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Who Rule America?   [Copy link] 中文

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    My Asiatic brothers & sisters,

      Who is Uncle Sam really?  

       Believe it or not......, Good Old Uncle Sam actually belongs to jolly old England!

North America, thats U.S.A  (Uncle Sam) & Canada, as well as Australia & New Zealand are wholly owned, and

thus ruled by Anglo-Brotherhood that originally sprung out of British Isles, as far as they are concerned.

Let's look at their history. In the past five centuries, eversince Anglo British sprung out of their original homeland;

[remember, just a couple centuries prior to that, England was one of  the most backward nation in all of Europe partly

due to being an island nation, divided by water from mainland. Then with  the advancement & development of sea-

going vessels later on, she quickly catched up] and found themself acquiring more land than they can ever chew on,

and overall one hundred times more landmass of their original Britain. Once they have strategically planted their Anglo

roots from North America to Australia and in-betweens, by rooting out native people from their land and thus depleting

their population. Then the next step is colonising the whole wide world, over 30 nations altogether.

[ what is Colonialism? Its basically enslaving the subjects and living off / prospering on their labor, their blood & sweat ],

essentially controlling pretty much the world's economy, for centuries up to this date.

Once you are in charge of the world economically, financially & militarily, as in the case of present Anglo Brotherhood

Alliance through U.S. military, Wall Street, and all that land-based resources coming out of pillaged lands.  

[By the way, do you know that U.S. military, possess enough nuclear arsenal to nuke the whole wide world five hundred

times over. Yes, that's it; you read it right, 500 times more than needed to wipe out all the living beings on this planet!

And that current war in Afghanistan at a cost of nearly half a billion dollars a day, is all because of this - to secure

future generations nuke bomb making materials, extremely rare minerals only left in the ground of that nation.

Remember, Russian were there before.]

   Here's about the 'hidden reality' in Uncle Sam's America ~

   In U.S., anyone who come here / are born here become Americans. Are they really?

Well, sort of ! The real truth is that theres three types of  Americans -

-1) American the landlord, 2) American the tenant and, 3)
American the native.

- Landlord American are the one who hold the power, and thus own America, they are minority Anglo-American,

who make up less than 10% of total U.S population. They are the richest one [they also claim sole ownership of the

resources from the land, thus make them super rich]. Today a mere top 1% of them own a staggering 35% of total

wealth in USA.

- Tenant American are the rest majority of American population, who just happen to be born here, live, work, pay

taxes and are required to serve in the military [as in world war I & II , helped saved England, Australia & global British

colonial empire and Anglo interests worldwide twice!].

   Although Non-Anglo Americans majority have economic and political power, domestically and locally; when it comes to

national and international level and political & military affair of United States, AngloAmericans have absolute unwavering

power, and most of these policies are made in accordance with/ in the interests of fellow Anglo nations such as Great

Britain, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and in lesser extense, South Africa.

   [The Ugly Truth is that overwhelming majority of Americans do not share / have little in common with many

of these agendas carried out by reigning AngloAmerican minority establishment.]

- Native American are the one who authentically own the 'land & land-based resources' , but lost everything, as all

the tribes were forced to give up abundant wealth of their beloved motherland, the vass and resourceful land. U.S

receive a staggering 65% of her massive oil needs domestically,  and that's a $1.5 billion worth of oil daily flowing out

of their land, from Oklahoma Texas to Gulf of Mexico and Alaska; yes, thats oil alone] for five centuries and counting.

And yet native people of all tribes in America do not benefit from anything coming out of their lost continent / receive

next to nothing, and are instead forced to earn their revenue from setting up casinos and sales of tobacco; two vice

businesses that few want to ever associate with.

  Thus they remains the poorest American with a tiny 2 million population. [ That's on top of the loss of estimated

5 million native population centuries ago, while Europe herself had around 15-20million then].

    Sadly, since they have little or no economic or political power, native tribal people exist, however original and

indigenous they may be but, as somewhat  forgotten and marginalized and American to this day.

  [*The Continent of North & South America is NOT a New World, as Europeans had falsely claimed.

               Indigenous native people of different tribes had been living on it for many many generations.

               Their forebears had persevered through thick and thin on their beloved land.

                Most of all, they do not call Europe a new world and claim the ownership of Europe.]


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Netanyahu received a standing ovation by CONgress after telling Obama to shove his ME peace proposal.

Washington takes its orders from Tel Aviv via AIPAC.

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Wounded Knee

I couldn't agree more!

Ordinary Americans feel powerless, as the absolute power laid in the hands of establishment  of  Anglo-American masterminders.

I think it's all about keeping up appearance; while America is promoting democracy world wide, the genuine democracy at home is in thin air.

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Chicago-native world-renowned American columnst the late Robert Novak famously said in one of his last newspaper column,


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The United States Continues to Steal Land from Indians

December 20, 2009


With all due respect to Elouise Cobell, lead plaintiff in a recently settled lawsuit over American Indian trust funds (“U.S. to pay Indians $3.4B,” Dec. 9), I think the United States is continuing a policy of “Indians are not humans.”
During the course of this long-running, class-action litigation, it has been documented that the United States owes Indian people more than $137 billion for mismanagement of trust accounts. That was established just by the documents that were presented.

The original federal judge on this case was Royce Lamberth, who held at least three secretaries of the Interior in contempt for not producing thousands of additional documents. Also, during the course of this case, hundreds of relevant documents were found in the trash by Interior Department employees, who reported this to the court and to Interior Department officials.

Those of us who own Indian land, heirs and the American public do not know the total amount owed to Indian people, because the government has refused to turn over all the documents ordered by the federal court. Lamberth was removed from the case; officials in the Bush administration argued that he was biased in favor of Indians.
This has rarely happened in the history of U.S. jurisprudence. Lamberth was appointed by former President Ronald Reagan and is a Texas Republican.

So basically, now, the U.S. government is saying that it has identified the thief of Indian royalties and resources as itself. It has allowed the thief to determine the value of the settlement and mostly has allowed the thief to keep what has been stolen.

Only in America if you steal something and hold
onto it long enough does it becomes yours.

To add insult to injury, the government is clearing its conscience by paying back 2.48 percent of the so-far known value of what the United States stole in the first place. Paying $3.4 billion on a known debt of $137 billion is a national disgrace; this needs to be known by all Americans. Cobell should have at least held out until all the documents were presented or a final calculation of the debt was determined.

In the words of a great Oglala Lakota statesman Chief Red Cloud:

“The United States made us many promises,
but they kept only one.

They promised to take our land, and they
took it.”


Bill Means is a board member of the International Indian Treaty Council.

This article originally appeared in the Minneapolis-St. Paul Star Tribune

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Reply #1 woundedknee's post

With the exception of what happened to the Indian Americans, so what? It's nobody's business that we anglo's fairly much control the world, and don't you think we earned it? We beat the enemies in 2 workd wars, aided nations rebuild, fed the world, manufactured for the world, created great scientific advances for the world, but, we can't do it all at once so we continue to try and make the world a better place. Those of you who hate us do so out of jealousy and lack of ability to have what we have. It's so simple, be creative, be innovative and do your best to educate your people. Rememeber that the bigger you get, the more people expect you to not mind your own business, merely because you're the biggest and most powerful. When this happens, you're damned if you do, and damned if you don't so make your choices well. Then, when at the height of your power another giant falls and another begins to rise in it's place. You're involved in a couple of wars you shouldn't be but it's not so easy to disengage. The wars cost a fortune that you don't have, economic problems at home are now prioritym people are losinjg rather than gaining, education is at an all time low and the world continues to nip at your heels for help, for being the richest and most powerful. The world, even that rising giant wants you to do things for the world and you genuinely try, but whatever you do is wrong and all the while, these other non-anglo nations keep nipping at your heels. You're still top dog, but one day, all these little nips at the heels will cause you to turn around and bite the head of the nippers. One day, that rising giant will know how the old giant felt as the litte dogs nip at it's heels.
Guess who is who?

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