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There is an irony here in terms of creativity in China. [Copy link] 中文

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In china there is no ground for technical innovation cos it don't have the proper system for protection. New inventions are so easily copied . Inventer cant get sufficient profit from their inventions.

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Good thread.

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I don't see myself as a scientist. But as an engineer working for an American company who makes scientific instruments and s them here in China. I feel I can say something about this.

Being a creative "netizen" is one thing. Being creative scientifically is a whole different story. Innovation in science and technology requires years of hardwork, both dedication and passion, and most importantly, the loyalty to truth.

Now in China, there are loads of universities and institutes setting up god knows how many new projects for R & D in the most cutting-edge areas. But sadly, not much of those are actually the real deals. In fact they are also just one of the side facts of the Chinese property bubble.

In the last few years, just like other departments of the government who profited themselves well because of the bubble, the science and technology ministry also became extremely rich and got a incredibly huge amount of money to spend. Most of those new projects are how all the universities and institutes persuade the ministry to spend that money and invest on them. The more important, meaningful and cutting-edge those projects look like, the more money they will get. The truth is, well, no one cares about the truth anymore, what most of them are really doing is buying instruments and equipments from overseas and assembling them into something looking good, but the core technology is never Chinese. However, those bureaucrats from the science and technology ministry are easy to fool or just do not care about it anyway. Those "fake" projects just keep getting more and more investment. Meanwhile those real scientific research work actually do have a huge risk of not achieving anything in a certain period, which will lead to not getting anymore support afterwards. So why bother doing the real work and taking the heat when you can make money and fame much more easily. Now, most "successful scientists" in China are more like politians, who spend most of their time thinking about how to making up "projects" to make them famous and rich.

In the same time, most elite Chinese scientists have been doing lots of cracking jobs overseas, for universities, institutes and companies like mine.

As an engineer working for an American company, I cannot complain about this since my company is actually making profit because of it. But as a Chinese, I found the fact really really sad.

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Originally posted by Kbay at 2011-1-16 17:38

You should be happy then?
Nothing to worry about.
China can never challenge the top dog USA.

Yeah, we just like the way we are.
No threat to anybody.

I guess I should be, sadly, since I am making money of it.

I want to say is we have the right people. Chinese are extremely hardworking, both intelligent and dedicating, which should make us good scientists. But we haven't got the right system, yet.
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Originally posted by Kbay at 2011-1-16 17:59

You say yo is Chinese?   

Ah 'Democracy"!
I knew that was what you woz pointing to!

Sure I am a Chinese.

I'd rather say It's more about Science than Democracy. But the history of "Mr De" and "Mr Sai" gose way back, innit?

I hate politics, so I don't want to be political here. Sure, in terms of doing scienctific research, you need to think critically, think independantly and think truely. None of those are actually going on a lot currently in the Academics in China. It is not because they are not allowed, but not being encouraged instead. In a economy and culture that currently everyone is thinking about getting something out of it, doing something the value of which can only be seen in at least another thirty years seems costing to much and earning to little. Not mentioning it looks like having nothing to do with the prosperity of today.

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Originally posted by Kbay at 2011-1-16 19:13

I read the past five years, there were more Phd. Chinese grads than American boys from Yankee universities.

So have Chinese parents been wasting their hard-earned loots for their love one ...

I can only say when there are so many new projects, you gonna need a lot of postgrads to actually do the stuff. When there are not necessarily enough jobs out there for them to fill in.

My parents spent their lifetime savings on my education. Now I end up working for the Yanks. Surely they pay me more, but they show more respect and appreciation on my work as well, such I never exprienced previously in a pure Chinese state-owned company. In China, a true scholar's life is never easy if he(she) do not know how to play with politics. There is a debate about changing that, but it will be long and painful. Most people are too coward to do anything about it, instead, they just keep talking or running away from the system, just like me
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China Daily should be a mechanism for understanding, however

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the reason China Daily has fewer and fewer readers and participants is because of the predominance of racial hate, misunderstanding and has become the permanent residence of those who are ignorant shriveled souls with narrow minds
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