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Originally posted by NE_Tigress at 2011-4-8 21:28
Some gweilos and hanjians (like Tel. No.) think that they can represent Chinese.  lol

You also think that YOU can represent Chinese,

and that bishop thinks even that he is a Chinese, but he isn't (does not know even anything about Chinese history).

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As I said, you can go and talk with as many Chinese people as you can and ask them if they would choose CPC or people like AI WW and Liu XB.

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Your Holli Nerd,

if you do not have even basic knowledge about Chinese history whatsoever,

you should better stay away from topics which are above your level of comprehension.

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Originally posted by NE_Tigress at 2011-4-8 04:02
You are a gweilo. What do you know about what's in the mind of Chinese people?

My own grandfather was put into jail for 9 years during the Cultural Revolution, but he had not lost faith in Chin ...

Well... You must agree....  In those days, "snobs & intellects" of the land was pretty "ABUSIVE" to the average Chinese Joe and Jane... Culturally those days, if you happen to be from the poor and the unprivileged scales of Chinese society, "you are none human, Man!!!  Examples: A filthy rich and/or powerful, or the elites of the then Chinese society, i.e., officials, merchants, warlords, etc., practically have your life in their hands and they can treat you as if you are that marbles balls that they use to exercise your hands with...

What that means is that they can beat the cr*aps out of you, treat you like an animal, and make you their slave exactly as the blacks of the Americas from way back if -- you happen to be a male from that lower social ladder of Chinese society... Similarly and equally as brutal as the males are being treated, if you are female, they not only treat you like sh*it, they practically own you hence, have the rights to sell you to the local brothels and/or exploit you as a sex toy if they so desire...

So, you think your grandfather's being jailed for 9 years is bad? Count himself lucky! When I was a kiddies (prior to the CR), I witnessed first hand "public executions in what's known as execution squares" and the charge: Landlords and intellects, etc., etc. The derivative of this social trend (public executions): Slavery! And the inequality of Chinese society as mentioned in the above. The one who took rein after liberation, or the local communist officials, consisting of a make up mostly from the unprivileged group, are now on a revenge and vengeance-seeking spree...   

You must understand one thing however: Chinese are a very very rebellious species. Regardless if they are of the poor or of the rich and bliss levels of Chinese society, they rebel against the country and against one another and usually its because of enviousness that one group would have against another and these groups wanted to be the group in power. This holds true between the Taiping and the Qing and then between the KMT and the CCP and it'll probably hold true for China going into the future as the TAM Square armed uprising and now the Jasmin is starting to show signs... Taiwan's arch rivalry and its quest for independent status from Beijing and HK's Martin Lee standings are fine example of this Chinese against Chinese rivalry...

My own father could have been persecuted, executed even, if he hadn't hightailed to HK soon after liberation. He knew a purge of those associated with KMT China was imminent. He took off to HK around the Korean war to avoid persecution. He was a Principal of an elementary school in KMT years and he would most likely have been executed.

However, because the country is huge and diverse, it must be made clear here that Beijing (Mao) likely were unable to control what was going on and that it was local communist officials who exploited the power vested in them to go about these vengeance sprees.

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Putin's a killer. This was the claim made by Fox News journalist; Bill O'Reilly during his recent interview with Donald Trump. Trump's reply came in the form of a simple question. What, you think our country's so innocent?

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Ummm, uhhh, hello.....!

Originally posted by humanlife at 2011-4-8 17:33
The father was treated not differently by China's Communist Party than his famous son Ai weiwei

In 1957 during the Anti-Rightist Movement, he was suspected of   "rightism" and in   1 9 ...

Deng Xiaoping was also reviled, sent to jail, his son crippled all on account of the errors of the party. But, hey, good ol'd Deng didn't let that stop him, did he? He loved China, hung on, bided his time until the party acknowledged its mistakes, then went on to build on the foundations the Great Helmsman laid and helped create the new China....the China that you now hate coz it's overshadowing you...

Dunno why you complain so much. You should be happy for the shade the Chinese shadow is giving you....especially in this hot, radioactive, war torn world we live in...

Chuckle, chuckle, chuckle....!

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