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Maritime Chernobyl

History: Bermuda抯 揗aritime Chernobyl?
December 10, 2010 by bernews ?Leave a Comment

On October 3, 1986 while on patrol 680 miles northeast of Bermuda, the 10,000 ton, 425-foot long Soviet Yankee Class Ballistic Missile Submarine K-219 suffered an explosion and fire in one of her 16 missile tubes caused by a seal failure which allowed seawater to leak in and mix with residue from the missile抯 liquid fuel.

Three members of the submarine抯 113-man crew were killed in the devastating blast and a fourth, Sergei Preminin, died when he volunteered to shut down the submarine抯 two nuclear reactions by hand and was trapped in the reactor compartment.

There were fears an uncontrolled chain reaction in the submarine抯 damaged reactors could 揷ook off?the 34 independently targetable warheads the K-219抯 missiles were armed with.

This would have caused a cataclysmic nuclear explosion which would have poisoned the Gulf Stream and rained radioactive waste on Bermuda, killing most of the population and rendering the island uninhabitable for generations.

The crippled sub remained on the surface for three days while efforts were made by her crew to have the stricken vessel towed by a Soviet merchantman. However, on October 6 several gas leaks forced her Captain to order ship abandoned against orders from the Kremlin. Shortly after the crew went over the side the submarine rolled and sank, carrying both her nuclear reactors and nuclear warheads with her to the bottom of the Atlantic

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Check this report by Dr. Helen Caldicot: ... aldicot.html#180272


posted by Armando Rozário - macanese - Cabo Frio, Brazil    -    May 14, 2011.

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macadamia has made another spamomatic appearance!

Now Iran knows what it is doing!

Praise Allah!
The Brotherhood of Knights of the Mystic Sea

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K 219

The story of K219 has of course been suppressed.I presume it has been leaking radioactive material into
the gulfstream for 25 years.Needless to say National Geographic and Discovery Channel would not send
submarines 18,000 feet down into the ocean to make a documentary about K219 as they did with the Titanic.

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Naval reactors


Most Soviet-designed nuclear submarines are powered by one or two water-cooled, pressurized water reactors with a total thermal capacity of 50 to 200 MWt.  Depending upon the type of reactor, each reactor core contains approximately 248-252 fuel assemblies.  One fuel assembly holds tens of fuel rods, which can be round or flat.  Flat fuel rods enlarge the surface area for improved thermal efficiency and are more common in later generation reactors.[2]

Out of the estimated 468 naval reactors that have been installed on 258 submarines and service ships, 24 use fuel enriched to 90% U-235.  Most of the reactors were fueled with U-235 enriched to 21-45%.  A typical reactor core contains 315 kg of uranium.[3]

The level of enrichment of uranium fuel varies with reactor design.  First- and second-generation reactors are fueled with 21 percent U-235.  Third-generation reactors have cores with different enrichment zones.[4]  Fuel assemblies in the middle section of the reactor are enriched to 21 percent U-235, while the outermost fuel assemblies are enriched up to 45 percent U-235.  A second-generation submarine reactor contains about 250 kg of uranium, of which 50 kg are U-235.  Third-generation nuclear submarines contain approximately 115 kg of U-235.[2]

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Does Iran and Pakistan have such submarines?
The Brotherhood of Knights of the Mystic Sea

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400 kg

Going by the article excerpt attached the K219 had at least 400 kg of highly enriched uranium and weapons
grade plutonium on board in it's reactor and warheads.I suppose most of it is by now circulating the world's
oceans.And imagine the Soviets alone had 468 naval reactors.

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