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Superpower China? Yanks are giggling silly at us. [Copy link] 中文

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Morale trouble

The deployment of a naval task force to the Gulf of Aden last year as part of the international operation against pirates was seen as a huge step forward for China. The implication was that China's military doctrine had shifted from defending China's borders to protecting China's interests, which span the globe. But the expeditionary force has also provided a window into weaknesses of the People's Liberation Army, according to a new report by Christopher Yung, a former Pentagon official now at the National Defense University.

China's lack of foreign military bases - it has insisted that it won't station troops abroad - limits its capacity to maintain its ships on long-term missions. A shortage of helicopters - the workhorses of a naval expeditionary force - makes it hard for the ships to operate with one another. China's tiny fleet of replenishment ships - it has only three - doesn't give it enough capacity to do more than one such operation at a time.

China's navy, according to Yung, also has difficulty maintaining a fresh water supply for its sailors. And poor refrigeration on its ships makes it hard to preserve fruit and vegetables, something that makes for griping on board.

"The sailors during the first deployment had a real morale problem," Yung said, adding that following their mission, they were taken on a beach vacation "to get morale back up."

Empowering local commanders, considered key to a successful fighting force, is something that Beijing clearly has yet to embrace. British Royal Navy Commodore Tim Lowe, who commanded the Gulf of Aden operation for the U.S. 5th Fleet up until May, noted that while other navies would send operations officers to multinational meetings to discuss how to fight pirates, China would dispatch a political officer who often lacked expertise. The concept of sharing intelligence among partner countries was also tough for the Chinese to fathom. To the Chinese, he said, "that was an unusual point."

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Tension with the Kremlin

China's military relations with Russia reveal further weaknesses. Between 1992 and 2006, the total value of Russia's arms exports to China was $26 billion - almost half of all the weapons Russia sold abroad.

But tensions arose in 2004 over two issues, Russian experts said. Russia was outraged when it discovered that China, which had licensed to produce the Su-27 fighter jet from Russian kits, had actually copied the plane. China was furious that after it signed a contract for a batch of IL-76 military transport planes it discovered that Russia had no way to make them. After receiving 105 out of a contracted 200 Su-27s, China canceled the deal and weapons negotiations were not held for several years.

Purchases of some items continued - S-300 air defense systems and billions of dollars worth of jet engines. An engine China made for its Su-27 knock-off would routinely conk out after 30 hours whereas the Russian engines would need refurbishing after 400, Russian and Chinese experts said.

"Engine systems are the heart disease of our whole military industry," a Chinese defense publication quoted Wang Tianmin, a military engine designer, as saying in its March issue. "From aircraft production to shipbuilding and the armored vehicles industry, there are no exceptions."

When weapons talks resumed with Russia in 2008, China found the Russians were driving a harder bargain. For one, it wasn't offering to let China produce Russian fighters in China. And in November, the Russians said they would only provide the Su-35 for China's aircraft carrier program if China bought 48 - enough to ensure Russian firms a handsome profit before China's engineers attempted to copy the technology. Russia also announced that the Russian military would buy the S-400 air defense system first and that China could get in line.

"We, too, have learned a few things," said Vladimir Portyakov, a former Russian diplomat twice posted to Beijing.

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definitely a wake up call for diehard chinese fanboy like edisonone.

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Originally posted by magnetic1974 at 2010-12-26 06:49
China had already made a progress in the jet eninge. The Taihang engine had been using on the J-11B and its working quit well  

not so fast!
WS10A have been installed on a few experimental J-11Bs.

As far as mass production for large quantity, still missing.

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Originally posted by antimatter at 2010-12-26 07:00

not so fast!
WS10A have been installed on a few experimental J-11Bs.

As far as mass production for large quantity, still missing.

the duration and reliability of the WS10A has already outperformed than Russian's AL31F even though it is still immature very much

Articles describes China has mastered the WS10A technique to prolong the lifespan of the engine, it's already superior to Russian's AL31F. The lifespan of WS10A is now at 3x times of the AL31F.

It does sound legit. not some BS stuffs.

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Originally posted by ThankoPan at 2010-12-25 11:35
"How can you be a Superpower with no jet engines making skill?", they mock.
Yes, and they are correct.
Read for yourself!

Do you seriously buy into that, T'kPan?

These Americans, and the Russians, they are
comforting themselves with self-indulging sweet words and
I,ll back it up with my character and credibility ...

I mean logics: What the hell are
we going t do with our just recently launched J-15/J-11B?
Chuck it and push it overboard?

The J-15 and J-11B and the Taihung
A&B are done deals. These Russian factories, are wishful thinkers.
Engines, yes, but few and far apart...

it's a solicitation pitch by
the Russians and it's a bashing pitch by
the Americans -- bet on it.

Hell! This might, repeat might, even be our Tu-22 in the making...

if not the XXJ because pic indicate that it's a fair sized plane,,,

Putin's a killer. This was the claim made by Fox News journalist; Bill O'Reilly during his recent interview with Donald Trump. Trump's reply came in the form of a simple question. What, you think our country's so innocent?

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