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The rich must be hidden from the eyes of the poor [Copy link] 中文

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Originally posted by andr0078 at 2011-4-2 10:04

In 2009, 30,000 workers of a steel-casting factory organized an action of protest which ended with a fight
with the police and the killing of a factory supervisor. The workers were concerned that the lynched
supervisor was receiving three million yuans a year ($483,000), whereas the average pension of a factory
worker was not more than 200 yuans a month.   

This is tragic and I am sorry for the supervisor who was the victim.

There must be a serious understanding, no doubt.

But then, does this one incident make it a trend indicating the people's behaviour ?

So, what is your point of raising the incident ?

I find your motives very disturbing.

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Originally posted by chopsticks11 at 2011-4-3 05:20 PM

"saddening consequences" ??

I don't agree that was saddening.

It is true that there are extremes in China - the very rich and the very poor.

But, let's not for ...

Oh, I don't feel sad when China succeeds.  These are the author’s words.  I think the author feels for the
poor who have their land confiscated, some even die fighting for their land, the low wages & the unfair
manner the migrant workers are treated.  

Having said that, the government is development the interior of the country now.  This will help the peasant
raise their standard of living & improve their livelihood.  

Please don’t be too sensitive & defensive when we make suggestions & express opinion which might not
be to your liking.  No government is perfect.
Watch your thoughts, for they become words.

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Originally posted by andr0078 at 2011-4-2 10:04
Incidents like those occur as a result of the social stratification in China, experts say. A small group of
people get rich at the time when the majority of the huge country have to live in poverty.

I must stress again that there is nothing wrong with China having a few very rich and the large masses who are poor or not so rich.

China is still in her developing stages to be better and better.

To the Chinese people, I will CAUTION that you mustn't lose your focus on your objectives because of the current imbalance which is normal and a necessary part of the process.

At least, I see the small rich is benefitting the masses poor (though not really that poor as compared to 20-30 years ago China) by stimulating the economy and generating income through creating employment and demands for goods and services that the masses need and can provide.

This already is a form of wealth distribution. [color]

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Originally posted by andr0078 at 2011-4-2 10:06

The number of crimes and mental disorders has been growing among the citizens of China steadily during the recent years. Many of those crimes are based on social instability: stresses, fears to lose jobs and homes, poor living conditions, the absence of elementary comfort, etc. This phenomenon is a side effect of the speedy economic development of the country, experts say.  

[Purple]  - What the experts say is right.

So, the Chinese have a choice.  Remain lay back or advance ?

Poor have their problems and so, have the rich.

I am just curious what andrew0078's point was in emphasizing the problems of crimes and mental disorders.  Does he think this is a problem only unique to China ?

I will tell you it isn't.

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Originally posted by andr0078 at 2011-4-2 10:07
The Chinese government even put forward an idea to slow down the economic development to reduce the social tension. The released assets would then be used to improve the living standards of Chinese peasants - 900 million people, or 75 percent of the population.
The above except is from the following link: ... 117424-poor_rich-0/

Hmm ...  I am very pleased to read this.

Not that there is anything wrong with China's development.

It is just timely for a review - time to look at problems that arise and how her people are coping with the changes and adjusting to new developments.

That shows the Chinese government hasn't forgotten to place the welfare of her people at first place as she receives accolades of resounding success (as evidence by her growing numbers of billionaires and the wealth of goods distribution among her people, though still not enough) from all around the world.

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Originally posted by andr0078 at 2011-4-2 10:12
Strength in Number

The poor maybe lacking in money but they have something very powerful.  That something can cause
social unrest with dire consequences & can even topple government. That strength is: Strength in number.  If 75% of the country’s poor rise up then one may not wish to think what damage it’ll bring to the country.  
Desparte people take desparate measures.   

True and very true.

This would be the fear of not only the Chinese government but of any government and even governments.

If the world of the poor nations rise against the still minority rich and powerful West or USA, they too would be fearful.  That is why these super- rich and powerful have been doing alot of turnabouts of late when the masses rise against their puppet governments !

[Sigh!] Even "they" need to succumb to the directions of the wind which represent "strength in number" and shelve their ulterior designs !

Will this change of course be permanent ?  We will know it in 20-30 years later if History is in the making.

Very interesting phenomenon indeed !

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Originally posted by 1584austin at 2011-4-3 15:25

There is nothing wrong with earned wealth

Chao Ren VFP

And that is the key issue here

Chao Ren VFP

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