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boycott european goods [Copy link] 中文

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Originally posted by wetac0s at 2011-2-1 12:41
The most powerful people in the world are european.  The wealthiest people overrall are european.  They pretend to be harmless and peaceful, but Europe secretly controls the world.  Europeans are o ...

Why you dont go to Beijing and complaint there?

If you think you are right and they can listen to you, try it

do you think the government will listen to you?

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Originally posted by seneca at 2011-2-2 12:30
And who pays the hgighest tax yuan to the current Chinese emperor? Yes, it is French wines, French perfumes, Italian fashion, German cars, Spanish furniture...


Why you're so proud about something you don't have any contribution at all?

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wetac, the luxury brand are "white" only in racist low IQ xenophobic dumbs like you. Many luxury brands are made by black or yellow peoples: in france, many stars wear clothes of barbara buy who is....asian.

Chinese dont buy a "white" brand to imitate white, they want a high level, high class way of life and sacrifice everything for it. Also, we dont tal about "chineses". We talk about the little X percent of chinese who can afford for these brands. In my country, I never saw a 16 years old girl with a LV bag as I often see here in china.

The difference between europe and china is that peoples, poor or richs,  didnt forgot the meaning of "enjoy life" and refuse to sacrifice their life quality. And that's a thing that many chinese peoples who buy a benz but live in a very poor quality house and polluted city could learn.
In fact, I know many chinese friend that are not "imitating" blindly west, they just share the taste of enjoy simple but true pleasures as a cheap but good cup of wine or a good cup of coffee, and that's give them ispiration for reniewing the taste for their own chinese culture with the tea, caligraphy, architecture, design, etc, so please, dont pollute this forum with your racist post, because if you want to ask those who hardly earn money to avoid buy european brands, then why dont you go directly in a shopping mall in shanghai or beijing, and dont forget to tell us what will happen, I'm already LOL.

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If one buys luxury goods for their quality, persistance and emotion they bring along, I don't see there's anything wrong.

In China, however, many people seem to just buy luxury for showing off - and I can't really understand that. If you're rich enough to be able to afford those things, you should have enough self-confidence to not need to show off. I don't condemn it... but I find it curious.

If you're living in a country where most people are poor, you should also appear to be not wealthy. Personally, I value discretion above all. Believe me, it is much nicer if people appreciate you for whom you are rather than for what you have.

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Originally posted by wetac0s at 2011-2-2 06:28
H&M is a Swedish company that s crappy clothes that cost less than $1 to make.

Yeah,and guess where all this stuff is produced?......CHINA.Do you actually have an idea what impact it would have on the Chinese economy. European brands produce in China.

What was your major again? Hope not economics

Long time no see,weirdo.
Patria est ubicunque bene/Obsequium amicos, veritas odium parit

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"My way or Guantanamo Bay"

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And welcome old acquaintances ..........

Hao Jiu bu jian .........

As for brands  ........

Yeh .....

Like wearing someone else's name is cool .......

Get a life  ..........  

LCS are you hiding as well ......  

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