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Who Rule America?   [Copy link] 中文

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Who owns?

from OP "-Landlord American are the one who hold the power, and thus own America, they are minority Anglo-
American, who make up less than 10% of total U.S population. They are the richest one [they also claim sole
ownership of the resources from the land, thus make them super rich]."

Actually, the ultra rich make up only 1%, not 10 %  ...

If we look at the number of billionaires, there are only about 1000 in the entire world.
The real ownership of the United States, and by proxy, most of the rest of the world, is limited to an inner circle of under 500 people. The problem is, no one knows who these people are, or what they plan (except to make themselves even richer). Some of the Billionaires are really nice caring people, others are just greedy. The majority of the worlds oppression, misery, and pollution are a direct result of decisions made by these few greedy people.

What can you do to change things?
Find out who the Billionaires are and start blogging about what they are doing (corporations, decisions etc). The end of secrecy will also end much of their ability to do evil.
Morals evolved due to cooperative group living.

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Know Thy Differences

Owning something through fair dealing is one thing.

Owning something through pillage and plunder, looting, colonising, etc By Force is totally and utterly different, evil course of attaining wealth.

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To Woundedknee

I have nothing but a genuine praise for you, since you obviously are a truly enlightened person indeed.

I do have one burning question to ask of you.

Since they already have so many nuclear arsenals in their possession, why do these Anglos want more by invading Afghanistan at such a high cost?

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One good, or bad lesson we all can learn from Father Anglo

This post was edited by bonjourman at 2013-8-23 20:43

Anglo have been rampaging in a global scale since way back in colonial days & before, with their notorious divide&conquer, divide&rule ploys.They did it in North America. They did it in Carribbean. They did it in Africa. They did it in Asia. They did it in Australia/NZ.

Study  500 yrs history of Anglos and their centuries-old die-hard old boys networks' proven ploys ;

- Whatever they do they do it in a group
  (they may be nothing more than a bunch of chickens, but once in a group, they act like roosters!)

- its all about ganging up altogether under one united front,

- and going after their victims,  

- then finally share the kills collectively.   

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#18 bonjourman

[By referring to ruling class Anglo-American establishment], Obama's former pastor, Reverend Wright once famously, or infamously,

said that, ' America's Chickens are Coming Home To Roost!'   


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Justice shall prevail

Native people worldwide shall reclaim their pillaged and plundered land.

From America to Greenland,

From Siberia to New Zealand.

native girl,canada.JPG

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Russia ain't better

Originally posted by chinoamigo at 2011-9-7 06:26
Natives Under Siege

                        Native Siberians and Asians in Far East Russia seem better off than native Americans, for the fact that

th ...

When Big Fat Ugly Bear Pillaged Our Ancestral HomeLand....

Under Czarism -

- On westward, Russia plundered   part of Eastern Europe from Germany and shamelessly called Fatherland!

- On eastward, Russia plundered   a very GINORMOUS chunk of landmass called Siberia ( stretching all the way

to Far-East Asia ) from native Siberian & Asian, and shamelessly call Mother Russia!

Czarism  Russia ---> Communism  Russia  ---> Democracy Russia { Same Old Devil under new skins}

*It is said that - Russia will be nothing more than another third world nation today, If not for all that OIL/GAS and other

land-based resources from Siberia/ FarEast.

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