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Chinese workers treated like slaves in UK [Copy link] 中文

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chinese and indian/pakistani/bengali in UK and Mexican/Haitian in US

also philopino worldwide. when kuwaite was liberated in 1991 foreign domestic workes that had been expoited by invading iaqi as well as kuwaiti were vitually ignored.  reported in western media but 'Oh, well too bad.".

the UN should do something about the international migrant situation.
this is not limited to the UK, nor to just chinese workers. in the US coyotes exploit mexicans crossing the border.  California's Agriculture depends on expoited labor. in california, chinese, korean and vietnamese [and others] work in sweat shops.

arriving illegally, they often trust their countrymen, and are afraid of going to police. the host countries [where the migrant go to] should do more to liberate workers from oppression within thewir own borders. but sadly i doubt bush or blair would seriously help.

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yes, it's real

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Barkiing up the wrong tree seneca.

The exploitation of such illegal immigrants is the natural end point of the naive and the immoral, and has been going on for longer than you or I care to recall. It happened with the Irish and Italian II in places like the USA and Australia in years past. Would you similarly bad-mouth the Irish and Italian governments of that time?
These Chinese II are in UK inspite of the vigorous effects on the part of the govenment of PRC to curtail such tragedies.
You should get off your soap-box in using this unfair accusation to launch such diatribe on the whole of the Chinese people. If you know anything about standards of living, you would realise that it is not what you earn as what you can buy with it that determines your materialistic well-being.
I think you should confine your argumenthere to the fate of the II and stop patronising.

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Well said Kwok ho

The exploitation of foreign workers is a systemic issue and the solution is to enforce the law, as they appear to do succsefully in more socialist  Scandanavian countries.

The real beneficiaries of this exploitation are large Western companies like Wal-Mart in the US and Sainsbury's in the UK. It's true that some Chinese people are involved in the exploitation but they merely act as agents for the Capitalists. Hanjian as our old and much lamented friend Chairman would have said.


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arthur wrote:

"yes, it is real. A lot of chinese laborers are lured to the states, hiding in those filthy chinatowns, picking up cabbage leaves, or washing dishes, all their lives. they are afriad to report to police becuase someone told them that they will be forciblly taken away back to home.."

maybe those distressed chinese have read too many of wchao and arksi's posts and think american police will beat them up and throw them in prison.

have you guys seen the lethal weapon movie with jet li?  (awesome fight scene at the end, with danny glover and mel gibson taking on kung fu demon-boy.)  that movie, while whimsical, shows popular american sentiment towards illegal chinese immigrants.


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re: kwok ho

as i understand it, even legal irish and italian immigrants got treated badly.  basically, everyone who comes here (to the u.s.) gets taken advantage of by evil people.  read upton sinclair's "the jungle."

i also agree that this problem cannot be directly blamed on governments.  but governments can do more to fight this.  bush has highlighted the problem of human-trafficking, which is too his credit.  but more needs to be done in real terms, especially international cooperation.


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Nobody forced them to be "slaves".

"Chinese need to understand that the West is no Eldorado where unqualified workers can make more money than bosses in China. CHinese need to understand that going abroad has to be done in an orderly and legal fashion. Sorry, but Chinese always seem to be in a collision course with anything that smacks of rules and laws..."

Mr. Seneca, could you please use "they" instead of "Chinese" as the subjects in your sentences? Because not all Chinese are like that you know.

When I was a college students, I worked in a restaurant in my summer holiday. A guy once told me that he could "help" me to work in twn and earn times of my wage. Of course I didn't believe that, and I did think I didn't deserve that much money, and I did think that was illegal. But my classmate's brother did believe, he prepared 90,000 RMB for that business. How silly.

And Mr. Seneca, as I said before, I really think critical comments and complaint are more helpful than compliments for everyone, at least for me. So I always pay attention to these kind of posts and appreciate them.

But you should also pay attention to your diction sometimes, you should respect us, good and smart and self-respecting Chinese people.

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