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Death legendary in China( briefly) [Copy link] 中文

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Originally posted by 1584austin at 2011-9-15 02:54

Interesting thread GL, yours normally are

Oops, I mean always are:)

Chao Ren VFP

That story made me think a lot of death


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Originally posted by greatmark at 2011-9-15 13:39

not to me.
in Zhong Guo

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I found this interesting to share

My Strange Story
by old poster hantian

Do we have any ghosts or even devils on earth living within our daily life? It has been a cliché subject debated for many centuries. I know many people do not believe in ghosts. However, there are some strange events which happened to me that I have never been able to explain, nor told anybody before now.

Five years ago, during a lull in conversation with a friend, we got onto the dreadful subject of “death”. The friend said, “In case a person alleged that he (or she) had seen ghosts or devils with his own eyes, then the person could have been partly terminally ill with a mental problem that can be lethal and perhaps cannot be cured, and would die soon in the near future.”

Why did my friend say that? That is, because one year ago his grandma was sent to hospital at her near last gasp of breath, but came back to life miraculously rescued by the doctors there. A week later, the grandma was able to be out of bed, and her medical tests reported all were normal as usual. While the family were delightful and her doctor was preparing her for later discharge that week,the grandma sitting in an armchair having her a small nap in the ward at noon, suddenly came out of her  nap, said to my friend (who was looking after her at the time) , “Just now I saw two little devils walking into the ward and said ‘Hello’to me, then left after doing their rounds.” Suspiciously and jokingly, my friend asked what the little devils looked like. The grandma uttered in a quivering voice, “They were what appeared to be weirdoes with deformities, looking just horrible!” My friend naturally did not take her story seriously. He just thought his grandma might be frustrated by her age, perhaps blurred vision and illness that caused her to be mentally disorganized.

Two days later, the grandma died suddenly and unexpectedly while still at the hospital.  The whole family now felt confused, but the doctors had no definite diagnosis, and just declared it a natural death.  

As it was an after-dinner chat, I was noncommittal without any comments to my friend’s story, but only replied to him with an indifferent smile.

Two years later, I was shocked to learn that my mother was sick with cancer. She had a surgical operation at Huaxi hospital, the top one in Sichuan province. Three months later, she was out the hospital and went home for aftercare and recuperation. It seemed the operation was successful, and she looked hale and energetic, refreshed both in mind and body. During her convalescence at home, she often went to market with a basket to buy the family food and vegetables; moreover, she took a tour of Mt. Emeishan with my father during the summer. I was pleased to see all of this happening. I prayed every night for my mother, wishing a miracle could happen for her. I had all the expectations of her winning that war against cancer, and her escape from Azrael.

One year had passed since my mother’s surgery. One particular Saturday, I went to see my parents at their home with my wife. It was over 9:00 o’clock at night, my mother had gone to bed already. While I was watching TV with my wife at the living room, suddenly I heard a shouting of my name from my mother’s bedroom. I rushed into the room and saw my mother turn on the lamp on the nightstand, get up and lean her back against the headboard. She was pointing to the window agitatedly and said to me, “Put those two women away, they are hateful!” Her words baffled me completely. I looked out of the window --- it was tranquil and dark outside, there was no one there. Therefore, I said to her, “We live on the fourth floor that is impossible to see anyone here except us. How can you see two women outside? It must be an illusion.” I tried to comfort her, but that would not do the trick. She continued, “Look,” she was pointing to the window, “that a woman with long hair and glasses is climbing on the windowsill and peeking through. She was looking at me and muttering to the woman” I followed her finger’s direction taking a glance at the window again, but there was nothing unusual there. Suddenly, it scared the living daylights out of me partly caused by my remembering my friend’s story. I wondered if it was an ominous foreboding to my mother; if the two women she claimed were ghost killers sent by Azrael; I wondered if it was my mother’s doom being foretold. I felt depressed and terrified at that moment.

Two months later, my mother died of cancer, at the age of 73.

By Hantian

In Chengdu
in Zhong Guo

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deformty ghost

Originally posted by fluffylufy at 2011-9-19 00:41

not to me.
in Zhong Guo

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