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more on yarjians...


lky raised the very fundamental issue of "separatists vs unificationists" for all asians.  when the tradition asian culture of harmony and benevolence was the rule of the land, asia had been unifying and expanding, with long turn peace and prosperity, and occasional growing pains from ethnic clashes.  but ever since the storm of western barbarism hit asia, many low-life merchants turned western-style politicians and militarists and tried to leverage on the military might and propaganda know-hows of the barbarians.  These traitors to asia, or yanjians, represented by the barbarian wannabes like sun yat sen, chiang kai shek, ma yin ju and lee kuan yew, are trading in asia's future for the little turfs of their own.  and at the end they risk wwiii.

the following story of singapore's lky is an example of a such a separatist:

    Author: hohoyan888 (from aw forum)
    Date:   01-09-11 22:47

    Don't forget this.

    1. LKY suggested to Taiwan (KMT (Lee) and DDP (Chen) to start the independence movement from the Mainland China. He argued that if Korea did it, Vietnam did and Singapore did it in various capacity, Taiwan should be able to do the same. Note that all these countries had various ties with China in the past in culture, ethnicity and heritage. He also told people that Hong Kong was stupid enough to accept 1 country 2 systems from China and he claimed that Hong Kong should be able to talk to US at that time to stay independent after the British left. Actually some Hong Kong politician wanables did talk to the US State Department back then. At one time, it was suggested to make Hong Kong an US colony. US was very interested back then.

    2. LKY was afraid that one day the ethnic Chinese in Singapore would take action to force him and his family out of power in Singapore. He kept telling his people that they are Singaporean not Chinese from day one. Don't forget that there were several ethnic Chinese communism movements there after the British left Singapore.

    3. LKY openly suggested to US to encircle China. He even established closer ties to India trying to fend off any possible influence from China. Do a Google search if you want to find out more. He openly stated that he wanted US to stay in South East and East Asia.

    4. LKY, after the return of Hong Kong to the Mainland China, openly invited Hong Kong people to immigrate to Singapore. Practically, any one with high school education and technical skills were given immigration when applied. He tried to overtake Hong Kong as the other financial pearl in Asia after Tokyo. In certain extent, he has succeeded.

    5. LKY once told friends that if US did it to England, Taiwan should be able to do the same to the Mainland China. He was afraid that if Taiwan returns to China, Singapore would be next.

    6. This is a rumor, heard from a British friend. LKY once got a brown nose from Mao and Chou and Chou once told him to stay clear of the Chinese business. It is noted that Singapore may be too small a country for LKY to show off his talent. His ambition was well known. He asked Mao/Chou that if they considered people of Chinese ethnicity were Chinese. Note that there were anti-Chinese movement in Indonesia at that time and China tried to help those people of Chinese ethnicity to return to China during the early stage of the anti-Chinese movement there. After a long pause, Chou told him that "no" - people of Chinese ethnicity were not "Chinese" nationals.

    Is LKY good for China and the Chinese people ? You make the call.

    I personally respect him to make Singapore what Singapore is. But, he put his hand into the Chinese affairs e.g. Taiwan, Hong Kong, etc that make me think what he thinks what he is.

    If I put myself in his boat, would I do the same. I am not sure. But, I would keep a low profile and tried not to stir the pot that I may not have any benefit. Is he stupid ? IMHO, he is. He definitely has his own right to open his mouth to @!#$ out anything he likes to say. But, be smart, not wise. He was a typical wise ass.

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Originally posted by sansukong at 2011-1-12 04:25 AM

There is a confirmed traitor in our midst here.............................

only retards dont know that a traitor is someone who  out asia to america's interest.

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a song would be nice, Joe
(beast ex machina)

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Originally posted by correction at 2011-1-12 10:03 PM

Nonsense !
Xtianity originated in Asia, not Europe or America, id!ot !
Xtanity has also been embraced since ancient times by diverse Asian peoples in many countries in Asia ,
e.g Arabs, Irania ...

i know a believer of the bastard jesus, slut virgin mary and deadbeat god would not believe in the true chinese history, but read this anyway and tell me what i said is not true:


China did get the opportunity to write her own history before she was terminated in 1911.  And after 1911, America took over the task of writing China's history simply because it won the war.

Now China is coming back and rising.  We need to rewrite our own China's Chinese history.

In 1911 by way of some private horse-trading between China's self-proclaimed new Christian American President, Sun Yat-sen, and the all-controlling Qing General, Yuan Shik-kai, China's Qing Dynasty was bought out only to be replaced by warlords, foreign occupations, and minority-ethnic independent states.  Minor among the warlords was the pair of Sun Yat-sen and Chiang Kai-shek, who grew influential by riding on the back of America's powerful military might.  They considered themselves to be the Christian Liberators of China, doing a self-serving Christian Crusade in China.

However, there was still some remnant of China in the form of the Last Emperor of the Qing Dynasty, which went under the protection of Japan.  This shadowy presence of the great Qing Empire was soon joined by a Japanese puppet government of Wang Jing-wei.  Together, nevertheless, they still made up the most dominant part of China.

This "temporary" China found its legitimacy in being the only hope for China by participating in Japan's call for "Asia for Asians".   But its path run smack against the Western imperialists' design for Asia as a permanent colony.  So, the West would simply not allow that, especially as far as America and its Chinese puppet government of Chiang Kai-shek were concerned.

As usual, America again played a dirty trick, which it normally referred to as a long-term strategical planning, using its Hollywood propaganda machine to supply the required justification.  America made a full production out of the forgery called the Tanaka Memorial, which was concocted by America as an ambitious plan by Japan for world conquest.  This successful demonization campaign distorted and overwhelmed Japan's effort to rally Asian nations in its call of "Asia for Asians"

Obviously, Japan was thinking to seize this opportunity of WWII to expel the Western colonists from Asia, as these colonists, at the time, were weak and vulnerable due to their own wars in Europe.

But instead, all Chinese, including the Qing Dynasty and Wang Jing-wei government, and almost all other Asian countries swallowed this made-in-America lie.  So, Japan's genuine effort to form a united front among Asian nations against their Western colonial masters backfired and even turned suicidal for Japan.  So Japan itself, at the end, was destroyed as a sovereign nation, and America's military post-war occupation of Japan lasted until this day.

While all these conventional hullabaloos were occupying the center stage, there was an undercurrent movement that was very Chinese in characteristic.  That was the peasant army of Mao Ze-Dong.  Actually they were the successor to the Zeng Guofan's regional army that put down the bloody Christian Taipin Rebellion, and to the Boxer Uprising that defended against the Christian-instigated, genocidal Eight-Nation Coalition invasion of China during the Qing Dynasty.  

In fact, the Boxers, Zeng and Mao all have saved China from extermination.  And the perpetrating exterminators were, respectively, the three Christian Crusades of Taipin Rebellion, Eight-Nation Coalition, and the Sun-Chiang Christian Liberation.

However, at the end of the war, things were not looking good for Mao.  America was riding high with unstoppable momentum, Japan surrendered to America and Chiang after being completely demolished, and Russia was looting China along side the American puppet government of Chiang.  It sure seemed that the the final mopping up of the Mao's peasant army was practically a done deal.  Well, not quite!

Rather, it turned out to be Japan's moment of self-vindication.  Japan, instead of obeying Chiang's order to fight Mao, sneaked enough ammunition to Mao for arming 700,000 soldiers, which, combined with the "will power" of Mao's Peasant Revolution Army, was able to chase Chiang Kai-shek and America out of China's Mainland.

Japan proved itself faithful to its call for "Asia for Asians" til the bitter end!

The Chinese peasant army took the baton from Japan and finished the task that Japan started -- to cleanse out Western elements from Asia.

A small piece of Chinese history, as unimportant as it might seem, must be mentioned here.  This was that the new China under Mao also took, under her caring wings, the Last Emperor of Qing and gave a fitting and honorable final curtain call to the once magnificent Qing Dynasty.

In the ensuing years since the refounding of China in 1949, China had to repel America aggressions in Korea, across the Taiwan Strait and in Vietnam.  China paid a heavy price for these exhaustively taxing defenses in the terms of the devastations that anti-China Western pundits often referred to as the "disastrous" Great Leap Forward and the Cultural Revolution.

In 1971, on the initiative of the world ping-pong champion, Zhuang Ze-dong, with personal blessing from Mao, yet against the wills of all the Chinese people, a small white ping-pong ball penetrated America's nuclear fence and established normal relationship with America.  And starting in the late 70's, under Deng Shiao Ping's "Reform and Open" policy, with some timely distractions from China's Muslim friends, China was able to put America's aggression in Asia on hold.  This allowed 30 years of peace for China to partially recover the economic prosperity of the Qing Dynasty and possibly also get back some of the Qing's off-shore islands in the near future.

Today, China's major threat remains to be America.  China is still responsible for Korea.  And China has yet to rescue Japan.  The new rising China Dynasty must pick up where the Qing Dynasty left off a century ago -- on a path of cultural unification toward "Asia for Asians".

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Originally posted by thepeop at 2011-1-13 12:54 AM
He lives a rich, exciting, and fictional life.

do u want to join me in the 40th anniversary celebration in beijing of the pingpong diplomacy this early april, where i ll debut my kungfu pingpong, hopefully with some north koreans pleading for peace there?

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Originally posted by lebeast at 2011-1-13 04:11 AM
a song would be nice, Joe

here r lyrics to two songs, but no singing(i need grind them in in about another 6 months):

Who are the Tang – Song cousins?

Who are the Han brothers?

They are the ones, who are living around the East Palace(東京)

and the Han Castle(漢城).

Have we forgotten?

Are we all going to stay strangers forever?

Who were the midget pirates?

and whom they murdered and plundered?

They were just our cousins from the East Palace

and brothers at the Han Castle and more.

Can we forgive?

Are we just going to stay enemies forever?

There was once a monkey from the far wild wild West.

It wanted us all to go back to the jungle of the West.

We either lost our souls to God,

or else our lives to guns.

So the God’s people got the guns, and rest, the bullets.

It was a nightmare that’s hard to wake up from.

But we got to try.

We must still not forget that we were family.

Now we are all partying as happily as any monkey can be.

Beside the guns, we also have the missiles and the bombs.

From now on,

we all start talking in monkey tongues.

We all rush into the monkey business.

Because if you don’t,

you will be considered backward and underdeveloped.

So we all yak:

God! Democracy!

Freedom! Equality! Human Rights!

Law! Economics! Technology!

But we never mention:

Wars, Slavery, Genocide, Lynching Mobs,

Broken Families,

And the likes of Gays to Guns,

Political, Religious, Medical and

Lawyoring Wolves,

and Arms Merchants.

Now, in a

asphalt jungle of skyscraper forests,

we all:

live to work;

work to fight;

fight for God.

Now, we cannot go back.

The hole is dug too deep.

We become the slaves

of the good living,

that really is an opium addiction,

that we cannot shake.

What could we do?

We must remember whom we really were.

We must remember the simple lives we lived.

We must remember the paradise that once was.

Do you remember sitting on grandpa’s knees?

Do you remember father proud of his family?

Mother always having dinner ready?

How happy to have guests?

And all the good neighbors?

Do you remember?

Do you remember the family of One Korea?

Do you remember the proud family of Japan?

Do you remember the family of One China?

Do you remember the time we all wanted to be one family?

Do you remember that was the time

we all still thought the world were to last forever?

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Originally posted by lebeast at 2011-1-13 04:11 AM
a song would be nice, Joe

one more here for the chinese speaking:


With actual video and singing on(51 meg):

Picture.jpg’s are provided at the end of the script.

(Opening song adapted from the Suicide Human Wave Charging Song used in

Korean War)

起来! Rise!

不愿再看到战爭的人们! For all those who don’t want see the horrors of war


把我们的情义 let’s use our emotion and righteousness

造成我们和平的桥梁! to build our new bridge of peace!

东方民族要把握 All Aasians must seize this opportunity to

rally around

我们共同的文化! our common culture!

我们要为世界做个 We want make us an example to the world

团结的榜样. of how people can unite together as one.

团结!团结!团结! Unite! Unite! Unite!

我们万众一心, We must be a multitude with one heart

从建我们古老的家园.团结!to rebuild our ancient,old homeland.Unite!

从建我们古老的家园. To rebuild our ancient,old homeland.

团结!团结!团结! Unite! Unite! Unite!

永远的,团结! Forever, unite!


全世百忙 拼进步 The whole world is busy bustling in the name

of progress.

那个无聊 谈风凉 Who’s this leisure soul blowing his mouth off in

the wind?

大话阔论 玩笑开 Big talks are only to poke fun at the surrounding


只想求个 放心去 so as to leave it behind with peace of mind.

如有意 走向共和 Before China decides to move forward to a


先一试 走回历史 she should first go back to her historical roots.


历史可定 未来世 History can determine the future.

找回自我 韩日中 Korea, Japan and China must try to find

themselves again in their common history.

五千年的 情和义 Five thousand years of emotion and righteous


五百年来 東遊空 all vanished in five hundred years during the

Eastward Journey,

(see: ).

百年搞来 搞越糟 The last one hundred years made things even


其实要往 更回看 Actually we need to look back even further.

情 继祖先的牺牲 Emotion is: to continue the sacrifices of our


义 容外人的误撞 Ideal is: to tolerate foreigners’ haphazard harassments.

情义为本 本一家 People of emotion and ideal belong in the

same family.

蒙满可以 何不日 Mongol and Manchu did it, so why not Japan.


东方文化 讲情义 Eastern culture emphasizes emotion and


西方文化 讲势理 Western culture emphasizes power and reason.

情义重因 势理果 Emotion and ideal focus on causes, while power

and reason, on effects.

心心相连 脑制人 Hearts can link people together, but

brains are used to control each other.

不听 古板老学者 If you don’t listen to the old, square-headed

scholar (Confucius),

拜服 衣冠禽兽下 then bow down to the beasts in fancy suits



良心交神 天可反 When people’s conscience is handed over to God,

like Japan did switching from Dao to Shintao,

Heaven and Earth can turn upside down.

南京恶梦 是教训 Nanking nightmare was the harsh lesson.

为何日本 一失足 Why Japan with just one bad slip(Meiji


弄的自己 满头包 got itself a headful of bumps?

而西方 一世野蛮 While the West has been barbaric in all its


大家看了 如长情 everybody considers it only normal?

那就是 不同期待 That’s because different behaviors are expected情义人 和势理人 of men of emotion and ideal, and those of power

and reason.


西方文化 马不停 The West is charging forward fast as a horse

(followed loyally by Mr. Horse of Taiwan’s KMT).

环境为主 人为奴 The material environment has become the master

and human beings, its slaves.

美国欧洲 抢先峰 America and Europe has seized the leadership.

日韩中 在后直追 Japan, Korea and China are chasing fiercely from


恐怖分子 原子弹 Terrorists and nuclear bombs are used

来把现状 强维持 to forcefully maintain the status quo.

进步成了 无底洞 Progress becomes a bottomless pit.

强权上了 不归路 Military might is on the road of no return.


当世要的 非霸主 Today’s world does not need a bullying master,

而是一个 好榜样 but a good role model.

除 用势理来讨债 Except for those who want to use power and

reason to revenge the past,

和西化进步人 外 plus those who are westernized men of progress,

谁来带头 不难找 whoever else comes forward to lead is not

difficult to find.

幸好世有 情义人 Luckily, the world has many men of emotion and

ideal to serve as role models.

中韩要以 菩萨心 China and Korea should have the hearts of


接纳日本 回归魂 to welcome back the once astray soul of Japan.

中国今天这么大 The reason China is this big today

全靠 情义人聚集 is from the congregation of men of emotion

and ideal.


韩日中 但难一家 Korea, Japan and China would have difficulty

to become one family,

除非政府 退一步 unless the governments could back off one step.

不需在意 得或失 It’s really no need to worry about gains and


没有买卖 比这大 for there is no transaction bigger than this.

只要政府 重公才 If only the governments abide by the ideals of

publicness and qualification,

没 情义民会反对 no citizen of emotion and ideal would object.

轻功名利 就是公 Putting aside power, fame and fortune

is publicness.

安民乐业 就是才 Allowing the people fulfilling their lives in peace is


西方国家 不好看 Western countries may not like to see this


只望他们 一起来 But we wish they could come and join us.

(although it may be as hard as taming a skunk.)


最后统一 靠文化 Multinational unification must be based on


文化基础 在于字 The basis of culture is language.

三字一体 强文化 Now the three languages would strength the


计算机语 会外界 A computer language can be used to interface the

external material world.

同在 一个地球上 Existing on the same Earth,

要大的 是语言同 what we really need to unify first is a universal

Earth language.


得知天地 有正义 Between Heaven and Earth, there are righteous


万物相连 一丝情 All living beings are linked by a thread of emotion.

养兒育女 排第一 Raising a family is the number one mission.

传宗接代 终身责 Perpetuating the future generations is a life long


身体健康 还什么 If the body is healthy, what more could one want?

除非 压制不了贪 Unless he is unable to control greed.

修身齐家 为下代 By improving oneself and then the family, all for

the sake of future generations,

人类最终 自成仙 mankind would finally create paradise on Earth.

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