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Chinese workers treated like slaves in UK [Copy link] 中文

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They are illegal immigrants

So.....I think they must pay what they deserve. Fujian community in UK and Dongbei community in France are really like a gheto, even worse than the muslin communties. To be frank, the She Tou should be scolded and punished, however, it is the choice of the immigrants themselves.

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It cann't be solved in short time

This problem have always been existing , and will also exist for long time until China get stronger . So don't try to solve this problem by appealing to others , just make ourselves stronger and others will look us by a awe-striken eye ,also they will not treat us chinese like this.
Although our country have make a great economic achievement , we still have a very long way to go , we still have to remember we have no chance but to strive for our country in order not to let us suffer  such conduct .
Also we chinese should enhanse our morality . As far as I know , there are too much wicked matter taking place around us . Just about one week ago , when I am on the way to work by bus , I sea a child running after a woman by bicycle , satchel taken on the soulder , in a crossroad near BAIYUANQIAO in beijing . It's go-to-work-time and it seemed to be very natual for people since no one stood out to accuse the forager , rather than thief .

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I can see how peple might think it's sad how these people are treated, but that's only because of what you are comparing them to, which is the native people, brits.  If you compared them to some hard working farmers in china you might think theyv'e go it easy.  But, more importantly, these chinese must think they have it easy, otherwise they would try and go back to china.

I call this modern day slavery(colonization), which the US does with mexicans.  Also, if they are there illegally, then they have no business being there, regardless of the living conditions.  This costs us tax payers money!!  I don't like to spend my money on any illegal immigrant!

Also, to keep this in perspective (at least mine), you have to wonder what skills these chinese are bringing to the new society they entered, willingly.  Are they bringing programmer skills, no, are they bringing business anaylst skills, no, so then nobody should assume they are going to get this glorious job with no skills.  I know alot of chinese come to america, it's not because they hate china, it's because they wnat their children to have a better life.  Those hard workers in england will probably have kids that get to go to college and get a good job that pays for their parent hard efforts.  This, I belive, is the goal of most immigrants and especially immigrants in america.

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I totally agree with you, mike, what I want to add is that the...

Chinese people always have a sens of being sacrificing, perhaps it is not the right term, in Chinese, I think it is Shou Hai Zhe Xin Li. And this kind of sens can be dated to the days of Opium war in 1860. Nowadays, the economic booms may build up our confidance to some extent, however, once our embassy was bombed and our pilot was lost in the south Sea, this kind of sens turned out again. Perhaps we need a strong economy and a really strong government, or simply an amazing leader or personnage(like Reagon or SDR in US) to reinstall the confidance to the Chinese people. The taikonaute may be one perfect exemple but it is far less enough.

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is it really confidence?

It's opporutunity, I think.  If they don't have opportunity, then of course they will seek it.  If there is only opportunity for the rich, then the poor have no choice but to look somewhere else in the wolrd for an opportunity.  Is it sad, yes, but it's how the world is.  Most of the people in the world are poor...people don't have simple things like clean water, muchless the chance to go to a is this fixed, I don't know.  Some will tell you dem$cracy, others will tell you C C P, but maybe everyone can't be rich in the world???  Maybe there is no cure??

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Imagine if..

...Africans copied Bruce Lee. Hahaha!!(Trump Card)

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