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Historical Documents of US Sinophobia 美国反华历史文档   [Copy link] 中文

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JFenix Post time: 2012-1-26 08:42
Yeah...and it just CAN'T be political if we are talking about Russia and Iran.  lol

Russia and Iran are NOT in the list - meaning that the US Visa Bulletin does not impose restriction to their immigrants.

The fat guy loved by the Sinophobic West.

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I don't trust your numbers or 'facts'.

You've been discredited time and time again.

Why are you so hung up on the visa thing?

Its so extremely minor.

No one has the right to move to another country and live.

Every country has there own immigration policies.

if no one was allowed to immigrate to another country, would that be so horrible?

Why do you make it seem like a human rights issue?  How?

What is so horrible about living in your own country?
Behold the turtle. He makes progress only when he sticks his neck out.

                          -  James Bryant Conant

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timbatu Post time: 2012-1-23 23:13
To the poster behind ExportedKiwi, imagine what will happen if your pastor preaches the following:


When we came here when I was seven, a Baptist Church that sponsor our family pressured us to go to their church and my cousins and me who were 7 6 and 8 years old were force to watch people getting beheaded for not believing in their god. I was so terrified then. That is how children are being indotrinated here in the states especially refugees children.
I am an Asian American. I came to Chinadaily forum hoping to share my experience, knowledge, and my point of view. And in return I want to get the same in return from friends from around the world.

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Thank you timbatu for these documents, I'm researching the history of sinophobia for my next blog. Not sure what planet laughsatyou is on, but Western sinophobia is rife. I am an animal rights activist, in a movement that fights speciesism (believing one species is better than another). I fight racism in the movement on a weekly basis. And this is JUST in the animal rights community. Just because a Chinese person is in America and can make advancements in their life does not mean that they're NOT treated as second class citizens. As long as there is racism towards ANY race or culture, they will be treated as second class in one way or another. I write blogs specifically targeting the sinophobia, or racism. Please read because I've copied and pasted alot of vile comments.

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