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Over the Spratly Islands, China has air superiority [Copy link] 中文

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apart from this...

you get furiuos when people from other countries tell China what to do or not to do.

But you constantly tell the Filipinos what to believe or not to believe.

And you are obviously ready to shoot at your own compatriots when they ideologically don't agree with you.

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ok, and your point is...?

It's normal that Germany has to be careful and reserved when it comes to some issues that are related to its history. Would you prefer offcial Germany acting as if the Hitler regime had not existed? Similar to (some parts of) the Japanese government maybe?

Concerning the Philippines... I don't know how much of these things are backed by the Vatican. Just for comparison... The IRA is a "Catholic" terror organisation. But you hardly can claim it's organised and funded by the Catholic church. And in the same way, I don't know which taboos or constraints on the Philippines come directly from the Catholic church.

Apart from this, I think the Catholic Church does not a bad thing when she calls a spade a spade and a tyrant a tyrant. For centuries, most Catholic clerics didn't open their mouth against the atrocities committed by the Spanish (and Portuguese) conquistadores in Latin America. This is what the church is accused for nowadays.
And when now, she helps the people to help themselves against unfair and corrupt structures, this is suddenly a crime?

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Originally posted by liuyedao at 2011-8-20 01:02
Those are Asians too, brainwashed not by Catholicism, but by McDonalds, Madonna, Durex, MTV, Hollywood, etc etc.

so you opt for a certain isolation from outer influences, just in a "Juche" style (or like in Qing dynasty)?

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Originally posted by chasevooz at 2011-6-17 21:59

Then why are you so sure the chinese can't handle the carriers? You are the most stupid person i ever come across.

Even if we really wasting money, it's our money, the hard earn money th ...

I'm not stupid, not by a long shot, especially on military affairs as I've had many years experience in this field. The facts are the facts as I stated them and if you can't accept that objectivity, then I guess we all know who comes off looking stupid!

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