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[US] Questions welcomed on China's relations with US, Australia   [Copy link] 中文

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Some say Chinese are natural born Mother-sellers.
Others will remark....."heck, we've just witnessed that here!"

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Dear Minister Xie Feng,

What China considers sensitive in its bilateral relationship with USA is not necessarily considered as such by USA.

So, from China's perspective what are the three most sensitive issues between China and USA and what is being done to resolve these issues?

What does China believe are the three most sensitive issues to USA but not so much to China?

Let the dice fly high

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RE: Questions welcomed on China's relations with US, Australia

To: The Honourable,  Mr Xie Feng, director general of the  Department of North American and Oceanian Affairs of the Chinese Foreign Ministry.

Sir, Would you be so kind as to elobrate more on the below-mentioned topic. Thank you.

PLA researcher says U.S. aims to encircle China

BEIJING | Mon Nov 28, 2011 3:51pm EST
(Reuters) - The United States clearly wants to encircle China, a prominent Chinese military commentator said on Monday in some of the bluntest criticism of President Barack Obama's recent diplomatic push into the Asia-Pacific region.
People's Liberation Army Major General Luo Yuan, well-known for his hawkish views, made the warning in a commentary about Obama's visit to Asia that was published on the website of the People's Daily (, the top paper of China's ruling Communist Party.

Earlier this month, Obama told Asia-Pacific leaders that the United States was "here to stay," announced plans to set up a de facto military base in northern Australia and chided China for refusing to discuss its South China Sea disputes at regional forums.

"The United States is making much of its 'return to Asia', has been positioning pieces and forces on China's periphery, and the intent is very clear -- this is aimed at China, to contain China," Luo wrote in the commentary, which quickly spread across the Chinese Internet.

"The United States has committed a fatal strategic error. It has misjudged its foes, it has placed its strategic focus in the wrong location, and its strategic means are wrong," wrote Luo.

The comments do not represent official policy -- Beijing has reacted to Obama's diplomatic push with calls for cooperation.

But they do illustrate the undercurrents of nationalist ire with Washington that Beijing's policy-makers face.

Luo was among several PLA officer-pundits who lambasted U.S. policy earlier last year, before both governments moved to ease tensions over Taiwan, Tibet and other disputes.

Analysts have said that although the PLA is firmly under the thumb of China's Communist Party, officer-analysts have been given some leeway to strike a tougher tone in their comments.

Later in 2010, however, Chinese President Hu Jintao made clear that he could ill-afford a new round of tensions that might sour ties with Washington ahead of 2012, when he retires from power and the U.S. is focused on its presidential race.

Hu admonished the military for letting officers speak on sensitive disputes, a scholar familiar with official discussions who spoke on condition of anonymity told Reuters earlier.

But Luo, at least, appears emboldened to speak out again.

He said the United States should keep focused on its "war on terror" against Islamist militants.

"China has not provoked U.S. interests, so what are you doing running to Asia to encircle China?," wrote Luo.

"If you shift your strategic focus to the Asia-Pacific, who will protect your own backyard. Don't you worry about a second September 11 incident?," he asked, referring to the devastating 2001 attacks on New York and Washington D.C.

(Reporting by Chris Buckley, Editing by Jonathan Thatcher)

FIRST NATIONS ( LAKOTA PEOPLE ) Heartbreaking - (Google Search for video) "to stay true to who you are. Never allow anyone make you different or think different about what it is you are created to be ...

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The region of The Far East Asia and Pacific has remained a solid rim of Peace and Prosperities for all regional nations and international players for more than 3 decades since the last war ended in total US’s shamble, shame and disgrace.

Is there a convincing reason to stage another neo_obama_truman doctrine that is seen with intents to stir up military tensions among peaceful regional nations, if those published US articles of your State Secretary, Madam Hillary Clinton are of any good?
Mr Feng, the relationship between the USA and China seems to be divided among the opinions and gut feelings of US folks as follows:

1.  Politics: Why do you see the necessity to keep on "bashing and insulting" China with scandals, lies and manipulative accusations stretching from Human Rights, Currency Manipulation, … ….. … to Hegemonial threats along the South China Seas corridors of China?

2.  Military: Why are those warring politicians & pentagon warmongers picking upon China as their national foe or enemy despite the latter is pouring in USD Trillion to help revive the stagnant economic growth of the former in dire straits?

3. Commerce: Big guys like GM, Boeing, Microsoft, etc are so keen to invest in China but back home on your soil, why do congressional folks herded together by certain US business sectors are keeping up their rubbish in "injuring" Chinese feelings and investment opportunities with embargoes?

Best wishes and a very Happy New Year!
What's on your mind...

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When my friends ask about China and its currency exchange rate, I always remind them that the problem isn't with China.  The problem is with all exporting countries.  

If China raised its currency rate, then American consumers and American importers would just buy from a country that didn't raise its rate.  The point is that to rebalance exchange rates in a way that will benefit all requires that everyone in the region coordinate.  What additional leadership can China provide to encourage greater cooperation among small exporting countries on exchange rates?


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RE: Questions welcomed on China's relations with US, Australia

PLA researcher says U.S. aims to encircle China
Dear Sir,

With reference to the above topic, do you think China can establish a trusting and meaningful relationship with, especially the U.S. and Australia? What about Japan and S. Korea?

Thank you.
FIRST NATIONS ( LAKOTA PEOPLE ) Heartbreaking - (Google Search for video) "to stay true to who you are. Never allow anyone make you different or think different about what it is you are created to be ...

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