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Chinese Britons have put up with racism for too longMany   [Copy link] 中文

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and in my experience, those (migrants) that suffer racism the most are:

low socioeconomic status
poor english
low acculturation

such a person can be "white" and experience all elements of full-blown "racism", albeit without the issue of skin colour

your comment ignores the fact that China is 93% Han (and almost exclusively asian 'minority' to complete the rest), Japan and Korea are nearly 100% Nihonese and Korean respectively

Underlying each immmigration policy is severe xenophobia

I think you are talking from your @ss

Wake me up when you have a large number of migrants from other countries
(beast ex machina)

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lebeast Post time: 2012-2-2 13:17
it just takes a few generations in my view

once you have the accent and are acculturated, you are i ...

That is not true in case of Asians........ first second or third generation mean nothing  , for some reason Asians are perceived as different in anglosaxon culture..........

Guardian article is very accurate in description of situation ,  genuine and very interesting.

Asians most likely can't influence this but Brits themselves have to change attitude and accept Asians as equal not only in declarations and pompous speeches of politicians but in real life ...............

change can come only from heart.

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Racism against Chinese in North America was brutal in the past, and still exists but is much less evident since China has become a major economic power; investor, and export market. China is still blamed for the loss of jobs caused by corporations moving their production to China, and cheap products coming back, but Walmart is still expanding across the continent selling almost exclusively made in China products with North American brand names. On the plus side, well educated Chinese are sought after employees by many corporations hoping to do business in China.  
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lebeast Post time: 2012-2-6 04:12
let's put 10% Australians in China and see who is the worst racist LOL

They will be truly welcomed. We have a Chinese saying 以小人之心度君子之腹. This is what you are demonstrating.

The fat guy loved by the Sinophobic West.

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when will the masses learn that racism is just another tool of the people who want to control populations?

they pin their power on the division of the people in various ways - it is called "polarisation".

sure they make little noises about "racism" and they enact laws to punish those charged with it but behind the scenes they promote it.

a prime example of how polarisation is employed was the way the zionist cult used the Jews as fodder for hate and division.

but on the closer home front we need only look at such things as political and religious polarisation of the populations.

I have lived in many countries and among many peoples - never once did I experience racism from individuals and never once did I see their customs or culture in a way that I felt they were in reality different from myself. I learned to speak their languages and I tried to my best ability to learn their customs in order to avoid offending them by mistake.

humans of all races colours and creeds get along very well until some outside influence drives a wedge between them.

one thing the powermongers cannot abide is to see unity - they seek to polarise the masses into smaller more easily controlable groups such as political parties, religions and on the global front "nations".

The Wolf is Your Shepherd
Man created god before god created man and the world has been in turmoil ever since. Dots freak some people out - so they join them with lines that aren't really there.

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Racism exists mainly among the upper classes. as anyone can see in the occupy wall street protests all races are present and living, and working together. Evolution continues despite the suppression from the elites.
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