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U.S. distorting situation in Libya 'to justify an invasion' [Copy link] 中文

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Originally posted by kongque at 2011-3-5 07:09

the UN has been clearly exposed as nothing more than a tool of the zionist regime.

That's right but we cannot be hypocritical to deny it because the current world order was established after the WWII and among the winners is the U.S.

Unfortunately China couldn't enjoy it properly due to the civil war

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Russia, China join France in opposing military action against Gaddafi

US Global Tyrant and its piggy-backing yesterday imperialist United Kingdom have other intentions. They
think they rule the world! How arrogant, these two bankrupt paper tigers!


Russia, China join France in opposing military action against Gaddafi

Russia and China have expressed misgivings about military action against the Libyan regime, and are opposing the establishment of no-fly zones over the strife-torn north African country.

1:42PM GMT 01 Mar 2011

Jiang Yu, China's foreign ministry spokeswoman, said Beijing is "concerned" about the prospect about military action against Libyan ruler Muammar Gaddafi, and expressed the hope that the violence in the country could instead be "resolved peacefully through dialogue."

Sergey Lavrov, Russia's foreign minister, also ruled out the idea of establishing a no-fly zone, saying that the world should instead "concentrate on the full implementation" of sanctions imposed by the United Nations Security Council.

"We need to avoid the superfluous," he said.

Earlier, Francois Baroin, a French government spokesman, said military action to dislodge Libyan ruler Col Gaddafi "is not a priority." "The priority is humanitarian aid," he added.

All three countries have veto powers in the Security Council, so their approval is needed for a UN-mandated no-fly zone.

David Cameron, the Prime Minister, has said his government supports the imposition of a no-fly zone over Libya, a position that has been backed by Australia. The United States, whose Sixth Fleet operates out of Italy, said it was moving U.S. naval and air forces closer to Libya and working on contingency plans.

European states, who obtain a substantial part of their oil and gas supplies from Libya, have been exploring a wide ranging of options to end the violence in Libya, fearing that high oil prices could inflict damage on their fragile economic recovery.

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Originally posted by seneca at 2011-3-8 04:44

It is obvious you adulate Castro for the wrong reasons: Not because he has machismo (which you may confuse with charisma and guts), but because he is talking back to the imperialists in the W ...

Castro did something really cool way back when Bush ran against Gore and all the drama with the florida votes.  He offered to send delegates to oversee a recount to ensure the election was fair.  Absolutely loved it - a taste of our own medicine and coming from cuba to boot.  We declined the offer of course.

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Libyans should solve their problems themselves - Lavrov

BUT the United States and its own axis-of-tyranny think otherwise. They have been consistently since time immemorial
always wanted to interfere and intervene in the internal affairs of sovereign nations. The World is a better place without the
United States.

The World of nations can do without the United States but the United States needs the World to trample on militarily and sovereign nations
to subsidise and support the American way of life!


Libyans should solve their problems themselves - Lavrov

© RIA Novosti. Andrei Stenin

A military intervention in Libya is not a remedy against crisis, Libyans should solve their problems themselves, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said on Monday.

Lavrov reiterated Russia's official position on the ongoing situation in the riots-hit Libya, saying the North African state needed political methods to stop the bloodshed.

The unrest in Libya began on February 15, following the ouster of authoritarian regimes in Tunisia and Egypt. Libyans are demanding an end to its leader Muammar Gaddafi's 42-year rule. Up to 6,000 people had been killed in the anti-government clashes, according to the international human rights organizations.

"We support the international initiatives to provide the humanitarian aid to those affected by the Libyan crisis," Lavrov said, adding that Russia had sent Emergency Ministry's planes to deliver food and medicines to the North African state.

The U.S. President Barack Obama said the United States had allocated additional $15 million for emergency operations in the neighboring regions, sheltering thousands of refugees, who had fled Libya.

"I want to send a very clear message to those who are around Colonel Qaddafi. It is their choice to make how they operate moving forward and they will be held accountable for whatever violence continues to take place there," Obama said after the meeting with Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard.

Earlier on Monday NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen said the alliance would not intervene in Libya, though NATO had plans in case of any possible scenario.

KALININGRAD, March 7 (RIA Novosti)

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Originally posted by seneca at 2011-3-8 04:44
It is obvious you adulate Castro for the wrong reasons: Not because he has machismo (which you may confuse with charisma and guts), but because he is talking back to the imperialists in the W ...

QUOTE:  The U.S. of A: did have honorable and principled presidents: Jimmy Carter, for instance, and J.F: Kennedy come to mind. The current president is another exceptional and worthy man. Has China ever had men like these?  .....................................................

I see that you mention a Nobel winner ........

And we all know the value of that and what it means  .........  

Oh BTW. China was very pleased to see the Americans leave in the 20th century .......

Yes, they had already had enough of American leaders and what they meant to China ...............   

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Interventionism Leads to Resentment and Anti-Americanism

All the United States Presidents have never been able todate to  look after the welfare of its citizens - leaving millions of
American citizens homeless, unemployed, living on food stamps and other poverty stricken issues turning their
so-called 'American Dream' into an American Nightmare.

The American citizens have become zombies - without hope, future ...and a perpetual indebted livilhood.
And their leaders and their US media will continue to come out with pretences and propaganda of 'feel good' to
keep the Anericans dumb and stupid!

But and But, they have the temerity and arrogance to interfere and intervene in the internal affairs of other sovereign nations!

US Global Tyranny must be dismantled, rendered impotent and finally eradicated from the face of this earth for
the peace and benefit of mankind, the poor American citizens included.

That day is soon .....


Interventionism Leads to Resentment and Anti-Americanism

on March 7, 2011

Last week, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton testified before the House Foreign Affairs Committee, and I had the opportunity to raise some of my concerns regarding US government policy and the cost of our interventionism around the world. Many observers claim that the recent overthrow of governments in Northern Africa and the Middle East will result in more liberty for individuals across those regions. I sincerely hope this proves to be true, but history is replete with revolutions that began as a cry for freedom against oppressive governments but ended badly. There are no guarantees that Egyptians, Tunisians or others will be better off after these heralded “regime changes.” We do know, however, that there conflicts in Africa and the Middle East can be made worse if the US government attempts to intervene and support certain candidates or factions.

Such intervention would not further US interest or win new friends, but in fact, would undermine the legitimacy of any government that may emerge after the end of the old regime, just as we would resent and reject any political force that came to power here with the sponsorship of a foreign government. Egyptians, Tunisians, Libyans and others are not likely to take kindly to what they view as one US puppet being replaced by another US puppet. It is ironic, but the US government’s endless promotion of democracy overseas actually distorts and undermines democracy in targeted nations. The involvement of a foreign power often undermines true self-determination. Radicals who understand this may use rising resentment and anti-Americanism as leverage to gain power, thus defeating the stated purpose of US government in the first place.

I have never understood how the US government justifies subsidizing a newspaper or political party abroad in the name a promoting independence and pluralism. It makes no sense. Unfortunately, it seems to me that the administration has learned nothing from recent events in the Mediterranean region. Secretary Clinton emphasized several times at the Committee hearing that “nothing is off the table” with regards to a US response to internal civil unrest in Libya. Since when is it our obligation to use political pressure or even military force to solve every problem overseas? Washington is currently buzzing with talk of no-fly zones and even a land invasion of Libya to aid rebel groups seeking to overthrow the Gaddafi regime. Some military leaders, including Defense Secretary Robert Gates, have rightly warned the more enthusiastic interventionists that such military operations can be enormously costly both financially and in lives.

The costs of trying to run the world are unsustainable, and we simply don’t have the money. Morally, it is inexcusable for the US to pick sides in such conflicts overseas, no matter how odious either side may be; financially, it is no longer possible. The 2012 budget request from the administration for “international affairs,” which is a code word for “foreign aid,” is two and a half times larger than was it was just nine years ago. As our economy shrinks at home, our obligations increase abroad. As our infrastructure crumbles at home, we continue to spend billions of dollars expending infrastructure in places like Afghanistan and Iraq.

If the interventionists have their way, no doubt we will soon pay to reconstruct the infrastructure we destroy in Libyan military operation. It does not take a genius to see that we are going broke, but Washington remains in denial and intent on business as usual. I fear that if we continue this way, we may soon be out of business altogether.

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