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"Britain, US make Mid-East unstable" [Copy link] 中文

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Venezuela: US behind Libyan violence

25 FEBRUARY 2011

Venezuela’s top diplomat has echoed Fidel Castro’s accusation that Washington is fomenting unrest in Libya to justify an invasion to seize the North African nation’s oil reserves.

Foreign minister Nicolas Maduro claimed the United States was trying to create a movement inside Libya aimed at toppling Muammar Gaddafi.

Maduro did not condemn or defend the violent crackdown on Libyans participating in the popular uprising against Gaddafi’s long rule.

He called for a peaceful solution to the upheaval in Libya and questioned the veracity of media reports on the bloody uprising, which has crept closer to Gaddafi’s stronghold in Tripoli.

“They are creating conditions to justify an invasion of Libya,” Maduro said.

“Libya is going through difficult times, which should not be measured with information from imperial news agencies,” Maduro added, referring to Western media.

Gaddafi has been a close ally of Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez, and Chavez’s political opponents have strongly criticised those close relations.

Venezuela’s leftist president said on Thursday: “Viva Libya and its independence! Gadhafi is facing a civil war.”

It was the first time that Chavez had publicly referred to the violence in Libya.

On Tuesday, Castro, Chavez’s mentor, said the unrest in Libya might be a pretext by the US to push for a Nato invasion.

Castro said in a column published by Cuban state media that it was too early to criticise Gaddafi. But he did urge protests against something that he claimed is planned: A US-led invasion to take control of Libya’s oil.

Venezuela and Libya are both members of the Organisation of Petroleum Exporting Countries.

Chavez, who has forged close ties with Gaddafi since taking office in 1999, has repeatedly accused Washington of conspiring to topple his own government. The self-proclaimed socialist says the United States wants to control Venezuela’s immense petroleum reserves.

US officials have scoffed at suggestions that Washington is plotting against Venezuela’s government.

Earlier on Thursday, Afif Tajeldine, Venezuela’s ambassador to Libya, said dozens of Venezuelans who were working in the country had been evacuated by their employers. At least 76 Venezuelans were living in Libya, the embassy said.

Tajeldine said they had all been staying at the embassy in the capital of Tripoli and only 13 remained on Thursday.

He described the capital as calm.
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The British file

British training of Arab police elements and ing of arms and ammunition to oppress demonstrators in Bahrain

The Independent assured there were strong ties between Britain and a number of Middle Eastern countries, mentioning that during the last two years the British police trained police elements in Libya, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and the Abu Dhabi emirate in the UAE. It added that Britain should realize that its armament of oppressive and tyrannical regimes abroad was at the end of the day a bad action on all levels.

It mentioned that the current British government was criticized for ing weapons to a number of Arab governments that oppressed protesters demanding democracy by use of violence, leading to the killing of dozens and the injuring of thousands in more than one Arab country during the last few weeks. It stated that ever since it came to power last summer, the British government gave licenses to  weapons to Bahrain and to other Middle Eastern and North African countries, thus delivering tear gas bombs to Bahrain, ammunition used to control the crowds to Libya, helicopters to Algeria and armored personnel carriers to Saudi Arabia.

The Independent added that the green light to export weapons to the Bahraini government coincided with the elections that witnessed the oppression of Shiite opposition groups by the Bahraini government.
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Chavez Asks for Peace in Libya, Slams Double Standard


Escrito por Martin         sábado, 26 de febrero de 2011       

Caracas, Feb 26 (Prensa Latina)

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez spoke out again for peace and a peaceful solution to the conflict in Libya, while slamming the double standard used by certain countries.

"From here, with this heart, I pray for peace in Libya and denounce the double standard of those who condemned it immediately but are silent about the Israeli bombings and the massacres in Iraq and Afghanistan, nations invaded by the United States," the Venezuelan president said.

In a televised Council of Ministers session on Friday, Chavez said that this lack of information and confused reporting of events in Libya suggest caution, although he was clear about opposing any foreign interference.

The United States and Europe have openly taken stances against Muammar Gaddafi in the last few days.
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Both Russia and China have voted for the Yankee's call for UN sanction on Gadhafi.

These two pussy countries are walking the same political tired cowardly route of surrender to Western foreign 'Divide and Conquest'; the same 'Iraq on a plate to Yankee' way.


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Reply #31 Truth_update's post

30,000 Chinese are being evacuated from Libya.

the false stability of Libya is now exposed.
political risk for China in Africa has now increased.

the old model of non interference is not enough , even for China. haha.

revolutions are spreading n Africa at this minute.

Ivory Coast, Gabon, Ethiopia, you name the country,

every where, the revolutionary are there. haha.

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'Human values driving Arab uprisings'

Wed Mar 2, 2011
Interview with Eugene Dabbous, a professor at Notre Dame University

Protesters burn pictures of Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi.

As the Middle East and Northern Africa witnesses massive anti-government protests, US Secretary of State Hilary Clinton has said that no option is off of the table regarding Libya.

Press TV has conducted an interview with Professor of Notre Dame University, Eugene Dabbous, in Beirut for more analysis of the situation in the Arab countries.

Following is the text of the interview:

Press TV: The protesters are pushing the line of constitutional monarchy, especially in Jordan that has also witnessed demonstrations, but also in Bahrain. Many experts are saying that is a possible option while a lot of people on the ground are saying that they want complete change. What is your take on that?

Dabbous: I think the option of the constitutional monarchy for Jordan and Bahrain and possibly for Saudi Arabia and Oman is the only doable option. These countries have to [make a] transition as gradually and as thoroughly as possible. They do have a reliable partner vis-a-vis the people, which is the royal family. We have seen this in Europe of course in the early 20th century. Countries that are military dictatorships or one-party dictatorships, as in Libya, Jordan, Tunisia and Egypt, they had to go the whole way. There was nobody with whom they [protesters] could negotiate. Interestingly, now with the exception of the [United Arab] Emirates, Syria and Lebanon, the entire Arab world is engulfed in this movement and probably a more gradual [transition into] constitutional monarchy is the one option that is probably going to work in Jordan, Bahrain and Oman.

Press TV: We have reports of a new American warships being in the area of the Mediterranean. We of course have reports that two of them are already there and we also know that the British, the American and French Special Forces troops are in place in Libya. How significant are these events and what do you think is the reason that they are involved there? Is it to protect the Libyan people?

Dabbous: Obviously, the US doesn't have the stomach for a third war in the region and I would say that any intervention would not work, be it a no-fly zone or actually direct land troops, without any unified support of the UN Security Council, which would include China and Russia. So I would say that they are there first of all to show flag and second of all to convince Gaddafi and his sons that if they do massacre in the large scale the civilian population that there would be consequences once they are toppled. I sincerely doubt that the US is interested at this moment in landing troops because the situation is improving in an unexpected way for the US. What we see now are largely pro-Western, pro-Western not in the sense of pro-US but pro-Western values. The values shared by the protesters throughout the region are democracy, meritocracy: people should be rewarded for their hard and not because of connections, influence peddling and a fair crack at making a success if you are willing to work hard.

Press TV: How much of those pro-Western values that you mention are also Islamic values?

Dabbous: I would say that they are not western or Islamic specifically, but they are human values. The difference between the West, Middle East and North Africa is that these human values have been able to develop properly because of the democratic environment in which they are in. What the people are basically demanding is that these commonly shared human values are allowed to develop based on the hard work and commitment of the individuals and not because of the party structures, crony capitalism or oppression. These values are shared by Muslims, Christians and secular people throughout the world.
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Black Watch remain on standby for Libya aid deployment

The battalion is understood to be ready to deploy at 24-hours notice

Scottish troops are still on standby to assist with humanitarian and evacuation operations in Libya, the Ministry of Defence has confirmed.

The Black Watch, 3rd Battalion of the Royal Regiment of Scotland, is on a routine deployment notice of 24-hours.

About 200 troops from the battalion were moved to an air base in South Cerney, Wiltshire, last week.

Heavy fighting has been taking place around Zawiya, just 30 miles west of the Libyan capital Tripoli.

But the MoD stressed any deployment of troops would be to assist with humanitarian aid, food supplies or emergency evacuations.

The 3rd Battalion, the Black Watch, are based at Fort George, near Inverness.


Why are the Anglos sending Scottish Troops?
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