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500 yrs of Suffering of Native People


Do they really care?

Of course not.

They only care about their own folks' continuous prosperity forever.

After 500 yrs later, through Imperialism, Colonialism, through so-called New World Order

They continue to hunt down poor souls world wide.

Here's their latest victims ~

"The TRUTH about Toppling Regimes in Libya, Iraq and Afghanistan"

USA/U.K invaded   Iraq MAINLY because -

- It has the largest and the last unexplored, untapped oil reserve in MiddleEast. 3/4 of Iraq territory is

   untapped and believed to have contain huge oil reserve that will last for another a good century.
   [ those oil wells in Saudi and Kuwait will dry up in less than half a century; and all of Middle-East is

   geologically explored and there's no more oil left ]

- Saddam was getting closed to signing a special trade deal with Germany and China for exclusive long

   term oil export agreement  just before US decided to invade it.

U.K, France and USA invaded   Libya MAINLY because -

- Gadafi was, like saddam, getting ready to sign an all exclusive oil pact with Germany,China and India.

U.S/U.K invaded    Afghanistan MAINLY because -

- to secure future generations nuke bomb making materials, extremely  rare minerals only left in the ground

  of that nation. Folks, this one is the utmost priority for brothercrook; to keep the whole wide world under

  their control through the pile of nuclear arsenal.

Can you see any real difference between the so-called  "New world Order" and "Old Colonialism"?


++  Next time, when you hear the West say Crook/Corrupt Regime!, you might as well want to turn that

        180 degree around and see what they are after, and find who the "" REAL CROOK "" is? !!!  



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America's untold story is america's ugly past nobody pay attention to clean up

It really reaffirm the notion that folk like SUPERMAN who save the world from evil only exist in the fiction/movie.

In real life there ain't none.

May be God is dead too.

Toooooooooo badddddddddddd.

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These Are Our Ancestral home land that our forebears have persevered through...,


............  and eventually taken away from us.

Its just NOT FAIR.

Wake Up Mother China, Wake Up and Rise Up.

native inuit girl, canada.jpg

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At the end of tunnel, one see light!

I have no doubt that the day will come when native Americans and other native worldwide will flourish and

reign on their beloved motherland again.     


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Not so Pretty American History

Majority Americans are Hijacked by Minority Ruling AngloAmericans

       The ruling power holding class of United State is AngloAmericans who make up less than 10% of total population.

[ As in Iraq, where tiny minority Sunnis dominate over vast majority Shi'ites.]

   Although Non-Anglo Americans majority have economic and political power, domestically and locally;

when it comes to national and international level and political affair of United States, AngloAmericans have

absolute unwavering power, and most of these policies are made in accordance with/ in the interests of

fellow Anglo brother nations such as Great Britain, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and in lesser extense,

South Africa.

Sadly, this has been unchanged for several centuries, to this day.

   The Ugly Truth is that overwhelming majority of Americans do not share / have little in common with many

of these agendas carried out by reigning AngloAmerican minority establishment.

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#23 Sunshineman

I couldn't agree more!

I was to say pretty much the same thing.

Ordinary Americans feel powerless, as the absolute power laid in the hands of establishment  of  Anglo-American masterminders.

I think it's all about keeping up appearance; while America is promoting democracy world wide, the genuine democracy at home is in thin air.

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Chicago-native world-renowned American columnst the late Robert Novak famously said in one of his last newspaper column,


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