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Where The Yellow Skin Salamanders Firsrt Crawled Out of This Earth   [Copy link] 中文

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edisonone  Was it the Scandinavians or Russians who, a decade two back, fiddled with the idea that Vikings was the Grandest of Granddaddies of them all? Anyway one and the same proud people & quality genetics...   Post time 2012-2-25 07:35

I'm not expert on anthropology Edisone , i wish i could help you more here but my knowledge of topic is somewhat limited.

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JFenix Post time: 2012-2-25 07:33
Many native americans view the theory as imperialist propaganda.  They think it was created for ju ...

Yes JF, only the Anglos have this "goal post moving" genes.

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alicebrooke Post time: 2012-2-25 02:13
So you do not accept the `Out of Africa` theory? Well...therefore I am assuming that you support the ...

>>> So you do not accept the `Out of Africa` theory? <<<

Don't you think that it's preposterous to assume that we had all (you, I, everyone on earth) came from only a single source? Adam ???  

>>> I am assuming that you support the idea of a multi-locational model <<<

I don't know if you will be able to follow where I will be leading with this but here goes anyway:

The universe, life, and intelligence as we know, is such a closed anomaly such that even Stephen Hawking can't unravel anymore but just a very very very minute and a very very insignificantly and immediate amount of the the secrets -- secrets which, when the very end comes for all of us, God still are the yearning we seek for Dear and ever lasting life...  

In other words, we, humans, are not God!!!  Truth should be we know next to nothing as to how things works no matter how intelligent the human species think of itself to be...  I mean whose to know where the universe begins and where it ends???  Do you know? And, if there indeed is an edge to our universe, what lies beyond that, and so on and forth? To say that [SCIENCE] can dictate or determine that the human species had all derived from but a single source, to me, is but mere human self gratification...

>>> theory looks good at 100,000 years before the present. At other times however, it may not be so, particularly when we look at other hominid species<<<

Can environmental factors make each of us so distinctly different such that some of us are so dark skin such that they're of a world all there own while another is so lightly complexioned such that they look more human than that of another or others?  And, what about those who are in thes in-between who don't know if they are Tasmanian Tigers, a Yorkshire Terriers, or Pit Bulls?

The features of the Asiatic-Mongoloid beast; the hard faced Conan-the-barbarian-like facial structured Caucasian coupled with their lighter color furs; humanoids that sports darker complexions and naturally overly curly hairs over the former two -- says a lot -- it says that each just can't be of the same motherhood as the other -- they're genetically not the same -- it is something that we just can't bundle together and say: Hey! I'm science and I say that humans are all the same because they all derived from that one and lonely little tadpole that was swimming all by him self in that massive swamp called Pangea!!!     

>>> It has been suggested that the `arms race`(an evolutionary term) is responsible for enlarging human brains<<<

I don't buy that either. Why some of us are more industrious than others likely follows the rule of law which says [necessity is the mother of all creations]...

In other words, nomads migrates with their flocks, i.e., sheep, buffalos, what not, therefore they have no need to cultivate their food source because food is readily available and in abundance to them.

You do not have such luxuries however if you are from Central Asia (whites and few games livestocks) hence their brain takes over because their survival is depends on it. Same applies to Asians who are coastal dwellers or near coastal dwellers -- their brains have to switch over to survival mode in order to survive which is why they are more creative. I think same rule of law applies to people of the South American continent. They have to think in order to survive which, probably, is why they are a people with the industriousness and creativity to be able to built massive temples as the Mayan Ruins.  Indians from the South of the United States probably are derivatives of the Mayan's species, but, as the guy said -- the goal post had been moved for these true Americans -- their identity wiped clean that is...      

>>> At some point in the past, during the Australopithecine years, it is believed that five hominid species co-existed and some sources have cited up to an amazing twenty species. <<<

That's like saying that, in the initial stages, that there was only Eve and through her we all came about... Sadly, my Mother has jet black hair -- not blond -- not redhead -- not... not... O'h well...

I bet however that countless of humanoids, some on fours even, had walked on this earth. Each eventually died off, each was taken over by another, and the process continue infinitely until time and eternity --  SARS , Ebola , BSE , so on and so forth???  Yes, our species, too, will ultimately and eventually die off and other species takes over from where e had left off...

Putin's a killer. This was the claim made by Fox News journalist; Bill O'Reilly during his recent interview with Donald Trump. Trump's reply came in the form of a simple question. What, you think our country's so innocent?

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