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Chinese firm defends its registered trademark "Qiaodan"   [Copy link] 中文

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China's Qiaodan Sports Company Limited is being sued by retire NBA player Michael Jordan over unauthorized use of his name. [File photo]

The Chinese company sued by retired NBA superstar Michael Jordan over unauthorized use of his name said Thursday that they have exclusive right over their registered trademark "Qiaodan" and the use of the trademark is under legal protection by the Chinese law.

Jordan announced on Wednesday that he had filed a lawsuit in China against Qiaodan Sports Company Limited, a sportswear and shoe manufacturer, over unauthorized use of his name.

The lawsuit says the firm deliberately misled Chinese consumers about ties to the six-time NBA champion, and Jordan is taking action to preserve ownership of his name and brand.

However, the company said in a statement Thursday that they have not been informed to make a responding yet by any domestic court.

"Qiaodan is a trademark registered under the Chinese law by our company and the legitimate use of the trademark is protected," said the company in a statement. "We have always upheld the sportsmanship since our founding. We have continued to support the development of sports in China and have run the business honestly."

The company was registered in 2000 and used the name "Qiaodan".

According to Wang Xiaopeng, who had been Chinese basketball star Yao Ming's attorney in his lawsuit against Coca Cola for improper use of his image, the use of "Qiaodan" can hardly constitute an infringement of Jordan's right of name.

"Whether there is an infringement depends on whether the firm, in their business operation, use Jordan's name, image and reputation directly, and whether they have misled consumers with Jordan's identity," said Wang.

Jordan has been known in China by the name Qiaodan since he became a global basketball star in the 1980s, his playmaking skills being seen on Chinese television since the 1987 NBA All-Star Game, the first NBA telecast in China.

"Unfortunately a Chinese sports company has chosen to build a Chinese business off my Chinese name without my permission," Jordan said. "It pains me to see someone misrepresent my identity. I have no other choice but to turn to the courts. I feel the need to protect my name, my identity and the Chinese consumers."

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Mrs. Mao created ping pong   {:soso_e113:}  {:soso_e113:}
jia na da ren

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I haven't gotten into much about this case but if there is enough evidence there will be a payoff to Mr. Jordan.

Qiaodan is a sports company and if they did indeed use MJ's image then they would be best off to settle out of court. Even if their trademark is registered here in China, that is only one items on the list of possible tangible infringements.

The name qiaodan and jordan only sound the same, I don't know the translation of it however, it is used to refer to the man himself? If so, they have some issues because MJ is not only respected in the sports world here and back in the states but also a business man whom has many sponsors. He still makes money off nike shoes....I wouldn't be surprised if Jordan himself has had a team of investigators pulling data on this for many years.

IP is delicate and will only grow stronger in China. Whether you like it or not folks, the CCP has spent a fortune on this and with more FDI into China will mean only more pressure on Gov to enforce and develop its IP laws.

The ways of getting copies of products will diminish slowly over the years as China develops more. This is a natural process for a country.  

IP should be protected. If you wrote  book and i made money from your work, would you like it??

IP creates and harnesses credibility. Without it, a company wouldn't get very far in the international business world.

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If you think that MJ is going to let this rest. no, they won't. Honestly, his chinese name is only one item. I believe they have amassed enough to bring it to court on the basis of not just the name qiaodan but other items as well. With enough resources here they could bring something and it isn't a waste of judicial time because who said its going to judicial? it could be processed in the criminal sector.

waste of time? no sir it isn't

I would have done the same if I knew someone did this to my career. Not that anyone would care too. haha

for example, I write music and if anyone made a bundle of money off my songs(haha no way), i WOULD INTERJECT as well...

MJ greedy? Not really, have you seen how empty the seats are in washington? haha

anyway, MJ has a lot of fans here in China and I am sure most people would agree that its not  case of IP but in reality it is.

if it were a Chinese star, maybe things would be different. however, we are talkign about one of the largest sport figures in history....

Jordan has more money then they do anyway.

next case

Derrick Rose new show sponsor infringement case in Zhejiang!

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Don't forget, if you want to enjoy the fruits of FDI, which is important to China, then you have to play by the international rules.
or at least know how to manipulate them properly.

By the way

Chicago will win this year!

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qiáodān should be glad any Chinese still give a xiǎo biàn
If capitalism promotes innovation and creativity then why aren't scientists and artists the richest people in a capitalist nation?

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