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Originally posted by cossack at 2011-4-10 00:30
It seems as if Anglos post more on this forum than Native Chinese. Why is that? Don't they have forums like this in the west?

We have noticed the same thing on Russian forums such as Pravda foru ...

Are you native Chinese? What's your excuse if not?

Are you saying 'Anglos' should discourage Russian and Chinese posters from using their forums? I suspect not, I suspect many who post anti 'Anglo' comments here, do so on on 'Anglo' forums too.

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Originally posted by petera at 2011-4-10 14:06
All forums everywhere are infested with New World Order shills.The majority of these shills are of Anglo
Saxon or Zionist extraction but there are many traitors of all nationalities.We have Gin Se ...

Ah I see, any Chinese who basically dont spend their days trolling forums making racist comments about 'Anglos' are traitors?

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@ Bilbo Baggins

I did read this text. Few observations:

Let抯 summarise the outlook of the Norman invaders. After the conquest they found themselves in control of a land in constant rebellion for a considerable period, a military state was formed, a siege mentality grew, the use of brutal force against the people became the norm, and a strong sense of 搊therness?developed, a sense that the masses were a lesser species, a resource to be utilised for the benefit of the conquerors.

Good point. This point of view was later developed by Anglo-Saxon aristocracy.

So liberalism with its fetish for free markets is not quite an Anglo-Saxon phenomenon as some have suggested, but is instead Anglo-Norman. Economic individualism, this deeply flawed outlook that with the benefit of hindsight we should half expect of an alienated people clinging to a delusion of superiority, has survived by its natural appeal to those of similarly retarded social instincts.

This ideology (Liberalism + Free Market Fetishism) is only an opium for stupid masses. Anglo-Norman rulers do not work in this way. They do not compete.

One of their most successful ventures: East India Company ?was a trade monopoly. It was a great symbol of free entrepreneurial spirit on the condition ?it was the only one.  

We are indoctrinated that Adam Smith was the first modern economist, author of the concept of 搃nvisible hand of the market? THEY do not tell us that Smith was paid by East India Company. He was only a propagandist working for trade monopoly!

Jeremy Bentham or John Stuart Mills were the Company's propagandists as well. Probably the most important sentence in the movie 揂ll the President's Men?on Watergate (Wikipedia) is: FOLLOW THE MONEY.

Competition in this ideology means lack of barriers for their powerful trade monopolies. Free trade ?the same. East India Company believed in unrestricted sale of opium in China. Freedom forever!

There is no competition between BP and Shell or General Motors or Ford. These monopolies have one purpose: exploit the sheeple.

Today everybody may observe destruction of local economies resulting from alleged Free Trade and Liberalism. Many countries in the world suffer from this oppression, including the US (unemployment rate is 15-20%). 700 or 300 or 200 years ago this ideology produced similar results.

Meme theory might not adequately explain the crude Market Darwinism of an individual such as Herbert Spencer, but it would explain why such an outrageous outlook still enjoys significant unspoken support and has become the basis of the Australian Liberal Government抯 industrial relations reforms.

Evolution is a religion. Overpopulation and environmental protection as a reason to fight overpopulation ?this is also a religious myth. Famine as a method to reduce human population is also very old.

It was reported four thousand years ago in Sumerian literature (Atra-Hasis, Wikipedia)  

Tablet II begins with more overpopulation of humans and the god Enlil sending first famine and drought at formulaic intervals of 1200 years to reduce the population. In this epic Enlil is depicted as a nasty capricious god while Enki is depicted as a kind helpful god, perhaps because priests of Enki were writing and copying the story. Tablet II is mostly damaged, but ends with Enlil's decision to destroy humankind with a flood and Enki bound by an oath to keep the plan secret.

All these concepts: Free Trade, Competition, Liberalism, Overpopulation, Ecology, Evolution, etc are few thousand years older than Brits.

These concepts are older than Brits and ?as we may know ?were used in the past by ruling oligarchy and very often produced catastrophe for Western societies (eg. Bubonic Plague in Europe).

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cossack = British

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petera = Indian

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totothedope = British

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Sigh ...

Those of you who have been on this forum longer than 4-5 years will know the truth about the above posters who I have singled out.

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