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Assanges lif now in danger [Copy link] 中文

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Lying British Police said that they only wanted to speak to Julian Assange and that he was not under threat of arrest.

Julian Assange arrested on trumped up charges on behalf of the C.I.A by British police collaborators.

Julian Assange is now in danger of assassination by the same M.O.S.A.A.D agents hired to kill Dr David Kelly over the Iraq weapons of mass destruction lie.

My sources tell me that after Assange has been interviewed by the C.I.A agents and depending on what the result of the interrogation, then the decision of whether to send him to Sweden to face the false charges or to allow him to stay in the U.K depend on him revealing his sources.
A false suicide not unlike that of Dr David Kelly has been talked about as an outright assassination would look too obvious that it was a political act put into action.

No matter what the out come we will continue to out the truth and no sources will be revealed as crimes against humanity are still being ignored and at the end of the day we are all going to suffer.

Encrypted files have been sent to activists worldwide and as a double safeguard a high proportion have not been sent over the internet due to the probability of interception.
We have plenty of people actually working on decrypting these files in case of the event of misfortune happening against Mr Assange.

The world did not believe Gary McKinnon when he stumbled upon the Exotic off world secrets that the U.S military has in its many bases, I have news for you all as that technology is actually being used against you all right now and you don’t even realise how it is and will further effect you in the future.

They have already played out the practise for the future events in Hollywood and you have probably already seen the movies.

A hell of a lot of infrasound brainwave interference is in operation towards certain age groups and in collaboration with the C.I.A designer drugs will work to great effect.

I would advise public in the west not to depend on tap water too much as the U.S has managed to take control of a lot of these utilities and a few options is either to collect rain water and filter it as well as collecting water via dehumidifiers and sterilise both sources by boiling.

The New world order are also getting ready to release another flu virus and will be more ethnically specific and they plan to release it in Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan  and Turkmenistan hoping to eventually spread to Iran.

The have already put in to plan to infect Afghans and Pakistani people to make it easier to partition Pakistan for the U.S future offensive bases.

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