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US female teacher jailed for affair with student   [Copy link] 中文

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Don't say this to First Curse the Anglo-bal; you are an Anglo too after what we know about you!


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The laws in America about adults having sex with minors are very screwed up.  

Originally, these laws were needed for the prevention of unwanted pregnancies and the social harm done to teenage girls by males who were adults.  With better birth control and a culture that is more fair to women, the harm done by a 15 year old girl having sex with a grown man versus a 15 year old boy is not significant if it exists at all, particularly if the girl is already sexually experienced (which many 15 year old girls are).  Yet there exists no distinction in law between men who are very bad and monstrously evil.

Those who exploit teens are very bad.  A teacher, priest, scoutmaster, or police officer who abuses his or her position of authority to sexually exploit a sexually active teenager is very bad.  Kids must obey authority, so when an authority figure demands sex, then the teenager is less able to say no.  It's sort of an extreme form of workplace sexually harassment where a boss uses his or her power as a boss in a wrongful way and against someone who doesn't really know what is happening.

There are worse things though, much worse.  Sexual abuse of children or teens who are already psychologically damaged is absolutely monstrous.  In those cases, the sexual predator will select a person with poor self-esteem for sexual abuse because that type of kid cannot defend himself or herself as well.  Even worse, such a kid can be persuaded that the abuse was his or her fault and therefore can be shamed into silence.  People guilty of that type of sex abuse should receive life without parole.

And then there are things that are just entrapment.  One such type of entrapment has been made into a popular television program here in America called "To Catch A Predator."  Grown men and women go online posing as a 13 year old girl and entice grown men to send dirty pictures and to come over for sex.  When the man gets there, he's greeted by a camera crew.  When he runs, he is arrested by police.  The problem is that the enticers are adults acting like children, not children acting like children.  They say they're only 13, but they can flirt and banter as only sexually mature adults can.  Essentially, if a 13 year old girl normally had 20 years of sexual experience like a grown woman, then having sex with a 13 year old girl would not be a crime anywhere!  It is the 13 year old's developmental immaturity and sexual inexperience that makes the activity morally wrong, but the enticers can't seduce men online by acting like a 13 year old.  The human seduction process is so highly subjective that it can be found in the timing of a funny answer or the turn of a phrase, things adults do and respond to naturally and unconsciously.  So it is virtually impossible for a defendant to persuade a jury that he was entrapped by a grown woman posing as a teenager but interacting like a grown woman, even when that is exactly what happened.  Often it is impossible because the entrapped man doesn't even realize it himself.  Consequently, the predator show tends to catch a lot of stupid men, instead of real bad guys... although they do get a few, I admit.  

Some men who are being convicted for online crimes were responding to the psychological make-up of a grown woman who happened to be in a child's disguise, like a sexy woman in a Little Red Riding Hood costume.  And the grown women who were doing the seducing were using every once of their being to seduce a man who they believed was intent on harming a child.  What type of woman would be drawn to a process where she could use all her powers of seduction to send a man to prison?  Proabably a victim of child sex abuse, and that further corrupts the process because it transforms its purpose from public service to personal revenge.

Imagine going to prison for responding to her...

but if she was online and kept saying she was 13 years old while attempting to seduce you, then prison is exactly where you would go in America... regardless of the fact that she is a grown woman.



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If we all think alike .... then, nobody is thinking

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If we all think alike .... then, nobody is thinking

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