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Why hasn’t China produced a Samsung or Toyota?   [Copy link] 中文

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2 years ago, I was stood behind a korean businessman (suit and all) at  Incheon Airport... suddenly 3 Chinese people leapfrogged us, yammering, waving paper straight to the desk. This happened twice until the Korean businessman thought he had had enough of the terrible manners, flung his briefcase to the ground and charged forward. This happened to me in Helsinki too with another Korean! Consensus is all new to them and unable to understand the niceties of waiting in line!

Perhaps manners need to be taught first and foremost? Seondly, I think there is about 95% literacy rate in Korea and of course human resources made up for lack of natural resources, much like Japan! It will take decades for China to get to that stage methinks but teaching etiquette is a start
No, I live above Sunset Plaza, it's a little house I rent and it's a little rundown but has a beautiful view, what about you?

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Here is why China need its own Samsung or Toyota or HTC, I think the graphs explain themselves.

http://www.innovationnewsdaily.c ... hic-paid-ipads.html

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You are forgetting that the Europeans now allow Chinese to immigrate into their countries as equal (in theory) and trade with China.

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I look foward to reading you reply.   Pointing out the under representation and over representation of different minority groups in Hollywood doesn't make me anti semitic

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garyhb Post time: 2012-1-30 22:34
i';d say who in their right mind would buy a product from the usa, europe, canada, australia, japa ...

have u heard of Red Heart applicance, Seagull DF cameras or Murphy Richards?

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xuerengui Post time: 2012-1-29 13:12

Most TV personalities in America are Jewish...

“”Most TV personalities in America are Jewish...

from Shia LaBeouf - Transformer Actor to comedian Jason Segel to actress Jennifer Connelly to 50% of any actors really..  All TV/Movie studios are Hollywood are run by Jews..

I am not being racist nor anti semtic, just pointing out the obvious””

Noooo …… you are not anti-Semite …. You don’t have the brains for it …
You are a M. F. (not to be confused with Massey Ferguson) judeophob….

Let’s unveil this M. F. liar judeophobe..!!

“”Most TV personalities in America are Jewish...””  …. M. F. xuerengui  wrote … on message #15

Later, on message #22,  M. F. xuerengui  supported his blasphemy with the following link….

Please see

When I opened this link, I found a list of probably…

…. 300 Jewish TV personalities …. OF THE LAST 60 YEARS…!! …….

…. xuerengui, you are a M. F. liar judeophobe

Open the following link.
Almost 1500 American TV personalities …. that very few of them have joined the “club” and can be categorized as Jewish ….

Now, M. F. xuerengui …. what is your purpose… ??

If we all think alike .... then, nobody is thinking

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