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Chinese workers treated like slaves in UK [Copy link] 中文

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hi, tsuspat,

what is the popular american sentiment towards illegal chinese immigrants?

they are filthy, breaking-the-law, ugly, stealing americans' jobs?? what are they?

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popular american sentiment, according to hollywood

in the movie "lethal weapon 4" (it might not be 4), the chinese immigrants are shown as poor, but educated.  they live with danny glover's family and the father (who is a scientist) is forced to work for the chinese mafia counterfeiting chinese yuan.  (i know, it's an absurd plot.)  but the immigrants are compared in the movie to previous waves of immigrants, including irish and even african americans, who were brought here as slaves hundreds of years ago.


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Bear in mind!

I don't know if the Chinese in question were legal immigrants or not, but that is a factor also.  I personally am opposed to the idea of immigration quotas, and have even witnessed the effects of racism in the Canadian department of Immigration on close friends of mine.  But on the other hand, if the government has quotas in the first place, that in and of itself indicates a desire to limit immigration, so why would one try to enter a country that doesn't want them anyway.  The other point to make is that although the people in the west can sometimes show prejudice against outsiders, to enter a country illegally shows that nation an equal disrespect.  So then if these people were in the country illegally, then they put themselves into a difficult situation, whereas had they ensuered  that they were entering those countries legally, then, although they might still experience prejudice, at least the situation would'nt be as bad since the government could then help them a little at least.  But if they are illegals, then who can help them?

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Machjo: good post

You deal with the key issues here. One of the fundamental rights and duties of a country is to regulate immigration. If a country opens its borders, it's really not a country anymore. Plus of course it stores up trouble both economically and politically.

However people will always seek to move from one country to another, to escape persecution, poverty or simply to improve their lot in life. We all have a duty to be law abiding, especially in somebody else's country.

Those who break the law must take the consequences, illegal immigrants can expect to be deported. But I don't think the punishment for illegal immigration should include the most outrageous exploitation, or death in the unpredicatable tides of Morecambe Bay.


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Perhaps the Chinese need to learn to defend themselves.

I'd like to mention also that when I first came to China, my first employer tried all kinds of threats and bluffs to scare the foreign staff into working like slaves regardless of the original agreement in the contract.  Little did they know, however, that westerners have a different mindset.  First thing we did was to look up Chinese law, thenwhent to the approapriate authorities to report them, handing in a professionally typed document with all the facts, witnesses, contact numbers, copies of evidence, etc.  Our employer was shocked, and we won the case.  In the end he lost a whole bunch of teachers.

Yet I can't believe sometimes that I know Chinese labour and contract law better than even some supposedly educated Chinese, and I'm not even Chinese myself.  In addition, even when I point out that their employer is violating such and such a law, they turn a blind eye and refuse to defend themselves.

So perhaps law and legal rights ought to be a part of compulsory education in all middle schools in China.

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Chinese Cockle Pickers

I had a quick look at the BBC Lancashire website, nothing there. I would be stunned if the same people are going out there again. It is possible, just, that the authorities are doing their job and enforcing health & safety and licensing laws. And, yes, immigration laws.

Concerning the Chinese government's attitude to these matters, I do recall that the Chinese Consul from Manchester was one of the first on the scene after the deaths, interviewed on TV pledging to do all he could. A good sign surely?


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Excellent post Seneca

I am following this sad debate on illegal immigrants exploited overseas and I really agree on seneca's last and previous posts and can hardly find anything patronising or insulting in them. He just plainly says what is really happening.

Geoff's political correctness is perhaps the worst ennemy to the fate of those illegal immigrants by putting a blanket blame on a system and a country instead of concentrating on the ruthless individuals who run, profit from and thrive in this despicable people smuggling business.

Wal Mart and Sainsbury's may not have very high labour standards as this is sadly the norm in the retail industry but lets not make them responsible for whatever happens at any end of a supply chain they do NOT control !

It seems to me sadly that Geoff represents the typical self-hating leftwing westerner who will allways find fault with whatever western countries do and remain completely silent on horrendous abuses if they happen in developing countries. Maybe he thinks Kim Jong Il's North Korean system is a good one because there is no capitalist exploitation ?

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