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America they don't want you to know   [Copy link] 中文

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Really who cares..I know America ( USA ) for causing the last 3 recessions ; and now Im sure the USA has had a hand in starting the last 3 WARs on this planet. I wish people weren't so brain WASHed by the AMERICA media.. land of killing.  
Playing Mahjong in Hangzhou world competition.

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(beast ex machina)

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Wondering how many of these posters visited America

Last year a Shanghainese friend visited America, lucky girl, she visited New York, Boston, Chicago and LA, her satisfaction for her great experience made her to convince her colleagues to visit all together this year, planning to add Las Vegas in their next journey.

Sure, i am talking about those regular chinese who are friendly without lower complex who carry hatred in their veins.

In my case, I visit America often. Last time i took Air China (great airplane) and the hostess handed me a  China Daily newspaper, the first thing it came to my mind with the CD paper in hand was this forum, this kind of threads and the trolls called posters.

Anyway, another thread to bash, "what a surprise".
Denial, according the psychoanalysts, is one of the most primary mechanisms of defense. It consists in the attitude of denying or minimizing obvious facts of reality with which the individual can´t  cope or whose irresponsibility is unable to meet.

And I agree.

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Why are Anglos so unique (not in a good way!!)

It's all in their blood!

It's all in their blood; they are gentically completely and utterly different tribe, as I speak from my experiences.

I have met one too many of these thievery Anglos from all corner of stolen lands of Amerika, Canada, U.K, Australia, New Zealand for a good couple decades.

I can only assume perhaps its due to their divide and conquer, divide and rule ( and steal & live off on the blood and sweat of the world, of course ) dirty old tricks that they applied to just about every corner of the world for so many generations for so long that they gradually evolved into extraordinarily unique ones with crook genes/DNA.

Again, I'm NOT joking here; actually, I'm getting really serious after dealing with them for so many years, that's how I can't help but keep thinking this theory of evolution for this particularly nortorious hell-bound tribes.

The good, the bad & the ugly! When crony capitalists rule, or ruin the world,things turn upside down.The good become the bad, the bad & ugly turn good. What a world we live in!

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hellraiser is the satosan troll

that dirty dirty satosan



did I miss any satosan, you filth?
(beast ex machina)

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chinsyou Post time: 2011-10-1 01:26
So you think you know America?

Native People still Cattled inside Tiny Reservations on Their Own Land after centuries of occupation & colonization,

Government in Debt,

Poverty Record High,

Wall Street Protests,

      ........   Blah blah blah!!  .........

Old Colony, New Colony, Old Wealth, New Wealth, Old Master, New Master, More of the Same

after all these years!!

   United States Government may be in debt of a few trillions dollars, but power elite Anglo-Americans

and fellow Anglos worldwide have invested  hundred of trillions of dollars in their owned corporations

and financial services in U.S; many of these businesses are head-quartered off-shore, pay little or no taxes.

   The same with personal income taxes, the richest 15% in U.S which is predominently Anglo-American

ruling class & establishment folks who pay little or no taxes.

They will always find loopholes because they are MASTERS.

     ............. Yada yada yada!  ...........         

'History is written by the winners and liers'~[Napoleon Bonaparte]

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  Why is it that Uncle Sam's good old U.S is the one and only nation (among a group of Anglo nation such as Canada,

U.K, Australia and New Zealand), that does not have fair and square social democratic system -

( in terms of education, health care, welfare, etc)?!

It is because Other Anglo nations are overhelmingly Anglo majority (over 90%),

but United States on the other hand is Anglo minority with less than 15% of total population.

Ha ha ha ha ha!

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