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If divorce didn't exist would people be quick to marry [Copy link] 中文

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Pre-nuptial engagement stage should be tried out more.  That's the only way you can get to see someo ...

Interesting concept. How many pre-nuptials before a confirmation? Do the couple go to bed? Children? OK, how long should a pre-nuptial last? Regulated by state?
Regarding the topic, if divorce lawyers did not commercialize the process people would not be quick to divorce, that is divorce might have been the ultimate result of failure to reconcile than a convenience. People would still be quick to marry,'cause the vow is till death do them apart.

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I don't think people would get married so readily.  

Probably a good thing, too

I would say people will still get married for all the wrong reasons.  Divorce is all but illegal in Malta for example and there couples split up and just cohabit with their new lover but cannot legally divorce. This situation is now before the EU courts as a human rights issue and EU legislative issue I believe.

Regardless, no divorce would probably give rise to an increase in domestic violence as witnessed in earlier times where men beating up wives or visa versa was very much more common than today. I would anticipate there would be more affairs outside of the marriage and far more visits by unhappy men and women to prostitutes and a probable increase in the use of drugs as a means to escape the living hell of cohabiting with someone you cannot stand the sight of.

In the end I would rather see a return to the divorce with blame. Having someone blamed by a judge for the break down of a marriage actually gives the wronged party a morale boost as they know that they weren't to blame for the marriage breakdown. This is highly therapeutic in nature.  The removal of all conjecture and games such as apphrehended-violence orders which are often used to paint one person in as bad a light as possible and thus inflict greater penalties financially.  I am completely in favour of the only way that an AVO can be placed is via physical damage being present and the culprit's dna being found on the person. I have seen too many cases where men have been falsely accused by women of all sorts of threatening behaviour only to discover after a little digging that it's a pack of lies and is being used to futher the woman's cause in court.

I'd rather see potential couples for marriage be subjected to counselling before marriage and psychological tests being undertaken to determine if the couple are at least on the same page mentally.
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we get married with the thought of never be divorced
I really    love China,半个 中国 人

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speak for yourself
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