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Vatican imposes White-Supremacy onto China [Copy link] 中文

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I find it unscientific for "Western scholars" to claim 60 million Chinese loyal to their master - the Pope. Their profound Christian bias and their lack of Chinese language skill and misunderstanding of Chinese culture are to blame.

China is never ever dominated by religion. China is never ever dominated by the European pope. I understand people of European descents remember thousands of years under the suppression of the pope.

CHENGDE, China – China's government-backed Catholic church ordained a bishop who did not have the pope's approval Saturday, despite objections from the Vatican and comments by a key papal adviser that the move was "illegitimate" and "shameful."

The Rev. Guo Jincai's ordination at Pingquan Church in Chengde city was carried out amid strong security, with dozens of police blocking the building and denying entrance to reporters. But there was also an air of festivity, with colorful banners and traditional Chinese lanterns hanging outside the church and worshippers posing for photos.

China's first ordination without papal approval in almost five years threatens to hurt the officially atheist country's already shaky relations with the Vatican, and the Holy See had warned reconciliation efforts would be set back if bishops were forced to attend.

Eight Vatican-approved bishops participated in the ceremony, according to AsiaNews, a Vatican-affiliated missionary news agency that closely covers the church in China. Three of them, Monsignors Jei Junmin of Liaoning, Li Lianggui of Cangzhou and Feng Xinmao of Hengshui, had been sequestered by the government a few days ago to pressure them into participating, AsiaNews said, citing Chinese Catholic sources.

Communist China forced its Roman Catholics to cut ties with the Vatican in 1951, and worship is allowed only in state-backed churches, although millions of Chinese belong to unofficial congregations loyal to Rome.

In recent years, under Pope Benedict XVI, relations have improved. Disputes over appointments in China's official church have been avoided by quietly conferring on candidates, leading to several ordinations of bishops with the Holy See's blessing.

However, Guo does not have the pope's approval and it was perhaps his role as deputy secretary of the Chinese Catholic Patriotic Association, the state-controlled group that runs China's Catholic churches, that raised Vatican concerns.

Liu Bainian, vice chairman of the Chinese Catholic Patriotic Association, said the Vatican knew about the need for a bishop in Chengde two years ago.

"I believe the pope loves China. I believe just a handful of people in the Vatican are hindering the improvement of relations," he said.
The Vatican had no immediate comment Saturday.

Liu had said attendance by bishops at the ceremony would be voluntary.

"A Catholic diocese cannot be without a bishop, or the Gospel cannot be spread," Liu said. "We should not let any political reasons interfere with the spread of the Gospel in China."

He said that in time, China would elect bishops for more than 40 Catholic dioceses that are currently without them and expressed hope that the Vatican would endorse them.

Guo's ordination is the first without papal approval since 2006, when three bishop ordinations in China drew Vatican criticism, said an expert at a Catholic research center in Hong Kong who declined to be named.

The move came ahead of a meeting to choose the leadership of the government-backed church.

Recent estimates by scholars and church activists put the number of Chinese Catholics loyal to the pope as high as 60 million — three times the size of the official church.

Hong Kong's Roman Catholic Cardinal Joseph Zen, a key adviser to the pope, praised the Holy See for speaking out against the ordination as he arrived Friday at the Vatican for a meeting of cardinals to discuss religious freedom and other issues.

Zen, an outspoken advocate of democracy and religious freedom in China, has long been mistrusted by Beijing.
"It is really shameful, such an attempt to make another illegitimate ordination," Zen said. "It's against the whole civilization of today."

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Dear Christian reachouts to China,

1. The Chinese culture and civilization are uniquely nonreligious.

In the entire 6000 years recorded human history, many cultures and civilizations thrived and faded away. The Chinese civilization stands out of all other civilizations in that the Chinese civilization has never been dominated by religion. At any time of history, the majority of Chinese people have always been secular.

This unique property is rooted in the culture and the philosophy dominating Chinese culture, especially Confucianism which insists childhood education, but not religious childhood indoctrination. I vividly remember that I asked my Mother, where I came from. My mother smiled and said: "I gave birth to you. I do not know where we as a species come from, but there is a scientific theory called Evolution which says that we are evolved from ancient apes." From a very young age, I am told to respect others religion and way of life.

This unique nonreligious nature of Chinese civilization benefitted China throughout history. As a product of the nonreligious culture and history, we Chinese do not consider religion the single most important thing in life or world. We do not consider the concept of a deity called god essential for human lives.

Then, the question is why so many Christians feel they are threatened and/or persecuted by nonbelievers, foreign ethnicities or foreign cultures? Proceed to 2.

2. My experience in Christian churches shapes my world view.

My observations: a main theme of Christianity seems to claim a form of self-supremacy. That is: Christians are better than other people who do not believe in Christianity. Christians also insist they are persecuted. I find that the Christian churches lack the basic language skill, the openness, and the intellectual strength to understand China or the Chinese civilization.

For example, one of the critiques of China is the "one child policy" leads to Chinese aborting female fetus and abandoning female girls. Corresponding statistics show that the Chinese abortion rate of female fetus and the abandoning rate of female girls are all fractions of that of the United States.

What concerns me is that this Sinophobic view is rooted in ignorance, and it is indoctrinated onto very young children as part of their religious ideology. China is depicted as an evil suppressor. That is their ignorant belief.

But what really happened between Christianity and China in the last 100 years? Proceed to 3.

3. The recent Christian crimes in China.

Many consider the Opium War an economic conflict. What is missing in many records is that during the Opium War, European powers forced Christianity onto China. Christian churches were forcefully built throughout China, including the one still standing in downtown Beijing today, the Wangfujing Catholic Cathedral.

Between 1820 and 1920, an estimated 500,000 to 1 million Chinese have perished as the result of Christian invasion, wars and colonization of China.

The district of the prestigious TsingHua University was the location of 3 former Qing Dynasty gardens, with the most famous - the Garden of Eternal Brightness. The region around 2000 acres, are filled with endless luxurious palaces, libraries, treasures and gardens. The entire region was repeatedly looted, completely destroyed and brunt to ground by European Christian troops. At the collapse of the Ching dynasty, only what is known today as the Summer Palace was rebuilt and can be seen today in Beijing.

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OP is a racist faggot!
Patria est ubicunque bene/Obsequium amicos, veritas odium parit

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Originally posted by Alex2010 at 2010-11-20 23:44
OP is a racist faggot!

Make that profound racist faggot!
Patria est ubicunque bene/Obsequium amicos, veritas odium parit

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OP is the lolly pope of all lolly pops.

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Ghod is fool.

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