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A Critical Assessment of Bruce Lee’s Contribution to Chinese Martial Art   [Copy link] 中文

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Hi, i would just like to comment that yes i know this is a critical essay and everyone is entitled to their own opinion but reading this I have picked up a sense of negativity towards Bruce Lee?? I mean, did you ever consider what he has done for the Chinese and how much of an influence he is in todays Asian AND western popular culture?? I think Bruce Lee was everything BUT a "Chinese fraud"...

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Karai Post time: 2012-4-1 16:36
Hi, i would just like to comment that yes i know this is a critical essay and everyone is entitled t ...

i liked bruce lee's nationalist themes. seems like alot of Chinese who go to america end up coming back with Chinese pride, and hatred towards foreigners, while foreigners who come back from China have affinity towards China

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Ok since you reached out here and took the time to write something interesting. I need to say something

"He had no message to tell"

Well dear sir/madam, you are misinformed and well into the boat of it because he did something that nobody in this world can do.

who cares about his acting, I don't see many good actors in China or America. Most are junk

Bruce came along into the American movie scene at the perfect time.

his message was and his aim was as well to:

To change the stereotype of the Chinese person in the eyes of American Media. He accomplished this!

and introduced me to China. The first Chinese hero we had in America.

So minimizing his skills on film or in martial arts isn't going to sit well with most people because
let me ask you this... has Chow Yuen Fatt created any branches of martial art?

And just for the record. Bruce was born in California, his mother was half-german.

so if you think he is a poor example of a CHinese person just remember that in america he is a hero and many people around the world look up to him.

not only did he introduce gung fu to me(studied for 4 years), but also China and he also showed me when I was very young that "you don't judge a person based on his ancestry and stereotyping is foolish."

you sir have made a grave error.

he used to work out with Chuck Norris, 15 year world Karate Champion who kicked many people's butt for years(globally) and when they sparred Bruce would always win.

There are interviews with Chuck stating that "bruce was just too fast, I couldn't even jab at him most of the time"

go do your homework because if it were not for LI XIAO LONG, most chinese people in the movie industry probably would not have gotten the chance to work in the USA.

Mr Li

please ignore this person, he doesn't know what he is saying.

Long live the dragon

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That's your opinion but I heard Chairman Mao had secret tapes of Bruce which he watched everyday . Bruce Lee did broke down many stereotypes and discrimination of Asians and open the way for other imitators and successors to follow. What you can't fault was his contribution to martial arts in general. His philosophy of taking what works and discarding what doesn't is what makes him a superior martial artist, it also broke apart the myth of antiquated martial arts styles and all those non applicable martial arts style and led to the founding of modern day MMA. His emphasize was on physical fitness and function first, rather than flashiness, on application rather than complexity, is what makes him so lethal. Not to mention his sidekicks, and that 2 finger pushups, he had flash but they are real deadly flashes. Chauvinism? Why? because he was a physical specimen? Bad actor? What matters was he had the charisma to carry his acting through, he already stated himself he was a martial artist first, actor second.

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This old Singaporean who is a born again chinese (he was ex-christian), after finding his own chinese roots finally in his prime years, with nothing to do, is just joking only. If compare with LKY, Bruce contribution for chinese people and china is many times greater.

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This post was edited by davidian at 2012-4-2 13:31

Just noticed this trash of a thread was dated 2011-4-17 and got no replies then. So which of you mods revived this thread raise your hands. I bet it's one of the mods with a serious penis envy. . perhaps it's a genetic impossibility to achieve the physical state that Bruce was for you but damn, you don't have to go drag down a legend even in his death! Bruce is a legend end of story, and this article is trash.

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