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Liu Xiaobo wrong man for Nobel Peace Prize, say laureates [Copy link] 中文

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In the beginning I thought China would do well to just ignore it. But by constantly chipping away I've concluded that the Chinese were right. It seems that they've successfully (and correctly) raised doubts as to the integrity of the Nobel committee....and of Jagland.

Why even Jagland had to mention China's achievements. Would he have done that if China had kept silent and just ignored it? I think not....   

Liu Xiaobo wrong man for Nobel Peace Prize, say laureates

Lucy Bannerman From: The Australian December 13, 2010 12:00AM

TWO British scientists awarded the Nobel Physics Prize have caused shock by condemning the decision to give the peace prize to Liu Xiaobo.

Andre Geim, a professor at the University of Manchester, who shares this year's $1.6 million prize with colleague Konstantin Novoselov, said the Nobel committee was out of touch, and dismissed its tribute to the jailed Chinese dissident as patronising.

"Look at the people who give this Nobel prize," Professor Geim said. "They are retired Norwegian politicians who have spent all their careers in a safe environment, in an oil-rich modern country. They try to extend their views of the world, how the world should work and how democracy works in another country. It's very, very patronising -- they have not lived in these countries.

"In the past 10 years, China has developed not only economically, but even the strongest human rights supporter would agree also human rights have improved. Why do we need to distort this?"

Professor Novoselov defended China, insisting Western criticism of the communist regime was misplaced.

"What is a dictatorship? It is not as if people are being constantly killed there," he said.

The scientists' support for China sparked an extraordinary exchange with another laureate, Peruvian writer Mario Vargas Llosa, during the annual Nobel Minds debate.

Vargas Llosa, who expressed solidarity with the dissident Liu, said the scientists "must explain themselves".

Both were born in Russia, one of the 17 countries that boycotted the ceremony, but they have made careers in Britain. They were honoured for their work with graphene, the thinnest known material, which opens huge possibilities in technology.

Although both agreed it was unfair that neither Mr Liu nor his family had been allowed to accept his award, they said it was a myth that every Chinese person was terrified of the regime.

"China is doing a lot for its scientists. So many of our Chinese students want to go back because they see lots of opportunities there. They don't see it as breaching their human rights," Professor Novoselov said.

Professor Geim added: "I have many Chinese colleagues, and they believe that the slow way to Western democracy is better."

The Times

the australian dot com dot au

Note: "Vargas Llosa, who expressed solidarity with the dissident Liu, said the scientists "must explain themselves"."

"Explain themselves?" Chuckle, chuckle, chuckle.....! Now that's hilarious! Nobel winners have to explain themselves....? To whom....? To Jagland....? To Llosa....? To Obama.....?

Chuckle, chuckle, chuckle....

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yes you are

how goes your Jihad?

how many little innocent people have you encouraged to be blown up today by backwards uneducated obsessed dolts?
The Brotherhood of Knights of the Mystic Sea

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The so-called WEST is not a "HARMONY"-Club.

The so-called WEST would not be the so-called WEST if there would not be a variety of opinions.

Thanks God for that.

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Liu Xiaobo has stated publicly that in his view:

(a) China's tragedy is that it wasn't colonised for at least 300 years by a Western power or Japan. This would apparently have civilised it for ever;鈥?

(b) The Korean and Vietnam wars fought by the US were wars against totalitarianism and enhanced Washington's 'moral credibility';鈥?

(c) Bush was right to go to war in Iraq and Senator Kerry's criticisms were 'slander-mongering';鈥?

(d) Afghanistan? No surprises here: Full support for Nato's war.

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