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Educated & intellectual Chinese Getting Frustrated With Slow Reform [Copy link] 中文

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This is a continuation of my "Death Education Shows Lack of Development" post...

You can see the frustrations really starting to come out in Chinese society recently. China is developing it's material possessions and bringing people out of poverty fast, but they aren't developing anything else in society. China has now reached a point in their development where serious reform and change needs to be made in the country. As more and more people become wealthy, educated, intellectual, start thinking and doing things for themselves, they are going to want to have more of a voice. This is where the government gets scared and start cracking down on people with a voice.

Situations like movie makers and celebrities saying things like China needs more death education. These are little things they are trying to say to give the government a gentle nudge without getting into too much trouble. What they really want to say is "TIME TO LIFT YOUR GAME AND START DEVELOPING THE COUNTRY AND EDUCATING THE PEOPLE CORRECTLY!!!!!!!! TIME TO GET REAL!!!!!!"

The general population of China are stupid. Like little children. Brains of adolescents the way they think, the way their emotions react to things, the way they do things. Death education, sex education, life education, these are all things that are seriously lagging behind in Chinese society. And the Chinese people (such and artists and movie makers) who understand and love their country and fed up with it! (been fed up with it for 60 years to tell the honest truth!) Keeping the population stupid keeps it easy to control. Show them how many buildings and shops are going up gives them a false sense that the country is developing, but the peoples minds are still not developing, therefore the country is not a civilised developed society.

Now the government has started cracking down on people with a voice all over the country again. It's the only thing they know how to do, it's the only way they know how to react. Because the power elite has been going on for 4 or 5 generations now, they don't understand what a civilised society is either, they don't know how to do it, they just know how to crack down.

The voice of the educated and intellectual people being heard is the only way to create a civilised society. The government is just there to listen to the voice of the educated and civilised people in society. The government is so insecure and paranoid about what is going to happen when too many people become smart in China!

It's a proven fact, it is impossible to have a fully civilised society under a dictatorship. Just the same as it is impossible to sneeze with your eyes open. Sorry to give you the cold hard facts. These next 20 or so years in China are going to be very interesting indeed.

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? ............

I don't think Middleway's point of view is any different from the last thread he did  ..........

It is just his personal opinion and he is welcome to it ................

There are a few people in China who are trying to make their political thoughts felt, but these are not "the people" ........

They are people with interests in having notoriety and a Western government  ............

As some ideas in the OP point out that  ........

Many Chinese people are uneducated, but that is changing and something for future generations  .......

On that basis I would ask that if the current generation are uneducated, then why take the risk of a civil war to placate the few  .........  ?

Sorry I am not in favour of the Chinese being stampeded by politics ........

Gosh look what a salt rumour does to them .............      

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Originally posted by Wahahaha at 2011-4-10 13:50


Where are the flying limbs, Snakey? Pray tell....

What nationality are you then ?

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The biggest sh!t-stirring mealy-mouthed useless kunt on the forum

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#6, #7

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