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Modernization (1978-1988) [Copy link] 中文

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this one is pre-modernisation

(beast ex machina)

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Value it   {:soso_e176:}

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In 1978, Hua Guofeng is replaced by Deng Xiaoping.

The right statement should be "Neither Hua Guofeng nor Deng Xiaoping has been elected as president of PRC. In 1983, Li Xiannian was elected as the president of PRC", if PRC was and is a law ruling country;

The right statement should be "In 1981, Hua Guofeng was replaced by Hu Yaobang - the secretary of CPC central committee", if PRC was and is a communist country;

The right statement should be "In 1981, Hua Guofeng was replaced by Deng Xiaoping - the military leader of PRC", if PRC was and is a military ruling country.

Right or not?

our life is full of sunshine

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angela627 Post time: 2012-2-14 14:00
Designer: Jiang Jianzhang (姜建章)
1983, January
Foster a correct spirit, resist the evil spirit, re ...

Those are the kinds of evil spirits that I like...

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Modernisation is just another fancyful word play by evil western leaders, to show their perceived superiority over other civilisation culture from the East. What China need is not western modernisation, but acquiring a western education that can be leveraged to defend her chinese long lasting civilisation. It doesnt matter if china leaders are not elected.   The most important characteristic of the selected China leaders, is he/she should be well trained and is fully focused on building a strong china to defend her long lasting chinese civilisation that had serve the chinese people well for more than 2000 years.

As long as the China leaders are focused on providing cheap and affordable housing to the poor and middle class population, which numbered about 1000 million, China will power ahead and dominate the global economic playground. China should ignore all the America and western trained economist in building a strong economy that is long lasting.

American and western economic policy are focus on helping the rich get richer. This is what they teach you in Harvard, Yale, Oxford, Cambridge, etc.

If China can focus on providing cheap and affordable government build public housing for 80% of her population, like Singapore government did, then China leaders will have done a excellent job in countering anti-CCP elements from US, who are out to destroy Chinese civilisation.

Below are some of the best integrated Singapore government build public housing and urban train transit system.




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Deng is GREAT bringing Greater GOOD for the Greatest People on Earth la
What's on your mind now........ooooooooooooooo la la....Kind Regards

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