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Is the U.S. goading China in the South China Sea dispute?   [Copy link] 中文

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CuriousGeorge Post time: 2018-2-10 06:06
Chinoamigo, say it like it is.
Military Industry Complex is the number one first and formost important priority that

   the ruling elite establishment can NOT live without.

   In other word, it is their 'Heart & Soul'.   

    It is an essential ingredient in the Anglo West's divide and conquer, divide and loot strategy.

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horatiokim Post time: 2018-9-6 02:58
It is an essential ingredient in the Anglo West's divide and conquer, divide and loot strat ...
  "It is an essential ingredient in the Anglo West's divide and conquer,

divide and loot strategy."

  Here's hard truth. Remember the hidden and long forgotten fact that Germany in pre-World War II era, was imposed upon with numerous and heavy war reparations, tariffs and sanctions by Western Colonial Powers for over a quarter century; eventually when that country sank into mega depression, which made way for World War II, as Germany struck back. Similar scenario ran in Japan, when that nation too was bullied by maritime sanction; essentially blocking the whole island through naval blockage by Anglo empire naval ships for so long until Japan ran out of (imported) oil, and struck back at Pearl Harbor naval base whose naval ships participated in this year-long sanction. Do not discount on the fact that history can repeat itself.

    Those two former enemies, two trouble makers that freed the whole wide world from centuries-long Western Colonialism after fighting their way through WWII, and that's exactly why the Anglo West have stationed and based their two largest overseas military bases (out of over a hundred overseas military bases) in Japan & Germany, mainly to keep them in-check, in other words, to keep them down.

  Here in U.S., it is a common knowledge, especially among rank and file, that the main primary mission of U.S. forces in Europe, in the form of NATO which stationed mostly in Germany is,

- to put (the former foe) German down,

- to keep Russia out,

- and to keep U.S. in Europe.

The same is true for the U.S. forces in Asia, that stationed in Japan (and South Korea) is,

- to put (the former foe) Japan down,

- to keep China out,

- and to keep U.S. in Asia.

Carrot & Stick,Bunny & Bully: What happen to bunnies if the bullies carry big sticks, and get to hold of almost all the carrots around? That's our world, now and then.

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  Thank you Gusty for that marvelous revelation; now I know better!   

There ain't no such thing as IDEOLOGY in the heart & soul of Colonialist-turned Capitalist Imperialism, other than chasing and following the self-interest of greed & extraction of great wealth.

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