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[US] Xi begins crucial US visit [Copy link] 中文

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Chinese Vice President Xi Jinping is set to arrive in Washington Monday for a five-day visit, which analysts said would set the tone for Sino-US relations in the next decade.

Xi will meet with US President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden tomorrow. He will also hold talks with US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Defense Secretary Leon Panetta.

On Wednesday, Xi will go to Capitol Hill to meet senior US senators and House of Representatives Speaker John Boehner.

The two nations have recently been involved in diplomatic spats over Syria as Washington and its allies criticized China and Russia for vetoing a draft UN Security Council resolution on Syria.


Beijing has also disagreed with sharpening global sanctions against Iran over its nuclear program.

Issues such as US arms sales to Taiwan, conditions in the South China Sea and trade disputes are also expected to be touched on during the visit.

Analysts noted that the two sides are unlikely to make compromises on these long-standing issues during Xi's visit, and their discussions on these topics would be mere exchanges of views.

Wu Xinbo, a deputy director of the Center for US Studies at Fudan University, told the Global Times that Xi's visit will set the tone for future Sino-US relations, although he expects few breakthroughs.

"The trip comes before the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China in October, and will provide Xi with first-hand information about the US. It will also be a good opportunity for the US to learn more about Xi," Wu said.

Jin Canrong, an American studies expert at the Renmin University of China, told the Global Times that the priority of Xi's visit is to send a positive signal to US politicians that their Chinese counterparts are willing to seek solutions to challenges facing Sino-US ties.

"China and the US share many common interests, but also have a number of long-standing disputes. Xi's visit will demonstrate Beijing's willingness to strengthen Sino-US ties regardless of those challenges," Jin said.

He added that the trip would provide a good opportunity for Xi to build a relationship with US leaders, as well as other people in different fields.

Danny Russel, senior director at the National Security Council for Asia, told Reuters that the White House would be "striking a good balance between the formal and the informal but also a good balance between the protocol and the substance."

"Beyond protocol, we are doing Xi and China the courtesy of taking them seriously on substance," he said, adding that US officials would not pull punches on human rights or other tough issues for the sake of smooth talks.

This year marks the 40th anniversary of former US president Richard Nixon's visit to China and the publication of the Shanghai Communique between the two sides, which marked the beginning of their diplomatic ties.

After Washington, Xi will go to Iowa and reunite with a family in Muscatine with whom he stayed in 1985 when he was an official of Hebei Province, Iowa's sister province in China.

Terry Branstad, the current governor of Iowa, who was also governor during Xi's earlier visit, told Reuters that he considered the Chinese vice president an "old friend" and added that Xi's visit was part reunion and part business opportunity for the soybean- and corn-exporting state.

In his final stop in Los Angeles, Xi will visit the Port of Los Angeles and attend with his US counterpart Biden the China/US Economic and Trade Forum, which will be attended by US business officials and governors of all 50 states.

"Accompanied by a 500-member trade delegation, Xi's visit is going to announce a slew of orders from Chinese enterprises, which will set a favorable atmosphere for the trip," Tao Wenzhao, a researcher at the Institute of American Studies at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, told the Global Times.

"China, in return, wants the US to remove hurdles for high-tech trade and improve the investment environment for Chinese companies in the US," Tao said.

"Compared with the three-year consecutive increase of Chinese investment in Canada and the drop in the US last year, I think it's time for the US to act more practically and carry out a more mutually beneficial policy in the face of dim economic prospects," Wu noted.

Xi will leave the US on Friday for trips in Ireland and Turkey.

Agencies also contributed to this story

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hmmm... the atmosphere of this visit will determine the lives of 1.3 billion people in the next 10 years

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US Town ready to welcome return of special guest
MUSCATINE, Iowa - The small town on the banks of the Mississippi River is "Feeling Great", abuzz with excitement and recalling happy memories as it looks forward to the return of an old friend - Vice-President Xi Jinping.

It was 27 years ago that Xi visited Muscatine, an agricultural center in the US heartland, when he led a delegation to learn about farming technology. The delegates were all given badges to wear sporting the town's slogan: "Feeling Great".

Sarah Lande, a resident of the town, had the same feeling early last month when she got a call from Iowa State Governor Terry Branstad.

"Sarah, guess what, I think Xi is coming to our state," Branstad said.

"I was really surprised and excited. I also felt humble, honored and, of course, a little proud," Lande said.

Lande, 73, and her husband Roger, 74, were among several families in Muscatine to host Xi in April, 1985.

Xi, then a local official in North China's Hebei province and director of Shijiazhuang Feed Association, led a five-member delegation to learn about agricultural technology in Iowa, the state that calls itself the Food Capital of the World.

They were visiting as part of an Iowa Sister State program after Hebei and Iowa cemented the relationship in 1983.

The delegation spent two weeks in Iowa, visiting farms, feed suppliers, and grain processing and food biotechnology companies.
The three days Xi spent in the small, charming town of 23,000 left him with fond memories.

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At the invitation of US Vice-President Joe Biden, Xi will visit the United States on Feb 13-17. He will arrive in Washington DC to meet with US President Barack Obama and other government officials, and then leave for Iowa and Los Angeles.

On Wednesday afternoon, Xi is due to meet up with old friends for tea in Muscatine before heading for the state capital Des Moines.

Lande, who was the executive director of Iowa's Sister State program for 12 years, is organizing the reunion.

She will prepare jasmine tea, champagne, spring rolls, sweets and other local tidbits for the occasion.

"He wants to meet only the people he has met before," Lande said. "There are 17 of them. It will be at least an hour. We will remember the old days."

The intervening years may have changed appearances, just a little bit, Joan Axel, who also played host to the 1985 Chinese guests, said.

"We all look a little bit different now. He remembers some of his old friends. I think he's curious about what we do now."

Many have retired, but one of the people who took the delegation on a tour around the Muscatine Foods Corp grain processing plant in 1985 still works for that company.

Xi will meet his host family Eleanor and Tom Dvorchak at the reunion. He stayed at their four-bedroom house for two nights in 1985.

The Dvorchaks, moved to Florida three years ago, but will fly back to Muscatine on Tuesday to meet Xi.

"I lost track of him after he left," Eleanor, 72, said. "I was surprised when I heard he was coming back. But we had a lot of fun then and I am more than happy to go back to meet him again."

The Muscatine Journal covered Xi and his delegation's trip 27 years ago.

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She has prepared a gift for Xi: Obama on the Couch, a book by Justin Frank, a highly regarded expert on psychoanalysis.
"I hope it will help Xi understand the man (US President Barack Obama) better and help them get along, so it will lead to a peaceful and successful relationship between China and the US," she said.

The Dvorchaks visited China in 1987 with a tour group and are hoping to go again. Their son Mark runs a China-related business consulting company in California.

Other folk in Muscatine, including a Chinese language teacher and her students at Muscatine High School, are equally looking forward to the vice-president's visit.

"He is such an important person from such an important country and all of us want to meet him in person," teacher Carol Kula said.

Aric Bower, a senior student who has studied Chinese for four years, added: "I was really amazed when I heard Xi was visiting. I never expected him to come to Muscatine."

For the local newspaper, the Muscatine Journal, it will be the biggest story of the year. Its editor Chris Steinbach has received dozens of calls from the media at home and abroad inquiring about Xi's trip.

"We will see how people from two different countries get together again after almost 30 years," he said. "It is pretty unusual and I have never heard anything like this happening before. It shows the importance of friendship and being open-minded about learning about other people's countries. I think that's pretty cool."

Sweet memories
Writer Mark Twain, once writing for the Journal, remembers Muscatine for its sunsets, while Xi remembers the town for its people.

Iowa Governor Branstad said Xi has kept the itinerary of the 1985 Iowa trip. "When I met him last September in Beijing, he mentioned many people he had met in Muscatine," Branstad said.

Xi Jinping (center) at a picnic at the farm of Janet Rauch in 1985.

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The hospitality of its people and its advanced agricultural industries were the reasons the small city was picked to host the Chinese delegation, Lande said.

"Joan and I had been to China in 1984 with the Sister State program and we were so excited about China, that we wanted them to share our homes and learn about our people," she said.

As the delegation was on a budget of $400 for three days, most of the local programs then were run by volunteer hosts such as the Dvorchaks.

Xi stayed in the bedroom of their two sons who were at college at that time.

"There were two beds with Star Wars wallpapers and Star Trek toys - a typical middle-class children's room," Eleanor said.

After a busy day touring with his delegation, Xi would enjoy some peace and quiet at the Dvorchaks' place. "I would make him a tea and let him unwind a little bit," she said.

Most Chinese visitors did not stay with host families at that time, Lande said.

"But that's one of the things Mr Xi enjoyed so much. He was brought in as part of the family, ate at the breakfast table and stayed in the kids' room. He really got to see a slice of American life," she said.

In addition to the tours to farms and companies, the delegation also enjoyed their social time with the hosts.

They had dinners at family homes, went on a boat trip on the Mississippi, had a farmhouse picnic and watched a local baseball game.

"It was the first delegation from China that we had and we were curious about each other," Axel said. "We talked about the family, business, food, homes, the kids, dogs and so on."

Xi is remembered as a good delegation leader with a warm heart.

"He was organized, curious and professional with a really warm nature," Lande said.

"I remember that he had a really nice smile," Axel said.

According to an article at the time in the Muscatine Journal, Xi said about the 1985 visit: "So far we have learned a lot, seen a lot and achieved a lot. The impression of the US is very good, I think. We have seen a lot of your advanced technology. The people here are very warm and very friendly. They too have left a very deep impression on us."

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hope he can bring me back some italian beefs from chicago

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