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message to all tin pot dictators. [Copy link] 中文

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Message to all FAKE Revolutionaries

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Originally posted by Revolutionar at 2011-3-26 03:31
message to all tin pot dictators especially tin pots who have too much oil and mineral resources.

if you want to give two fingers to the world, make sure

1.  you have a big brother like North ...

Something you need to understand, this conflict is a ploy between the filthy Nato and Arab oil producers, Ghadaffi was offering to sell his oil at $1 per barrel and that is why they got the morons in Libya to rebel, yes Ghadaffi is a bad man but he is no way as bad as the filthy Amerikans, and at the end of the day it is an internal conflict. only the oil and the control of it concerns the filthy whiteman as his greed overides any morality.
I can tell you this was planned in advance and 2 weeks before the white men decided to kill more brown people we had the idiot RAF doing exercises over our heads. I wish Ghadaffi a well earned Victory against these filthy resource theives, and expect the filthy Jew ridden amerikans to claim reparations for their uninvited involvement in this internal conflict, and you know when the filthy yank sets up a military base in your land that they never leave, i look forward to all of the future bombings that come Europewide after this filthy invasion it is no more than they deserve. I dont see any threats of a NO-FLY ZONE imposed over Israel do you? I suppose it depends on who is getting slaughtered by what dictators. what a pity Hitler did not do the job properly, and i am no Nazi but I can see that it was really a false flag hallocaust to lead up to the events happening today. speaking of another filthy Zionist Sarkozy's election campaign was paid for in full by Ghadaffi but that fact is ommited by the western media, is it no wonder the filthy French were so willing to take the lead in this attack on a sovereign nation. it is not to protect any civillians as they are in fact taking sides and that can only mean that they have already selected the new leader for the future Stockholm syndrone ridden state. who's next on the list???  Death to Amerika and it's allies and may they burn in hell forever........

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Ohbummer,Sourcunty and Kamoron are tin pot dictators.Revoltingnar makes me want to puke.

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Tin pot dictators

Sarkozy and Kamoron are tin pot dictators.

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Is this warning also applies to those who can shut Guantanamo but refuse to do it or all the revolutionaries caged there do not deserve your sympathy?

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"My way or Guantanamo Bay"

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