition to this, some of seneca’s colleagues have taken itupon themselves to act as jury and judge and pose the ideas that all problems stem from expatter, and that may well be if you want. But as far as I am concerned it is just more negative stuff, and I am at a stage where I want to do things that are more rewarding.

All in all for me this has been a degradation of my right of‘free-speech’ and indeed my character which are both important to me, and I will not accept that as a way to continue. I cannot be in the same place as the poster ‘seneca’ and I do not want the forum to suffer from this negative experience. Therefore, I choose what is the most practicable solution in the long run for myself, and that is to retire from here.

It is probably time I placed my endeavors elsewhere, and I may even start on some memoirs. In these I will be honoured to remember all my goodfriends and I should include a tiger, a duck, a Liuyedao, obviously a Smithi, some Salt & Pepper, a Robert, a Great Lady, and feel like I am ‘Free to Fly’.  In addition, some other good people here ………….    {:soso_e178:}


If you remember me for anything …….

Then let it be for that ‘little bit of fun’, in the ‘Ai Weiwei. Arts or Politics’, thread.

Now, it has been a long time where something made me laugh everyday for weeks until I cried ……….

Not to mention the week after presenting the awards  …....... {:soso_e120:}

Expatter   {:soso_e163:}

What the world needs is more geniuses with humility, there are so few of us left  -   Oscar Levant

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what if we give you a tiara, a sash and a pony?

(beast ex machina)

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No, expatter, please NO.   

If you retire, I retire too.  

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Why not find some other fun forum to visit?

If anybody know another interesting forum, please let us know.

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honestly, what happened?

I think this place has actually improved

since the introduction of a lot of new categories of talk, many chinese faces have appeared

I don't think you should go, expatter

Far from it
(beast ex machina)

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Expatter I do think you have spent too much time on this forum.

It's really not worth it.  

It maybe good to shift some of your energy to other meaningful things.   

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I hope you come back after resting for some time.   

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