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What Do You Really Want from Us? [Copy link] 中文

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somethings that related to politics, that's sorta not reflect the truth, just the political games. there is different thought from different part i think. the issues about who threat who are definite obnoxious. we need further development, and the poor and starvation need to be more care. we just  keep going and careless about whatever they says.

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The poem won't win much sympathy, I'm afraid. It wallows in its own self-pity and victim mentality to such an extent, that the only response it will get from a non-Chinese person is contempt. I couldn't get past half a dozen lines, and I wanted to tell the writer to shut up. Nobody likes whinging and finger pointing, except the whingers and finger pointers (and there is an awful lot of it on this forum).

The same poem could be written asking why China has been given a free reign into the WTO, G20, allowed to rack up massive trade surpluses which have severely affected other developed countries, and is allowed to copy and infringe on numerous international laws and ethical/environmental standards imaginable without the same accountability of other nations.

Such a poem would be just as much a distortion of reality as the one at the beginning of this thread.

The final point is that the poem lacks introspection. It looks out at the world and finds the world responsible for all its pain. Anybody with even a cursory knowledge of Chinese history, both modern and ancient, knows that much more suffering has been brought upon China by itself than by external sources. What were the death tolls of the Tii-ping Re-bellion and The Gr8 Leap For Wood? That's just a couple off the tip of the ice-berg.

If China was held back by the evil outsiders, why did it boom IMMEDIATELY when Deng Xiao Ping decided to open it up? I mean it happened straight away.

How easy was that?

Nobody was stopping China, only itself. There's still nobody stopping China, despite a few angry words muttered here and there in grandstanding political sessions from time to time, in other countries. That is the reality.

To grow up China needs to dump the victim story, and remove the huge chip from its shoulder. You can't be a superpower and a victim at the same time. Unfortunately this poem, and the CD forum are simply reinforcing the hatred, intolerance and blame. They are locking China in the past.

All people with a victim self-story are faced with a choice in the end. What do you chose? Do you choose blame, anger, boiling loathing of others and revenge fantasies as you scream against the world and how it done you wrong? Or do you choose to accept responsibility for whatever "issues" you have, and to commit to positive action, forgiveness and thus to healing.

The choice is not simple. The hate and the blame just feel too good to let go of, don't they? Go on, at least admit that much. The story has become just too deeply believed. You are addicted. Victim is the easy choice, because it requires no responsibility on behalf of the victim. It is all the others' fault.

Destroy all those who challenge the story. Destroy him.

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Reply #23 questioner's post

1. What caused the suffer in the past 170 years from the start of  the 2 opium wars?
Personally, the largest part is from China itself. China and Japan has launched social and economic reform during the same period. however, Japan defeated China (Qing dynasty) in 1900. In Republic period (from 1912), China turned into Warlords's civil war, CPC and KMT's civil, CPC poltical dogfights. Only 1930s and from 1980s till now considered as a not bad period.
Okay, of course a part is from outside, for example the period of the war resistance agaist Japan
2. the reason to copy this poem
I copy this poem before "voice_cd" stole it here. I copy it for culture interaction. People have to read history from different perspective. it is really interesting and revealed many misunderstanding between many Chinese and many American. There happened 10 events. one guy state one's opion with 6 significant events in his way. Another one state another opinion with 7 significant events of this 10.
Once an african monkey cartoon in newspaper appeared, Many white people considered it not a big deal, however, many other, especially Black people think it Mock Obama.

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Yes, 468259058, you are probably right that people reading it on another forum or in a book would have a different reaction from me. Seeing it here on the CD forum does make it seem to be just one more of a million accusations against foreigners. Most of the political discussions here are a form of accusation against, or condemnation of  "The West", Americans, "Anglos" or white people. In that context the poem just becomes a political baseball bat to whack foreigners over the head.

No doubt though that it contains the perspective of a downtrodden Chinese person.

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Originally posted by questioner at 2011-1-10 15:22
The poem won't win much sympathy

Do we need your sympathy?

Take it back and keep it properly for yourself.  

We Chinese no longer need the sympathy from outsider since October 1, 1949 thanks to the leadership of the great CPC. We now have the spine of steel that will no longer bow to the lectures of others, but only listen to what this country and its people really need.

Thank you and have a nice day/evening.

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Originally posted by Everynowhere at 2011-1-9 21:18
The reason why China is perceived so negatively has been widely discussed in this forum already.
I believe what is getting most people afraid is China's slow social development. While she is devel ...

Totally agree with you. In our office, we nearly talk about the house price and goods price everyday. As most of citizens say : " the price of everything is growing except our salary." Though the China's economy grows rapidly, how about our living standard. Look, many people even can't afford their daily life. If  meaning of a country's  progress or people's happiness life refers to this kind of situation, i really feel disappionted. I really hope our government can hear common people's  heart wishes and improve it.

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With the leadership of the "great CPC, Wan Sui or ten thousand years old", Most people said "no need the sympathy from outsider" after Tang Shan Earthquake in 1976.
With the leadership of the "great CPC, Wan Sui or ten shousand years old", Many people still said "no need the sympathy from outsider" after Si Chuan Earthquake in 2008, But many other people Said "We are the world, We are the children."

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