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Who Rule America?   [Copy link] 中文

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Originally posted by truthhurt at 2011-9-9 23:19

When Big Fat Ugly Bear Pillaged Our Ancestral HomeLand....

Under Czarism -

- On westward, Russia plundered   part of Eastern Europe from Germany and shamelessly called Father ...

They have big bargaining chips with oil/gas.
Your own mind is a sacred enclosure into which nothing harmful can enter except by your permission. Arnold Bennett

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to #17 truthhurt

Originally posted by truthhurt at 2011-9-9 08:43
I have nothing but a genuine praise for you, since you obviously are a truly enlightened person indeed.

I do have one burning question to ask of you.

Since they already have so many nuclear a ...

Hello dear,

I appreciate your comment. Here's the answer for your question;

Any kind of nuclear device or bomb has a shelf life/ expiration date. And once the service life has run out, then the charges on these devices become more dangerous. They become more dangerous for the people that are actually in possession of them. some highly enrich materials can be reused, some can not and thus have to dispose them properly, since they have high radiation level. Many  Cold-War era nuke bombs and parts were disposed in the underground storage facility several miles deep, as lethal radiation level emiting from these materials will continue to take affect for another 100,000 years or so. A couple of these underground storage areas are located in Utah and Nevada, and one of them is not far from tribal Indian reservation there.

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Is this a trick question?
Let the dice fly high

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jew's community control USA.
jew's using USA-inmigrant and whitemen-NATO to fight all the world wars, that had created by israelis/jews.

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The Zionist entity owns America.

Every SINGLE NATO and America warplane is programmed NOT to strike as any Zionist target in Israel ... that alone tells you who is in charge of USA.
Only recently did the Turks reprogram their F16s as to be able to strike Zionist Israel.

Of course the world awaits to see if Turkey has the guts to strike Israel.

It would be so exciting to watch Israel and Turkey wipe each others' country out!

The international community scream : "Come on Turkey, show your balls, the Zionist terrorists murdered your Turkish people on broad the peace flotilla, go ahead and bomb their cities to the stone age!! GO TURKEY GO!!!"

Originally posted by woundedknee at 2011-8-21 23:37
Who is Uncle Sam really?  

Believe it or not  ~   Good Old     Uncle Sam actually belongs to jolly old England!

North America, thats U.S.A  (Uncle Sam) & Canada, as well as Australi ...

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Thy Chicken-Anglo

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the whole world believe israelis/jew's must be eliminate, for having world peace.

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