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Originally posted by chinsyou at 2011-10-1 01:20

                                                                     Truth Face of America

YOU THINK YOU KNOW 'AMERICA' ......, REALLY ............... ...

WALL STREET PROTESTS, aka, new beginning of REVOLUTION ?!

I very much like to think of similar way as you do.

But in reality, it won't happen, least not in our life-time.

Why, because Anglos are everywhere!

They are like brain and head, if America (USA) is a human body; and the rest majority of us, non-AngloAmericans being

like limbs, aka, worker bees, all they want us to be is be obedient, work hard and pay tax.

They are soly in charge and in control of critical sectors such as military-industrial complex, financial service, policy making,

and so on..., you name it. Tens of millions of their people are firmly in place in those areas.

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reply to bonjorman #13

(A tribute to......, the closed-knitted brotherhood, a.k.a, ANGLOS,...... this world has never seen before)

Hundred of trillions of dollars!

Is that all............, from worldwide global-scale looting, plundering, pillaging for 5 centuries, and counting?!

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              In Good Old USA, If your not Anglo-American, you'll always be OUTSIDER, period!

             For ordinary Americans, living in America can be quite a bit like living with a rich stepparent!

             You live in a mansion, but it's not really your own.         

             You look blessed, but you are not really loved.      


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Masters and Servants Americans

    Why is it that Uncle Sam's good old U.S is the one and only nation (among a group of Anglos such as Canada, U.K,

Australia and New Zealand), that does not have fair and square social democratic system ( in terms of education,

health care, welfare, etc)?!

     It is because Other Anglo nations are overhelmingly Anglo majority (over 90%), but United States on the other hand is

Anglo minority with less than 15% of total population.

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        Why on earth is do these thievery Anglos will ever say enough is enough?!


The truth of the matter is....there are A Good Hundred Millions Anglos in HELL, and ...., Counting.

Shamless Anglos have been rampaging in a global worldwide scale since way back in colonial days & before, with their notorious

                       divide & conquer    divide & rule, then live off on

                        their victims' blood  sweat   for centuries
game ploys.  

They did it in North America. They did it in Carribbean. They did it in Africa. They did it in Asia. They did it in Australia/NewZealand.

Most importantly, they still living off on the pillaged land of North America, Australia/NewZealand.

                 ...................   THE WORLD HAS SUFFERED ENOUGH    ....................

  500 yrs plus-history -of  Anglos and their centuries-old die-hard old boys networks' proven ploys -

[Notorious Anglo Brothercrooks' Hunting Game Plan] .......................,

- Whatever they do they do it in a group

(  they may be nothing more than a bunch of chickens, but once in a group, they act like roosters!)

- its all about ganging up altogether under one united front,

- and going after their victims,                  

- then finally share the kills collectively.              

They are nothing but a bunch of A Unique Hell-bound Tribe that one must AVOID at all costs!

   Rising superpower like China MUST RESTRAIN them for the sake (of the suffering) of the world!      

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Vendredri soir

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pardonnes moi
(beast ex machina)

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